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Hammond Colson May 2020
If North Korean filmmakers
Wanted to bring a camera to Flint
I think they'd be given a patriotic tour of DC
And wouldn't be allowed in Michigan for ****
Hammond Colson May 2020
I've seen the strawberry fields
Disguised as wildflowers by the driveway
I've seen gold dust in the powdered lemonade
Please believe me
Please believe me
Hammond Colson May 2020
Ant trap in the corner with snowy dust atop its peak
Unmarked by death under a green paint chipped sky
Because one universal truth has been passed down
Through generations of insects
Nourished by the fruits of my room
There's poison in the flowers under the mountains
And that's a reason I can live isolated
In conditions this vile
Any critiques, observations and thoughts welcome! I just want to get better
Hammond Colson Apr 2020
It's about the journey
Not the destination
Behind the curtain pay no mind
But how shiny are the treasures
You'll dig up from time to time?
They're worth a fortune
But at the end there's no one who buys
Hammond Colson Apr 2020
With an empty mind I'll survive
Drift among the stars
To a secluded cabin in the sky
I'll spy on myself from above
Cotton clouds high
Feel nothing when my hollow husk
Gets ambushed in the pit
Tumbles and dies
Free I'll fly
My kingdom won't be reality
But I'l finally have something that's mine
Hammond Colson Apr 2020
I was raised in a place
Scorched by seven consecutive lightning strikes
And watered by seven drops of blood
From the pumping heart of a human sacrifice
Where a strawberry field unfurls
Under a golden sun that forever staves off night
Hammond Colson Apr 2020
Frigid grey waves
Icy rain
I need to sharpen my machete
To cut through this haze
Summer gone
Golden sunlight fades
Were there ever better days?
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