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Glory Abel May 2021
I fear the bridge of my heart would collapse and live me lifeless,
I fear I might be dead at heart and not feel your touch,
I wish your touch would last for a lifetime,

Again, I fear your smell diminishes when you leave,
I fear I may not want to hold you close because I am dead at heart.

Is this how my life would end?
A lone bridge with rough edges, where paths cross with stagnant water.
I fear for the darkness in my heart.
When bridges fall and the cause of the waves changes.
Jun 2020 · 116
Glory Abel Jun 2020
Hide me from the dark, I can't do this alone,
Hide me from my scars, it's deeper than the vessel within,
Save me from myself, my heart is pierced,
Save my soul from burning,
I am breaking each day with no one to save me.

Do you feel the pain with me?
Save me from shattering all over, like the glass of my scars.
I am broken.
Pain has a way of getting at us, leading everyone I know to. Slow death, from joy to pain and depression.  

May 2020 · 973
Glory Abel May 2020
I saw death walking towards our bus, smiling shrilly at me, making me shiver in fear,
I heard the cold sound of death,
I saw the downpour,the harsh downpour of rain,

I witnessed the shrill cry of dogs,
I guess I couldn't fathom what went wrong with nature,
I saw them, busy walking and working,
I saw them trying hard not to cry,

I saw him struggling to live for his baby,
I saw him looked at me with pain in his eyes,
I knew at that moment that life will not give to me what I truly desire at that moment, all i wanted was to go play with him,
I learnt at that very age and became broken,
I saw death and became dead at heart,

I saw death snap his very life,
Snatching him up,
Taking him away,
I felt him cold ,
His hands cold beside me, leading me to a slow death,
I saw the cold hands of death take my love away,
The cold hands of death broke me .
Cold hands of death
May 2020 · 211
" Rare Piece "
Glory Abel May 2020
Ever heard of the flower that grew in between thorns?
Ever heard of light that grew out of darkness?
This and many more he was to me.
I found him in a place where demons lived.
I found him different, glowing out of darkness.
He became the Halo to my dark times,
He became the beauty to my soul.
I found my most expensive item, he is my masterpiece.
I found my rare piece in the mist of darkness.

— The End —