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Jul 13 · 425
Random stuff #4
Arrow Jul 13
The colorful world
Is colorless these days
Just black and white.
I tried to write a haiku.
Apr 12 · 80
Arrow Apr 12
We write about
what we feel,
We write about
what we desire,
We write about
We write about
But we don't really write about ourselves.
Mar 3 · 983
Memory lane
Arrow Mar 3
Sometimes walking
Down these lanes
Is the hardest part
Feb 23 · 167
Arrow Feb 23
I clearly remember
Just days before you left
We were sitting by the court
All of us
And we were laughing
It felt nice
I was wearing your cap
And you were clicking
Pictures of me
I told you
" Add my name
That way you'll
Never forget me"
" I can never forget you,
Is what you had told me.

It's been so long
Since you left
And I think...
You really have
Forgotten me.
Feb 9 · 268
Arrow Feb 9
You were my priority
And I believed I was yours
But I was wrong
All along
Cuz now you are gone
Leaving me all alone
Jan 18 · 407
Arrow Jan 18
I wanna write
About you
So I pick a pen
And paper up
Ready to let
It all flow
But I just can't
When I think
Of you
I am wordless
There is just
Too much of you
That I can't
Jan 10 · 509
Tik tok
Arrow Jan 10
You went
I'm waiting
Clouds of doubt arise
"oh he will come back"
I tell myself
Still waiting
Jan 6 · 215
Arrow Jan 6
I was so ignorant
That I didn't even
Realise I liked you
Until I was totally
And madly into you.
Dec 2019 · 248
Arrow Dec 2019
"Stay behind the curtain"
They told her.
And so she did
Not because she was
Afraid of them.
But because she thought
That she might
Dec 2019 · 215
Random stuff #3
Arrow Dec 2019
Maybe it would be better
If we promised
To make promises
We can keep.
Dec 2019 · 259
Random stuff #2
Arrow Dec 2019
I wish to be just like you.
But if I were you
I would want to be me too.
Nov 2019 · 308
Random stuff
Arrow Nov 2019
Things which fall too fast
Break pretty badly.
Oct 2019 · 1.2k
Arrow Oct 2019
"Light me up
Like an inferno
I pray thee
For once let
Me be myself!!!"

She pleaded into the darkness
With the shackles of society around her wrist
Oct 2019 · 110
Fake but beautiful
Arrow Oct 2019
The sky was dark that night
So they light it up for themselves
With a thousand, tiny bulbs
Which took the place of the stars
Just like the scars
They take away what was real
And stay forever
With a beauty of their own
Happy Diwali peeps!!!
Oct 2019 · 186
Arrow Oct 2019
All of us
End up entering
The irresistible labyrinth
Of maybes
Sep 2019 · 158
Arrow Sep 2019
"Somethings are better forgotten"

How many times have you heard that?

But the thing is
Are those "things" forgettable?
I think that I wake up every day now just to hear that
Sep 2019 · 192
Arrow Sep 2019
We don't talk anymore
Even when we're close
But I must think
For all I can
That our breaths
Must still do
We don't talk anymore by Charlie puth defines my life rn
Sep 2019 · 1.1k
Arrow Sep 2019
You can make people
Laugh with you
And cry with you
But you can never
Make them stay with you
This is something I learnt today when the clouds cried with me
Sep 2019 · 128
Arrow Sep 2019
Saw her again
For the last time
Like a flock of birds
She flew away
Until the cord connecting us
Stretched and broke
Aug 2019 · 216
Arrow Aug 2019
Let me go to bed
Let me close my eyes
So when I open them
This nightmare would've ended.
Aug 2019 · 247
Arrow Aug 2019
How many times a day do you use the word I ?
Jul 2019 · 121
The unkown savior
Arrow Jul 2019
Let the truth out
Let it sink in
Let them know
In who's glory they stand
The one who brought
The perpetual peace
Fresh from the kisses
Of death
The one who brought
The happiness they feel
From where
The demons cometh
Jul 2019 · 356
Dark skies
Arrow Jul 2019
Dark skies
Reflected in dark eyes
Gives nothing but darkness
Jul 2019 · 1.5k
Arrow Jul 2019
If my problems were an ocean
I would be a little boat
Lost with no distraction
Jun 2019 · 88
Arrow Jun 2019
The wind blows by
Bringing with it
The nature's silent cry
Go follow Amaryllis people!!
Jun 2019 · 192
million words
Arrow Jun 2019
I have a million words
A million words for you
Out of which I've said none
None cuz of the loss I may suffer
The happy middle is where I am
With the laughter which rises and never falls
"Why do you wanna risk it for an ending?
An ending you know not of. "
Jun 2019 · 177
Arrow Jun 2019
Overhead is the firmament
With a thousand fulgent stars
In front of its pulchritude
I am nothing but impussant
looking up at it
Only brings back the sorrow
Because it's so beautiful
And so were we.
We= this really really close friend and I
May 2019 · 142
Silly thought
Arrow May 2019
It was just a dumb thought
But I couldn't shake it off
Like streams of water
Did my tears flew
I tried to stop
But did never realize
The more I turned away
The closer it got the next time
May 2019 · 230
No sleep
Arrow May 2019
My sleep has been taken
Thinking of you I lay awake
I think of every thing we talk about
Of every word responsible for this sleepless night

But to be truthful
I would rather talk to you
Than ever closer my eyes again.
May 2019 · 1.8k
Arrow May 2019
You once said
Your love for me
Will never die
That you would love me
For evermore.

And now you tell me
That it is all gone
That nothing is sempiternal
Nothing lives for eternal
May 2019 · 2.0k
Arrow May 2019
I look around and all I see
Is an endless world of blue
And I think,
Can I sail to the world's end ?
But then I realize
It is an endless world
The earth ain't flat
And life ain't myths.
May 2019 · 668
new but old
Arrow May 2019
You say and people hear
You invite and people appear
You laugh and so do they
You say "hello" and they say "hey"

What if you woke up one day
At the same place but far away?
The first four lines is where everything is happy. That is where I am now. I have friends, family and you who love me.
What if one day everything is perfect and the next it is not? What if you are with me now but the next moment you aren't?
May 2019 · 105
Arrow May 2019
And if you've never felt
your soul being torn apart
You have never loved
anyone with all your heart.
-Reginaldo Kilas
May 2019 · 222
Arrow May 2019
I feel infinite.
May 2019 · 526
Arrow May 2019
Waterfalls come down
And so do your tears
From the overfilled pools
Of sadness it appears.
May 2019 · 4.5k
Arrow May 2019
Don't make it dull
If thou can't make it colorful
Don't ask me why
Cuz you are green enough to even try.

The downpour is too thick
You'll never even see the drizzle
Too heavy if the clouds gets
Under the stars they'll drain  themselves.

Thou'll not see the raindrops
Only the rainbow which comes after
It's colors thou'll think for truth
The truth that is there
But is never seen.
May 2019 · 321
Your eyes
Arrow May 2019
I tried not to look into your eyes
Cuz I knew if I did I'd drown
I swear
I tried harder and harder every second
But I ended up reaching the bottom.
May 2019 · 772
Arrow May 2019
I've had dreams
Uncountably many
Some of fairies
Some of vampires
Some of kings
Of their vast empires
But the best of
Dreams I've dreamt
Is the dream
I dream everyday
Is the dream of you
Which I can't tell if it's true
But I guess it is a dream
Cuz a girl like me
Isn't worthy of someone like thee

— The End —