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  Jun 2015 Leslie Foster
All I do is irritate you.
I'm sorry love. I wish I could be what you deserve.
Leslie Foster Jun 2015
here I am again searching for happiness in empty things because I cannot find it within myself.
Leslie Foster Feb 2015
It's 2:18 am and I'm consumed in my thoughts.

I want to know what it's like to stop breathing,
to finally let the last breath escape my lips,
and to kiss the world goodbye.

To finally be free.

I want to know who would care if I died,
to see who would shed a tear,
for my last soul.

To see who cares.

I want to know why I feel like this,
why my thoughts are consumed with
anger and sadness?

Why the only thing I think about is
how peaceful death would be.

Better than this hell I live.
I haven't been able to write in a while and post because I've been so busy with school and work, sorry. So here's a little poem I wrote last night. It's a little morbid.
  Feb 2015 Leslie Foster
Adam Kobosky
Letting Go
What happen with us?
You told me we would be together,
but apparently we aren't.
Did I lie or was it something I said?
No, because you ignore me now!
That night me and you met,
was the greatest of my life yet.
But look at today,
you don't talk to me,
or even acknowledge me.
Its like you want to let go,
even though I don't.
I see your shadow everyday,
and as I see yours.
While all this happens,
I wonder if I could ever let go.

Giving In
(featuring Leslie Foster)**
You look at me like I ruined you,
like I ruined us.
I wish  I know how to tell you,
how to tell you how I care.
I can't bare looking at you,
because the pain shakes my very soul.
I love you.
But my love will never fulfill you,
I don't know how to stop feeling so empty.
I’m giving in to my demons,
and I'm dragging you down to hell with me.
I’m sorry,
You don’t deserve this.
I just need help.
Please tell me how to stop giving in.
We all let go, but sometimes it is difficult to give in.
Be careful and stay alive everyone.
Leslie's hellopoetry is HabitsofMyHeart !
Go follow her! <3
Leslie Foster Feb 2015
the way your eyes gleam when you hear my name and how your voice sounds when you laugh at my stupid jokes even though they are funny and how your smile brightens my day

the way your eyes looked so much like the devil when you hit me so hard that the air got knocked out of my very lungs and I was just laying there on the floor wishing I could see that gleam in your eyes again

the way your eyes looked when you look at the body laying in the casket with disgust because you hated me with every ounce in you and I know I'll never see that gleam again

how I wish to see that gleam again
you say
you are broken,
but darling,
please remember
that flowers
can grow
through cracks
on sidewalks
and mosaics
are made
by piecing together
abandoned parts and
shattered fragments.

do not be afraid
to break
all that needs
to be broken
because this
will allow
rays of sunshine
to find their way
inside such a dark
and demented vessel.
  Feb 2015 Leslie Foster
Adam Kobosky
I hate that feeling.
           that feeling when you're sad,
But you have no idea why.
           You feel so **** void,
but nothing has happened.
           They ask you what is wrong,
but you can not explain.
           Or they did not ask anything,
I do not know what is worse.
           It just feels like I miss someone,
someone I never met.
           I need someone who does not need me.
Loneliness hovers over me,
           takes control of me.
I do not even care.
           I extricate itself from the goals.
Sadness for now is my best and only friend.
           I begin to hate myself and
I want everyone to leave me alone.
          At the same time,
I want someone to hug me and
          told me that everything will be okay.

**I just hate that feeling.
That feeling,
when you do not even know what the hell you feel.
It's a feeling that only the heart and soul can feel.
Not your brain, because your pain will tell you are
okay when really your heart is altered by the world.
Someone please hold me, I really need it.
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