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Jan 1 · 72
I fooled myself.
Hailey Jan 1
The words you said , and the way you loved me.
I never questioned myself that you would be temporary.

- I thought wrong.
Dec 2019 · 61
The best day.
Hailey Dec 2019
Nothing beats a snow day.
Hot chocolate,
Snow ball fights.
The perfect warm sweater,
Christmas lights.

   -The best snow day of 2019.
Dec 2019 · 170
Hailey Dec 2019
Even if you can't see or feel it
You are worthy with and without him.

      - Be the reason of your own happiness.
Dec 2019 · 211
Found my missing piece
Hailey Dec 2019
I have finally found my worth
Finally started loving myself.

- The best thing that 2019 gave me.
Dec 2019 · 78
Hailey Dec 2019
I just want to be home but no where feels like home...
Nov 2019 · 63
12 am thoughts
Hailey Nov 2019
Roses are red
Violets are blue
I love pineapple pizza more than I do you.
Nov 2019 · 224
To My Daughter
Hailey Nov 2019
The man above sent you to me
You have taught me new life lessons
and showed me new love.

- Little do you know that you would be the one to save me.
Nov 2019 · 132
Hailey Nov 2019
People are always asking why I love sunsets so much
The different colors that shine so bright in the sky makes me so happy.
It reminds me
That no matter what I've been through,
I can always have a beautiful ending.
Nov 2019 · 39
Hailey Nov 2019
I wanted to sit down and write about how I felt on the inside
but I realized the paper stayed empty and that's exactly how I feel.
Nov 2019 · 55
You promised me.
Hailey Nov 2019
Its not because you left me
Its been a few months , and I'm finally getting used to sleeping alone
It's not because you left me
It's because you promised me you wouldn't
You swore up and down to me,
You said you meant every word
"I'll never get tired of you"
Then three weeks later, your packing my bags
I never thought it would hurt like this
Who knew I was capable of this much hate.

            - The girl who you destroyed.
Nov 2019 · 81
Say no to drugs
Hailey Nov 2019
Roses are red
Violets are blue
I'm high
How about you?
Hailey Nov 2019
What else was there to do?
With the pain and fire you left in me?
I had to make choices;
To find someone who understood
Or let it burn me alive.
Nov 2019 · 90
When will I forget you?
Hailey Nov 2019
The sad part is you already have the light in your eyes;
By someone else
It's hard to forget you
But clearly you've forgotten me...

                - The truth hurts.
Nov 2019 · 337
Hailey Nov 2019
Christmas lights aglow in the night
Hot fire-places blazing all cozy and bright
Romance blossoms like a white rose
Icicles reflecting the light as it snows
Santa is coming tonight; Be sure to close your eyes tight
Tree alight as he sneaks in just out of sight
Memories under the tree as he works his magic
Angels of our loved ones looking down all ecstatic
Seasons to lift the spirits of all; Merry Christmas one and all.
Nov 2019 · 135
What You Did To Me.
Hailey Nov 2019
You took advantage of me,
Used and abused me,
You misplaced me,
Erased me,
Till this day the thought still eviscerates me,
Hold and told me you would love me,
all you did was scold me.
You abandoned me,
Sickened me,
Until one day you lost me.
Nov 2019 · 34
Through his world.
Hailey Nov 2019
roses are red
violets are blue
God showed me poetry
What did he show you?
Nov 2019 · 916
On the inside.
Hailey Nov 2019
Roses are red
Violets are blue
I'm empty
Because I don't have you.

— The End —