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Hakiim Jun 2017
what is happening?
we saw fireworks under vast oceans,
we found mirrors in quarrel caves,
what is this?
i stare into seas and see only sand,
i listen in crowded rooms and hear silence,
how do i navigate your labyrinth?
i'm sick of sending messages through steel rooms,
with no glass windows
Hakiim Mar 2017
painter boy,
your skin as brown as oak,
stretched over a body of pure godliness,
I am speechless,
I admire the beauty in every move you make,
every blink,
every turn,
every fidget fascinates me,
you speak and a stillness strikes my heart,
your words full of honey and raindrops,
bringing a wave of calmness over me,
you make me feel at home,
you're so full of life,
yet so mysterious,
you call me beautiful and a rain falls from my soul,
it is as if i have released a weight of infinite tons,
you make me smile as i look at you,
i don't know much but i know everything,
we stare at eachother and i see and feel the passion within our gaze,
i've gotten lost in your eyes and now I've made this beautiful brown galaxy my home
Hakiim Jan 2017
is it you who's heart is always being broken?
or is it you who breaks the hearts?
is it you who crushes souls?
is it you who blames?
is it you who points fingers?
is it you who labels based on your past?
is it you who blocks goals?
is it you who builds walls?
is it you?
is it me?
or is it........

Hakiim Dec 2016
I can't see you through glass mirrors.
but I can't hear you in empty corridors.
Hakiim Dec 2016
i am a willow leaf,bound to the branches of a poisonous maple tree.
I am different from my neighbors.
I try to tell them about me,
but every time I reveal my tongue they spit toxins onto my flesh.
They are all I've ever known,
but they're the source of my pain.
They are the source of my hate.
Everything I value most,
they seek to destroy.
What must I do?
a poem abouty relationship with my family
Hakiim Dec 2016
You're just like my smiles,
abandoning me when I need them the most.
Hakiim Dec 2016
the last time I was warm I was abandoned,
now I exist within a bone-chilling endless corridor,
I've existed here for as long as I can remember.
my knowledge of love has been replaced by anxiety throughout these long lonely years,
I've walked down this corridor for eons and I've finally met someone,
their body gives off heat that they cannot feel in return.
surprisingly I try to warm the icicles upon their beautiful soul but I don't know how,
i pour my heart out to a solid wall,
now I'm empty and dry,
my mind tells me to continue down this endless corridor,
my mind says they have no hope,
but my heart says stay,
my heart tells me to be patient and to surrender my warmth,
my heart says to absorb their cold and share my warmth.
My heart stands still yet excited,
like a tropical desert.
What is happening
this is a challenge I'm currently going through. I'm falling for someone fast (which isn't normal), but they don't feel the same yet. I am used to being in control and I need to learn how to surrender and let it happen on its own.
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