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May 2019 · 625
Helene Marie May 2019
oh.  .       .

yo u

c     h     o    
                          s     e

              ­                                           .
Mar 2019 · 728
Helene Marie Mar 2019
it's interesting how i swing so rapidly
between confidence and cowardice
Mar 2019 · 114
look around you
Helene Marie Mar 2019
our tainted eyes
only allow us to see
what we want

we are blind,
walking in this world
where all we know is forwards

don't you think
it's about time that
one of us takes a step back?
Feb 2019 · 149
angels walk among us
Helene Marie Feb 2019
beware the angel in disguise;
for as stunning as she is,
she is not afraid
to spread her wings
Feb 2019 · 358
the left lane of life
Helene Marie Feb 2019
how come i'm always tired
when i want so badly to be awake

how come time seems to move slower
when i feel like i'm going so fast

so fast...
s o   fast. . .
s  o     f a s t  .  .  .

everything is moving too fast
my mind, my heart, my body

i look in the mirror and i wonder
what's happening up there

up there...
u p  there. . .
u  p   t h e r e .  .  .

my head, it's racing,
too many miles per minute

it's racing, too slow, too fast, too slow, too fast
and i just want to hit the brakes
Jan 2019 · 1.1k
Helene Marie Jan 2019
it’s every man for themselves
in this world where
we are shown how
to tear each other apart
instead of love one another
treat yourselves and others with kindness
Jan 2019 · 177
Helene Marie Jan 2019
you called me an underrated friend,
like i was just an old product
that people had failed  
to play and experiment with
Helene Marie Jan 2019
high on fear and messy dreams
running on caffeine and gasoline
empty bottles, no one to be seen
the party’s over, no longer pristine
Jul 2018 · 117
the conveniency of wishes
Helene Marie Jul 2018
desire is bliss.
all you need
is to want.
Jul 2018 · 359
Helene Marie Jul 2018
feels like i just keep on

         out loud
         out loud
but how how come my lips
can't shape into sounds

         myself out
         myself out
why do my thoughts let me
         myself out

let me
         out now
let me
         out now
my own voice too loud
in my head
let me out
Jun 2018 · 210
Helene Marie Jun 2018
someone tell me
was it a beautiful nightmare
or a horrific daydream?
it's all about perspective
Jun 2018 · 284
Helene Marie Jun 2018
We all have our own colors
that shine through in various ways.
We dazzle with our humor
and our own enjoyments.
We are ourselves in ways we wouldn't
consider to be obviously radiant,
but below each and every one
of our complex surfaces,
we show our beauty
in our mysterious tendrils of traits,
and our illuminating golden glow.
It is our hilariously creative mind frames,
the musical mosaic of our voices,
and our complicated coves
of our quiet extremities,
that make up the vast entirety
that is
i hope that when you read this, you can see each and every one of the beautiful personalities of the people that inspired me to write this.
Helene Marie Jun 2018
who ever knew
that your forever
had an end
a twist on the Shakespeare quote for the brokenhearted
Jun 2018 · 667
Good Enough
Helene Marie Jun 2018
If our "good"
was "good enough",
the girl over there
crying mascara speckled tears
as she looks into
her own reflection;
the guy whose
best was just a 'B',
but now he's told
he wasn't trying
because his best
was not his brother;
the person who
is trapped in their closet
real or metaphorical
terrified of
what would happen
if they came out;
would know
that their "good"
is far more "enough"
than ours will ever be
May 2018 · 282
Take Me Dancing
Helene Marie May 2018
I want to dance with you
Our feet will move
step by step,
with you guiding
the way
through moves that
we're making up
as we go

I want to laugh with you
as I stumble
and we fall
on top of each other,
barely breathing,
with aches in
our chests

I want to sway with you
as we clumsily climb
back onto our feet,
aligning our footsteps
until we're matching
in our paces,
with our smiles
spreading across
our faces

From dusk til dawn,
take me dancing
May 2018 · 203
the unknown
Helene Marie May 2018
the sparks glowed
in her dark eyes
and showed him
that there was
so much more
of her that
he had yet to
May 2018 · 210
Helene Marie May 2018
Swimming in my own delusions,
I gasped, searching for breath
as I reached the surface again,
and the bitterly cold air
of reality
filled my lungs
and pulled me away
from the dazing daydreams
that nearly drowned me
May 2018 · 163
murmured fabrications
Helene Marie May 2018
rumor has it
they said
that she told him
what they thought
was the truth
or was it a lie?
words and confusion
float from mouths
to eager ears
over and over
until no one can
even distinguish between
what was made up
and what was real
inspired by the song Drama by AJR
May 2018 · 229
Bits and Pieces
Helene Marie May 2018
Emerald green eyes
glow in the dark
there is a certain
cutting through
the fog of their thoughts
like a knife
The flecks of gold you see
lost in the midst
of their irises
can be decieving
for you might think
you're seeing serenity
but you're actually
seeing scars
May 2018 · 187
Whispered Mysteries
Helene Marie May 2018
whispered words
slowly slid
over their lips
passing secrets
back and forth
through the gray space
that was suddenly
by the sparks
of their
breathless mysteries
May 2018 · 169
Helene Marie May 2018
. . .
e x h a l e
let go
of all that
weighs on your soul
put your mind at ease
feel the seaside air
smell the roses by your feet
fill your heart
with blank delicacies
and sweet imaginings
something lighthearted to help you just breathe..
Apr 2018 · 148
Helene Marie Apr 2018
their smile
was the kind
that could
this world
to liquid gold
Apr 2018 · 326
The Time Capsule
Helene Marie Apr 2018
The fairy lights
danced in your eyes
as you twirled around;
Your bare feet on
the soft and summery earth;
Your laugh filling
the peaceful lull
contained in the time capsule
of the slowly melting dusk,
and it was in this moment
that they looked at you
with an awe-filled mist
clouding their eyes,
and they realized
how captivating you were
from the way you moved
to the way your smile
skipped across your lips
and lit up your face
like the stars twinkling
in the darkening sunset sky
above your heads
you are a time capsule..
Apr 2018 · 133
The Lockbox
Helene Marie Apr 2018
My heart is a lockbox
And somehow you’ve got the key
All of this happened so suddenly
And I didn’t even notice or see

My heart is just like a lockbox
Or seemingly tucked away in a cage
Being locked up it seems to rage
And tries to escape as it continues to age

My heart is a lockbox
Full of stars and dreams
But they are shoved back and unseen
Because I know nothing is as it seems

My heart is just like a lockbox
I see things and put them away
Into the abyss that’s full of gray
And save them for another day

My heart is a lockbox
Longing for something more
Something unplanned that wasn’t in store
With your key to unlock the core
Helene Marie Apr 2018
Empty glances see
only black and white within
our world of color
Apr 2018 · 187
can't you see the colors?
Helene Marie Apr 2018
i wish
i could explain
to you
the realm of color
that you
seem to possess
inside of your soul
Apr 2018 · 209
Helene Marie Apr 2018
The door burst open
without warning
and the thoughts
flooded into my home
breaking borders,
turning tables,
causing chaos,
and left me
on the floor
surrounded by shards
of broken glass;
to myself
"I could have sworn
I locked the door"
Apr 2018 · 173
Helene Marie Apr 2018
She calls out
but only she can
hear her voice
echo inside
her own head
Apr 2018 · 414
Sunflower Soul
Helene Marie Apr 2018
The lonely streetlight
glows yellow
piercing through the faint moonlight
shining on the girl that paces below
She grows sunflowers in her soul,
but tonight her mind is elsewhere,
so she forgot to water the petals of gold
For at this late hour she is thinking about a tear
that pulls through her heart string by string,
unraveling bright desires that once consumed her,
and filled her so that to the world she would sing
that she was willing to let this love be her leader
But now she can see clearly again
and takes notice to how her world was so bent,
she sees how careless she was then,
and knows now that her heart is not so easily lent
for a friend of mine
Apr 2018 · 169
Helene Marie Apr 2018
i'm not good
at emotions

my mind
is      foggy
with too many
to feel

my vision
with raindrops
that land
in my heart
and    seep    into
my brain
and cause my
to    run    wild

and my heart
shoots   out   sparks
like a firework
and i get so startled
that i

i find these
to be quite

but sometimes
they can be beautiful
to watch
Apr 2018 · 148
Helene Marie Apr 2018
i know
i'm not really
that good at
putting my words
in a way
that makes perfect sense

and i know
i can be really loud
and i laugh
for too long
at some really
foolish things

i am well aware
that i can be
and i can let my
emotions overrule
my logic

and speaking of logic
i know
i overthink a bit
...a bit?
fine. a lot.
and yes, i'll probably
what you say at
some point

but at least i'm learning
Apr 2018 · 179
Helene Marie Apr 2018
step by step
they let their
tattered shoes
take them
to wherever
their mind
so often wandered
Apr 2018 · 170
Blue Roses
Helene Marie Apr 2018
I once told you
that someday
I would love to receive
a bouquet of
blue roses

An odd request;
unrealistic and quirky

But when our quirks
are remembered,
is when we know
that there was
at least
one person
who listened
Apr 2018 · 516
As If
Helene Marie Apr 2018
Their eyes met
and it was
as if
the world had
stopped spinning
and time
ceased to
continue ticking;
as if
this one look
was enough
to turn the
blue sky
to stunning shades
of rose and gold
with hints of lilac;
as if
this small glance
was a
larger connection
than anyone expected;
as if
it was the start
of a new chapter
in their
timeless novels
Apr 2018 · 282
Helene Marie Apr 2018
My thoughts are hot,
a summery steam;
Then winter comes early with ease,
and my brain slowly starts to freeze.

So cold and frost covered,
What ever happened to summer?
When does this blizzard end?
Under the weight, my morale starts to bend.

People turn to icicles,
sharp and frozen to the touch.
Alone in this snow, my lips turn blue;
I'm going numb and I'm not sure what to do.

Can't there be someone
to bring me some heat?
Now in my head there is frostbite
in places where there should be sand and sunlight.

This delirium spirals further and I wonder
if someone could help me work through all this weather...
Apr 2018 · 766
A Meaning of "Fierce"
Helene Marie Apr 2018
is a woman
who knows
what she wants
we are all fierce
Apr 2018 · 177
Helene Marie Apr 2018
Sometimes having words
To describe your pain
Is a lot less painful
Than having no words at all

Existence of words
Fills the desolate cave inside
With thoughts
Good or bad

But at least there's something

When there's nothing
It feels too empty
Like you could just sit in silence
And stare off at stars
that don't exist
Apr 2018 · 235
remember me...
Helene Marie Apr 2018
i do not wish
for you to remember me
solely based upon
my face

i pray that
when you hear my name
you don't just recall
my exterior
i wish for you to see
the sights,
the joys,
the sadness,
behind my eyes;
the songs,
the messages,
the noises,
heard by my ears;
the words,
the stories,
the lyrics,
that pass through my lips

i hope
that when you
remember the sight
of me,
it's the inside
you truly see
Apr 2018 · 257
A Reflective Gray
Helene Marie Apr 2018
She twirled around,
turning circles
in the stardust
as her gray eyes
lit up,
bringing depth
and luminance
to the fog
in her soul
Apr 2018 · 184
unspoken secrets
Helene Marie Apr 2018
shared smiles
showed secrets
that neither of us
we were keeping
Mar 2018 · 268
Helene Marie Mar 2018
I knew you so well...
You were
the one book on the shelf
that I knew from
cover to cover
until a stranger
all of your pages
Mar 2018 · 307
Helene Marie Mar 2018
The golden rays
hit her face
and warmed her heart
as he pulled her close
and made her
feel at home
Mar 2018 · 200
Helene Marie Mar 2018
Cold and shaking
she stumbled inside;
soaked and chilled
to the bone
from the storm
inside her head
Mar 2018 · 263
Building Blocks
Helene Marie Mar 2018
Three years old
He sat slumped on the floor
grabbing at the colorful
wooden blocks beside him
He built his own
teeter-tottering tower
until it was taller than him
His proud self
beamed up at you
"Look! Look what I made."
You smiled
that pitiful smile
that he would soon understand
"That's wonderful! But it's time
to clean up the blocks now."
You disassembled his
hard work and
he watched you
with his small, sad eyes

Ten years old
He had upgraded
to Legos
building extraordinary castles
from the clouds of his
young imagination
"Look! Do you like it?"
He smiled
small and shy
You glanced up
from your pile of papers
"Yes...very nice, but
don't you think
you're getting a little
for things like that?"
His eyes shifted
down to the ground
towards his creation
"I guess"
This time
he took his own
towers down

Seventeen years old
he was far done with
building blocks
but he found some
with paints and paper
he shuffled over
to where you sat
"I know you
are probably busy,
but do you want to
maybe look at
what I made?"
Your eyes barely
moved from
the laptop
in front of you
"My teacher said
I should consider
an art major...
they told me
I'm talented."
You sighed
"We've been
over this.
You said you
were going to
school for
He refused to
let his woes
bubble over
you're right."

Twenty four years old
nine to five
sitting in an office
watching the sparks
leave his soul
He picked up the phone
"I couldn't be more
you gushed
but little do you
He would have given
to go back to
three years old
ten years old
seventeen years old
when he still used
His Own
building blocks
for anyone who has a dream
Mar 2018 · 192
Helene Marie Mar 2018
Pacing the line
between fantasy and reality
She asked herself
What she really wanted
Mar 2018 · 245
record player
Helene Marie Mar 2018
I held on tight
clinging to the
bits and pieces
of memory
like a broken
record player

the melodies
slowly slipped
through my
trembling fingers

"Please don't stop"
I whispered
"Please don't go"
nostalgia is a dangerous thing, and the memories that come with it must be handled with caution
Mar 2018 · 177
Helene Marie Mar 2018
They intertwined in
Gorgeous spirals of color
Underneath the moon
a haiku for everyone who has ever felt emotions so strong they contain hints of color
Mar 2018 · 191
Shut Doors
Helene Marie Mar 2018
Locked doors
hold our feelings captive
shut away
with seemingly
to turn to

Is anyone there?
I knock but there's
no answer
Frigid silence
sits in solemnity

How long does it last?

None of us
can bear this
tension any longer
Please open the door
Mar 2018 · 262
Helene Marie Mar 2018
Mirror mirror
on the wall
why isn't the world
fair at all?

If everyone is
dying to be perfect
why can't you just
make them feel like they're worth it

Secure? Sure.
You know it's all a joke
People walk this world feeling hopeless
nobody can see through the smoke


Mirror mirror
on the wall
can you help us feel
less insignificant and small?
Mar 2018 · 674
Helene Marie Mar 2018
goes the leaky faucet
her hot tears hit the cold linoleum
fall the lies from your lips
their broken heart lays in pieces
the space between them grows
though neither have moved an inch
how do i stop the leak
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