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Keara Marie Mar 2021
Everyone gets tired, even your hopes...
Keara Marie Mar 2021
Don’t be the shadow in their darkness, be the light they can’t escape.
Keara Marie Mar 2021
Letting go is hard, but being free is beautiful.
Keara Marie Sep 2020
I’ll be your galaxy,
Our love is the gravity.
Baby, let’s get high..!
Just you and I.
Let our planets intertwine,
Relax, unwind…
We illuminate like lustrous shooting stars,
Creating a Universe to call ours.
Keara Marie Sep 2020
Make someone smile everyday, but never forget that you are someone too.
Keara Marie Aug 2020
I write because it makes me feel like someone's listening.
Or am I finally listening to myself?
Keara Marie Jul 2020
My body is still birthing,
But nothing is to show.
The little life that was to be
Left my body days ago.
My body is still bleeding
Like a casualty took place,
And I mourn the ever-lingering loss
As I imagine a what-if face.
My body is still weeping
Even if no tears are cried.
Despite the plastered grit and grin,
My pain feels impossible to hide.
My body is still broken,
At least that's what I perceive.
What should have been your safest place,
Instead leaves me to grieve.
My body is still aching,
Shuddering, and unkind,
Leaving in place of your still life-
A heartbreak for the rest of mine.
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