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 May 20 Helene Marie
When you call out my name
And you smile and wave,
I smile because, well,
Why wouldn’t I smile?

But sometimes,
Hours later when I lie
Awake in bed and smile
To myself, I learn to hate
That smile.

Because you always,
always smile at me,
and never for me.
Never in the way
you smile for her.
© KMH 2019
Sometimes I hate my heart.
 May 14 Helene Marie
All I want from life
is that when I smile
someone always smiles back
© KMH 2019
Another of my short poems from my "Things My Heart Tells Me" series
When my daydreams take center stage
There is no greater way
For this tale of love to curtain
Than for us to linger hand in hand
For all our remaining days
Growing old on the porch swing
Watching our children's children play
Amongst the wildflowers
On a brilliant spring day
 Mar 27 Helene Marie
I can finally see the pieces of myself scattered on the floor
I understand why I can give perfect advice but never follow it myself
I understand why I can't breather half the time
why I don't allow myself to love anyone
why I can never be vulnerable infront of anyone
why I am lost waiting for a someday that will never happen
Because I finally realize that I am broken
and I need help
but I will never admit it
until someday comes
I remember

her voice would quiver

like paper lanterns
dancing in some
foreign nighttime glow

I fancy

I knew that sweet tremble

at a tea ceremony table
beneath Chinese skies
many years before

it first caressed my ear
 Feb 13 Helene Marie
I want to be inspired
I want to be moved
I want to be swept off my feet

But for now I'll wait

I am not waiting for a man to find me
I am waiting for an opportunity to run
to explore
and to search

for an inspiration
for a movement
and for a man
a man who is willing to let me sweep him off his feet
only then will I be content

So I will wait to run
Then run into my happiness along the way
Knowing me it will be an accident
 Nov 2018 Helene Marie
The bite of the cold
Is nothing compared to this
(your) Suffocating warmth
(I can’t stand it)
Remove the words in parentheses for an angst-filled haiku
 Jun 2018 Helene Marie
She Writes
I had accepted my fate
Content with drowning
You woke me up
Made me crave life again
And just like that
You saved me
When I wasn’t looking for a savior
 Jun 2018 Helene Marie
Alex B
Someone stole my color
And threw it to the wind
Scattered like ashes
I don’t know if I’ll ever find it

Someone stole my color
From the face I know so well
I saw it in the cotton candy clouds
And the teal ocean swell

Someone stole my color
I guess that’s where it went
The world looks so much brighter
Like something heaven-sent

Someone stole my color
And that’s what no one knows
Depression isn’t black
It’s the color of a rose

It’s the light orange in a sunset
And the yellow of a peach
Light blue, my favorite color
So simply out of reach

Purple like my favorite eyeshadow
No, lavender, I’d guess you’d say
And my favorite music artist
Although he has passed away

Someone stole my color
Now everything’s too bright
I suppose sometimes darkness
Isn’t the opposite of light

Someone stole my color
So I’ll wear grey and black
As if in mourning
Until I get it back
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