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Hailey johansen Dec 2018
If I was deaf I would think I was screaming
The emptiness eats away at me
Skin like ripped Jeans
Heart of glass
mind of stone
They cut me open just to watch me bleed
I'm waving through a window
I try to scream but nobody can hear me
Banging on the glass with bloodied knuckles
My hands are raw
Blood dripping down a marble wall
Just a bunch of lines I strung together. I like how scattered it feels.
Hailey johansen Dec 2018
Waltzing through life on clouds of gray
Singing ballads of sweet sorrow
Hoping the sun will stay
But it always disappears before the morrow
Until all that is left are beautiful words on a page
And thoughts that drift through my head
To confine themselves inside of my ribcage
Battering my bones until I wish I was dead
And then, when I can't take the pain anymore
It stops and I feel numb
Left no more with a festering sore
No longer thinking of everything that I should have done
Every tree in my forest that never took root
From the tallest red oak trees that rotted out slowly
To the little green saplings all covered in soot
Leaving my forest empty and lonely
Frozen solid in the cold winter air
The cold rips through me like a knife
Cutting me open just to watch me bleed
Reminding me that death is easy, what's hard is life
Hailey johansen Dec 2018
Beauty is pain
She says with a smile
And tells herself to stay sane
While starving herself for style
And building the perfect mask
To hide her **** face
Hoping that no one asks
What's behind the paint and lace
A broken girl
With shattered dreams
And flattened curls
That used to gleam
Who isn't what she seems
Hailey johansen Dec 2018
I am whatever you want me to be
Completely under your control
I become what you want to see
But inside it takes a toll
Constantly pulled in different directions
A slave to others imaginations
A life I let you choose
A life that I hate
But I am too afraid to lose
So your appetite I sate
Until you've devoured me whole
And I'm left without a soul
So I pick myself up
Piece by piece
Like a broken glass cup
And wonder what it leaves
Who am I without you
To tell me what to do
And as soon as I'm whole
You show up to break me all over again
To devour me whole
And shatter my soul
Then you leave me to put the pieces back together alone
Hailey johansen Dec 2018
In the land of shattered dreams
Shadows follow my every step
Demons gather around me in reams
As Dancers leave blood where they've leapt
Frollicking through meadows of gray
While picking bouquets of death
On a dark cloudy day
And with each shaky breath
I take the darkness in and exhale with ease
In the land of shattered dreams
Hailey johansen Dec 2018
All that I desire
Is a bit of your fire
To keep me warm
Inside the storm
My fire is now an ember
Burnt out in a cold December
Just a little of your light
Would keep my fire in sight
Just a little of your light
And I wouldn't have to lose this fight
Hailey johansen Dec 2018
Misunderstood and forgotten
Twisted into a monster of words
A piece of fruit left to go rotten
Rejected by even the birds
Degenerate, ****, and hated
Dismissed before the words even fall from my lips
My thoughts left unstated
Unloved, ignored, torn full of tips
Used and abused over and over
A slave to my very own torture
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