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Gypsy Loo Apr 7
I wish I were to be a book,
Left to be unopened.
Nobody reads books anymore.
May the dust blanket me
I'll try to not let it hinder me.
For I know what wonderful words lie underneath.
Because nobody reads books anymore,
It's just me.
Gypsy Loo Apr 2
I've been wondering, maybe
You've changed me in a beautiful way.
I wanted to say that after all this time has passed, you still make me sway.
Even at the thought of your beautiful face when I'm just goin at my own pace.
My heart jumps and flutters when I'm in your embrace,
Thank you for being my grace.
Gypsy Loo Feb 26
Little by little, I am a puzzle being put together over the span of 15, almost 16 years and going.
   I am waiting for each piece.
I've tried forcing Time to find them for me, it ended up in complete desolation.
   I can feel my soul being unstitched.
I can feel my past lives wanting free.
   But being literal, my flesh and Movements are being Analyzed by the great Above.
   The almighty Powerful.
To which I say ******* to.
   Mind over Matter, is what I go by anyways.
Any Authoritative Figure can **** it.

Walk down this hall with me, I'll show you the restroom.
   Walk through the kitchen, you might see the spirits past 10.
Walk up these stairs, I'll show you my mind and everything else that comes with it.
   Be careful of the door to the left, if you are let in you are clearly not one of my mind.

   I know nothing lasts forever.
At this rate, Temporary is keeping me alive.
   The only thing I'll come close to accepting is a Long time.
life got me. watch me bite it back.
  Jan 9 Gypsy Loo
Bo Burnham
On a Wednesday morning, clear and calm,
                     I went to Astor Place
and had a gypsy read my palm
                     or maybe just my face.

She said my heart was heavy
                     and my head was stuffed with lies.
But things like that weren't on my hand,
                     they hid behind my eyes.

The room is dull and dank and cold but at
least I have a hand to hold.
Gypsy Loo Jan 9
Looking into your eyes was a new sort of comfortable.
I was surprised I was so allured.
You at ease made it feel like a warm breeze filling my insides,
waking up the butterflies,
yet I was embarrassed of ruining their sleep.
The way you kept our gaze made me feel giddy,
so I schemed and realized,
your eyes had an overwhelming emotion of serendipity.
I had to ruin those five beautiful seconds by looking away
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