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Hallerz Oct 2018
The girl looked at me, eyes full of pain, face white and gaunt, as if she had met death itself. “Your card has been declined”, she lamented sorrowfully.
Hallerz Mar 2018
What is life?
This certainly isn't
We aren’t living our lives

We're so overcome by anger and hatred
All the sympathy and tenderness is gone
We don't love each other
We hate each other
We aren’t living our lives

We’re scared to show love
We’re scared to be kind
We’re scared to get close to those we want to
We’re scared to love
To live
To feel
We aren’t living our lives

We let our ego’s rule our hearts
We’re brash and insensitive
We need to learn to relate
To sympathize
To make sense of all this
We aren’t living our lives

We’re scared to express ourselves
To decide who we are
We let this deep, feral, desire rule us
We let our ego’s rule us
We’re scared to break free
We aren’t living our lives

We don't move forward
Yet we don't move backwards
We're stagnant
Stuck in this time
This place
We aren’t living our lives

We’re scared to face reality
We’re scared to act differently
To break the norms
Defeat the status quo
We’re scared to move on
We aren’t living our lives

We aren’t living our lives
We’re living our fears
Hallerz Mar 2018
The look in those eyes…
I know that look…
The look of torment
Of pain and anger
The look that comes from bottling up emotions
From trying not to feel anything
From trying not to be weak
Hallerz Mar 2018
You understand me
You understand my hurt
You understand my pain
But I do not want your sympathy
I do not want your kindness
I need to get over this on my own
To desire any results
One must take actions
I won't get anywhere with sympathy
I will move forward
Hallerz Jan 2018
Do you know who you are?
I certainly don’t
I don’t even know who I am
All I know is that I do not know
Who am I?
Who are you?
Why am I?
Why am I asking this?
Does it even matter?
After all, we’re all just puppets
Puppets attached to strings
Made to get up and walk
All our actions are preordained
We don’t get to choose what we do
How we act
Who we are
We have no choice
No control
Like I said, we’re all just puppets
I’m just a puppet that can see the strings
Hallerz Feb 2017
This fascination
With material things
Pictures and words
Promises and lies
It make people forget

They forget what really matters
What is really important
They get too absorbed
In their pictures and words

A simple gesture
That's all we need
Nothing more
No pictures
No words

We get wrapped up in the technicalities
We complicate things
We add pictures and words
Even though we do not need them
To express ourselves

We have no need for these new languages
These new pictures and words
What we need is something old
Something nearly forgotten

It's older than the desert
Older than the ocean
Than the trees
Than the mountains

It's pure
Purer than a snowflake
Or a child's laugh
Or a sunbeam

It requires no explanation
No pictures or words
It's something we all understand
Yet we have forgotten

We have forgotten it
It's simplicity
It's embrace
It's warmth

What we need is love
True love
Love that does not need explanation
That does not need pictures and words
Pure love
Hallerz Feb 2017
The party has begun
It’s your special day
You’ll only have one of these days
Only one

Everyone is here for one thing only
All eyes are on you
All conversation is about you
It’s just you
You and only you

You look lovely, by the way
Your clothes are brand new
Made only for one occasion
This occasion
Same with the decorations
They’ll be used only once
For today
And only today

Today is special for you
It’s one of your biggest ceremonies
Your last ceremony
Your funeral
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