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Hakiim Nov 2018
if love was a place
i’d make it home
where i rest within you on beds of water
Hakiim Nov 2018
you made me feel like I made flowers bloom
a single beat like quarter
shutters open to reveal clear sky
clouds clear like Windex
me in mud a snail
you the salt in my warm water
on my skin
gargle and spit me out like blow darts
in my body burning like an acid
left to defend the fort
fallacies shot like arrows from serpent tongues
third dimension hidden like Little Finger
clarity of sight
reality seen only in two dimensional travel
bound a lip like Billy
let you be Winnie
let you be Judas
and I Job
Hakiim Nov 2018
may he rest
a pendulum
white rock in hand
Chapo in hiding
he speaks to the crowd
kneeling in prayer
blind of sin
eyes dart to and fro
itching for cashflow
the highest in the sanctuary of holiness
watching behind satanic smile
devotees of holy rock
pray for baptism
oblivious of Lucifer
in plain sight
hungry for release
to be and to be pain
home of leaf and skull
grim in holy garb
the "enemy" their sovereign
the cup fills
sipping red wine in captivity
their skin a binding like Nancy
a coven of Judas
Hakiim Nov 2018
if words and body become transparent
and bodies move into nothingness
let mine only see you in seance
Hakiim Jan 2018
I'm afraid to love what would never return blessed favor
for my heart is brittle and bare
stripped to rickety existence
Hakiim Jan 2018
comprehensive labyrinth of error
fragile to in-extensive touch
Hakiim Dec 2017
we journeyed through seven seas
love gave you sea sickness
you wouldn't grab my hand
yet you touched my skin
i let you fall
and you froze into the ocean behind me
you were never my Jack
you were the glacier that sank your own ship
the shot that missed your ear
I was the diver, and you, the shark outside my cage
wanting my blood
only to discard my bones
you had me
****** up
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