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Hammond Colson Dec 2019
Snow doesn’t drift to earth in the same magical way

And there’s no velvet fire to stave off frigid grey

Winds of time erode my sliding face

Each year more hidden

Lumps of coal encase

Golden light illuminates past hallowed times

Laughter and family under a heavenly shine

Was that honeysuckle glow ever there?

Or was it a product of a hope filled child’s mind?
Hammond Colson Nov 2019
I want to believe that she's just resting on the sofa in her living room.

I hope she’s bathing in the sunlight that’s streaming through the polished windowpanes of her little white cottage.

I hope where she is, the air is clean and smells like apples and cinnamon or pine and snow.

I hope the sound of a car parking in her driveway drifts to her ears to accompany an angelic symphony of birds and bubbling brooks,

And her heart warms because her daughter and her grandchildren have arrived right when they said they would
Hammond Colson Aug 2019
Jukebox ballerina
Poison flowing through her veins
One day she might part
With this dust laden floor
And dance
On a formal velvet stage
For tonight
She swallows more tequila
And floats to the sunset
Atop invisible lapping waves
Hammond Colson Aug 2019
Was forged in chains
Trapped by our ancestors
To remain untainted for eternity
In the depths
Of a sealed cave
But time conquers
Stone erodes
Chains rust away
And when exposed to the sun
In a wisp of crumbling dust
Impossible fades
impossible motivate time fade ancestors
Hammond Colson Jul 2019
The omnipresent THEY
Packed on one and other
So tight THEY can’t breathe
Claustrophobic screams ring
As THEY stretch out their claws
To the only miniscule sliver of light
Their beady eyes can see
And THEY cut furiously
At my straining legs
As I fight
From the depths of this barrel
On my way
To the Sea
Hammond Colson Jul 2019
The paramount goal of art
Is to pour
Your whole self
On a page
And illicit a stronger
Visceral response
From viewers
Than the next
To come
Hammond Colson Jul 2019
Fate is false hope
Sluggish stagnation
In the stars
You wish on a comet
That all your mistakes
Wipe away
When the universe
Finds it fit
But what
Would it all be for?
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