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The Grim Diary Jul 2019
I don't always know how to react
At this point, I almost never had a friend
Someone does something toward me
And I know not what to do
So I just stare at them, neutral reaction
But is still a reaction

Now, I know how to react
But does not always feel natural
To react as is expected
So I react with falsehood
Yet feeling as I should
But wonder if anyone can see through
And may wonder if I'm lying
Sometimes even I
Wonder if I'm lying
On a symptom of my social unadjustment
The Grim Diary Jul 2019
Strewn into the world, plucked from the veil
An existence unconsented
A consciousness awoken, now pain can be hailed
A life that has unrelented
I irrevocable, cannot be undone
Suicide not a solvent, I will always have existed
From myself nowhere to run
Pain is all, lacking pleasure, happiness resisted
If prevention of pain is your sole desire,
On my philosophy you should inquire
Exploring different philosophies. This one's about Antinatalism.
The Grim Diary Jul 2019
They call it Ladder Country
From whence a new Babel grew
Ascension to space so that the race might continue
The Ladder stands monumentous, to deliver up the sundry
Our planet's health declined and such this was our plan
The Cabinet's decision ultimately to save
The human race's extinction, perpretually delayed
We deliver starseeds as woman and as man
Using a randomizer, a friend and I were required to write a poem using the words chosen. This was mine
The Grim Diary Jul 2019
This body is not mine,
Though I still see through it's eyes
An image in my mind,
But this likeness I do not find
Denial, rejection; typically a body's traits,
Somehow here in my soul, felt towards this flesh that frustrates
Upon a mirror I gaze,
I see a stranger's face
Am I a ghost that haunts here?
The previous Will erased?
Am I attached to a past,
That this body never had?
Disconnect with my body. Not written particularly well, but written with inspiration.
The Grim Diary Jul 2019
I’ve become dead inside
All emotions I strive to hide
As I mentally corrode
I stain the world of which I strode
Rotting into nothing, decaying to immolation
I obtain a status abhorred by all nations
Hatred reciprocal, I abhor them too
Though, all that is ever achieved is pain through and through
Loathing, anguish, misery
That is all is left of me
Written 4-5 years ago at my edgiest, I apologize for publishing, but it is important to me.
The Grim Diary Jul 2019
To all I abandoned, an apology may mean nothing

Forgiveness can never undo what has occurred

I went absent for myself, that I might find something,

While lost in myself, but I only found a word;


— The End —