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Hailey Rose Sep 2018
She’s the popular girl at school
who everyone longs to be.
They know her very well.
Or do they actually?

She chose to wear a sweatshirt today
that could fully cover up
all the bruises her boyfriend left
that are brand new this month.

She comes to school with a bright smile,
but it’s only just for show
because behind that smile is a frown,
and no one will ever know.

Everyone thinks she has it all,
but little do they understand
how severely wrong they are,
for her life is a wasteland.

She hides the hurt and hides the pain,
hiding her tears that pour like rain.
She wears a thousand faces,
all to hide her own.

Getting home she runs to the bathroom
stepping on top of that box.
She observes the numbers slowly going up
and then coming to a stop.

She hears them say, “You’re model material!”
“With that bikini body of yours!”
She shakes her head in denial,
leaning on the sink ready to hurl.

A waterfall of tears ready to fall
as she looks into the mirror.
Swallowing hard, she closes her eyes
and forces a smile to improvise.

Soon dinner is ready
and her parents set the table.
She drags herself to her chair,
looks down at her meal and stares.

Moving the fork back and forth,
not taking a single bite
because of how miserable she is with herself,
"Why am I so revolting?" she thought.
So she kisses her parents goodnight.

Walking up the stairs,
her stomach is a roaring lion.
She sighs, walking into her bedroom,
turning off her lights.

She’s learned to hold all her feelings in
until late at night,
and uses her hand to cover her mouth
so no one hears her cries.

— The End —