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Grasma 1d
Cold wind chills running down my spine.
I can't even see a straight line,
I don't know what's left of mine,
When you point finger at me yelling,'' I don't need creature of your kind''.
Your insults i don't mind ,
Yet it feels like a stab in my behind
But even if i say i am fine,
It hurts deep inside,
Cause i know i am lying.
Sometimes i think if i was better at dying?

Since i am not good at nothing,
To make you proud,
But before every new start
All you did was doubt
At me , my effort
And now yours and my definition of life ''Differs''
So i wish you walk in my shoes first.
Grasma Sep 19
Is there no greed in Heaven?
Like the greed we have here on Earth.
Is there no lust in Heaven ?
Like the **** case we have on Earth.
Is there no strength differences  in Heaven?
Like the gender inequality we have on Earth?
Is there no violence in Heaven?
Like the manslaughters we have on Earth?

Is there no sins in Heaven?
Or is there no Heaven?
Yet i do believe in God
Never seen God
But i put my faith into God.
If God lives in Heaven
And God created us
I believe we all are from Heaven.
So ,
Is there no sins in Heaven?
Grasma May 23
Nobody gives a ****
About what you do or say
Unless u are sick rich
Everybody gives a ****
When they miss paper ****
They will come running for it
Even if it means sinning for it

Nobody gives a ****
So why should i care
About what the ******* say
Cause i don't give a **** about nobody.
Grasma May 22
lost one ,two many
hope to hope
for  better days to come
life is a probe,
cut into my skin
see i will be bleeding blue
cause i feel nothing like warm
heart so ice cold
all i wanted was love
instead got shoved out
of place to feel warm
i was hungry and impatient
for the love
all i wanted to do was my best
but still i wasn't better than rest
for you,
i was just the next
one to be the one
who nobody cares for
what the ****
life is not fair
Or it is fair?
Grasma May 19
Untitled you are ,
yet you judge me like you know me,
Untitled you are,
yet you talk **** about me
like you i owe you ,
your life.
Untitled you are,
but yet you act like you are me
Untitled you are,
yet you think you are right
and i am a taboo
Cause Untitled you are,
you don't get to judge me
Cause Untitled you are,
you don't get to touch me ,
with your ****** talks
Cause Untitled you are,
I don't owe you nothing,

Because you are,
Untitled .
Grasma May 16
wide awake
but it feels like dream
am i sleeping,
but i feel everything
the places i am going
people i am talking to
tears i am weeping
laughs i am laughing
anger that i am venting
pain i am feeling
i feel  everything
yet it feels like a dream
dream that i can never break out from
cause everyday is the same

same but not the same
that same old happy picture frame
can't seem to get out of it
can't seem to forget about it
how happy times did exist .
guess  i lost myself trying to grow up
guess growing up means,
giving up on your old self.
the older you get ,
the bitter things tastes sweeter
cause it makes us feel better
to get through a day
that  feels  forever.
Grasma Dec 2018
Dear Missing soul,

Where are you? Are you doing fine?
Do you still remember me ?
Are you still hurt?
Are you in peace?
now  I am here all alone
regretting ,missing your soul
i would go to hell and back ,
if that will bring you back.
Every prayers i pray
i pray for you to come back.
If you can't come to me,
well, wait for me
i am waiting for the time
i can run to you and let the tears of joy
flow , when we finally meet .
until then i will write letters .
Even if you don't reply
until then i will pray for you
Even if  you can't hear me
until then , wait for me
My dear missing soul.
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