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H3L3 May 18
I found a buck on the ground!
i cried.
just for twenty minutes
trapped in my brain
*send pleasure
Its me again like 5 minutes away from the other one I just posted, hi.
H3L3 May 18
When I took you,
                  When I took you it stripped away worry.
When I took you,
                  When I took you I finally felt like me.
You were in reach,
                  You were in reach, so easily attainable
and it was crazy,
                   it was crazy to think that you would be
                   the answer to the 19 year old question,
                    "Who am I?"
                    "Who is me?"
I took you and it felt amazing,
                   I took you, and for that short while I felt calm.
But nothing ever lasts and one is never by itself.
I don't have anything to say to this one y'all
H3L3 May 18
So you're insecure...
You've come to the right place
I wear the mask of alter
and then dance the night through peoples eyes
Oh sweet golly another one? Hidden meaning maybe.. :)
H3L3 May 18
And she's broken
She knows it
But she laughs
She laughs?
She laughs to mask the pain
Pain knowing that her future is evident
and it scares her.
I'm back, saplings <3
H3L3 Jun 2018
Don't fight the system, they say
Yet they're okay with splitting families
We sit here and watch the news
And take our pain away with *****
Don't fight the system, they say
But we listen, and they still make us pay?
Raise taxes! Raise taxes!
Why aren't we taking action?
We're millions of people
Letting one, pave our future
Let's talk about schools,
Are you going to sit and wait for another shooter?
You aren't safe, your kids aren't safe
Yet he gets to walk away, unscathed.
Why can you just sit there?
Clasping your hands and saying a prayer.
Don't you think he would have done something by now?
We need to learn to fix this, somehow
I won't let this go any longer
And with more hands in mine
Thou let the peace grow stronger.
I'm back!
H3L3 Mar 2018
I don't know when I'm not home
This love I give, does not go
Where you are and here I stay
Nothing will make this love go away
I can't be alone, all by myself
This pain I have, you have not felt
As much as I pop, it does not stray
But my heart strings you pull have started to fray.
Another one, My saplings
H3L3 Feb 2018
Welcome, Mr. Creator
to my home
to the one place where I can speak freely
to the one place I can be me
The bed I sleep in is invisible
My mother is invisible
But you, Mr. Creator
You are not invisible
You are here with me right now
and it feels so good to greet you
Mr. Creator, I warn you
This place will **** your feelings away
and put them in writing
You'll get used to it
Take my hand
We will walk through the words,
Welcome, newcomers.
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