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13.1k · Mar 2019
Crow Mar 2019
we do not write poetry
we write mirrors
which are held up
to curious faces
who read
looking for their
own reflections
5.6k · Sep 2018
Crow Sep 2018
the dark approaches as if it is an ineluctable storm
created by thoughts falling like dominoes

or explodes into existence in a breath
detonated by a word innocently spoken

an eclipse constructed of your fears
like locusts eating all the light

with hooks and claws they grasp the air
pulling it up from your lungs

fighting blind against attacks from every side
weapons fall from your trembling grasp

I still see you dimly, enveloped in despair
you no longer see me at all

I have become a phantom, intangible
dispersed into powerless anguish by your terror

my voice is only a murmur to you
a far-off echo, indistinct

defenses and barriers you have labored on
transform into spun glass latticework

shattering through them without knowing
shards left embedded in your skin

stumbling blindly in the darkness
you are swallowed whole into the void

once more you are ripped away
imprisoned in the Stygian, pitiless hole

the emptiness turns its gaze to me
mocking laughter blisters my flesh

I can only wait and call to you
how long till you return

to me
4.4k · Oct 2018
Side Show
Crow Oct 2018
This way to the show, folks
The most amazing show you have ever seen
Bigger, wider, deeper
Wondrous and terrifying
More beautiful than your dreams
Uglier than you can imagine
And all for free
If you speak very loosely, that is

Watch your step son
Don’t trip on the unintended consequences

Step right this way
There’s no time like the present
In fact there’s no time left at all
Take a peek behind the curtain if you dare
What’s the worst that could happen
Probably best not to think too much about it

See the man without a plan
Watch him stumble through life
Be amazed as he defies death on the streets
His struggles with addiction will amuse you
Enjoy the bitterness of his regrets

Be stupefied by the clueless wonder
Taken advantage of at every turn
Thrill as he turns into the human doormat
Feel free to wipe your shoes on him
He likes it, really

Prepare your senses for the shock of
The compassionate woman
Stand bewildered as she is betrayed by lovers
Gasp as she weeps for people she does not know
Make her a promise as you leave fellas
You will make her day

You will be stunned by the man who is not like you
Be horrified at his minor differences
Criticize all his perceived flaws
Feel free to mock him, he is used to it

What’s that ma’am
No don’t feel sorry for them
They like it here
Three hots and a cot you know
Only some humiliation each night
And twice on Saturdays

Come one, come all
Leave the show smug and satisfied
About how much better you are
Than these miserable examples of failure

All this and more and not one penny to enter
The only fee is part of your humanity
Just drop it in the box right here
On your way in
3.5k · Aug 2018
Crow Aug 2018
She bolts awake from nightmare’s fear
Her mind fumbles for the mask
Its visage calm, gaze cool and clear
Once in place no one will ask

Exhausted from her restless night
Escape routes all slammed shut
The knots already pulling tight
Deep down inside her gut

The enemy stand at their station
They circle round her bed
Anticipating her annihilation
The demons in her head

Her feet are not yet on the floor
But the battle has begun
Another endless day of war
She must fight, she cannot run

She glances quickly in the glass
Haunted eyes she cannot meet
The enemy charge takes the pass
Her soul in forced retreat

The mask will serve her well today
Its rigid smile conceals
The terror barely held at bay
The torment that she feels

She plants her banner on the mound
Though hopelessness holds sway
She grits her teeth and holds her ground
But the ******* make her pay

All day the battle rages on
But the mask remains in place
Though at her feet hell’s chasms yawn
The world sees not a trace

The conflict ebbs, her shoulders slump
No victory is claimed
She turns for home, trailing blood
Count her among the maimed

Return to camp yields no respite
Command’s duties have no end
Cares for her troops into the night
Strength's last measure she will spend

All her charges now in bed
Mask in hidden place she keeps
In resignation bows her head
And midst the dark, in silence weeps

Now when the camp lies silent
In night’s hush no pennant streams
She braces for coming violence
And girds for bloodshed in her dreams
3.1k · Oct 2018
Crow Oct 2018
Forced by covenant to conceal
The wound you carry deep
Too dangerous far to now reveal
The secret you must keep

The truth, it’s said, can set you free
Whose truth, I ask my heart
Some truth must hide, to shadow flee
Or slay as a poisoned dart

A truth which must be guarded well
Though to be shouted loud it cries
Must be restrained and forced to dwell
Within a citadel of lies

A soaring fort of alabaster walls
Splendid turrets as disguise
Conceals pits beneath its gilded halls
Where love lies brutalized

Though we ache for all the world to see
To the heart, it matters naught
Two souls are not united by decree
Nor love with license bought

So truth must wait and a prisoner remain
In lonely cell, there to abide
Believe dreams of freedom are not in vain
That gates, one day, will open wide
Winston Churchill wrote "In wartime, truth is so precious that she should always be attended by a bodyguard of lies. " Just as in war, so it may be in love.
3.0k · Nov 2018
Crow Nov 2018
A creature not of here or there
With parts that do not fit
Neither fish nor fowl, horse or bear
A bashed together kit

Too many heads, some with horns
Body furred and scaled
Eagles wings and spines like thorns
And as a peacock tailed

Some aspects might bring a smile
While others will repel
One small detail may beguile
Yet another breaks the spell

Each pack or flock it tries to join
Though they seemed akin
And in some facet quite adroit
Another portion can’t fit in

Every time it tries as best it may
To hide an offending section
Knowing that if seen in light of day
The result will be rejection

So the beast remains an alien
Cloaks what's best concealed
Strives to imitate the chameleon
That no misshape be revealed

All creatures hunger for a home
Chimera hungers too
But it wanders doomed to roam
A haven to pursue
All of us are Chimera to a degree. But some more than others.
2.8k · Jul 2018
Crow Jul 2018
Measure my love in starlight
And set the sky ablaze
Measure my love in words
And eternal speak my beloved’s praise

Measure my love in raindrops
And overflow the seas
Measure my love in sighing
And make storms from a summer breeze

Measure my love in music
And hear all the world’s choirs sing
Measure my love in riches
And make every pauper a king

Measure my love in heartbeats
And deafen every ear
Measure my love in laughter
And banish every tear

Seek to measure my love as some might wish
By consulting the learned or wise
But each effort will fail, because such a scale
No mortal thought can devise
2.8k · Nov 2018
Crow Nov 2018
Some want to redistribute wealth
Perhaps instead we should redistribute love
Then wealth would redistribute itself
A (hopefully non partisan) thought for election day
2.5k · Mar 2019
The Great Pi(e) Fight
Crow Mar 2019
professor Burke and professor Lee
two mathematicians who could not agree

loudly voiced their differences at half past noon
having daily lunch at the Greasy Spoon

the subject on the fateful day was Pi
and they could not see eye to eye

a disagreement on the thousandth digit
had Burke turn red and caused Lee to fidget

said Burke “No you are off by one!”
spat Lee “Your math is poorly done!”

Burke shouted, “Lee, you have gone too far!”
reached toward the counter for a candy jar

but his hand instead encountered pie
a hideous gleam sprang to his eye

he flung the pie with all his might
hit Lee full face, eyes wide with fright

but Lee recovered and found more pies
Boston Creme took Burke between the eyes

apple, custard, lemon, berry
pecan, pumpkin, key lime, cherry

pies of every kind were thrown
plates' radius squared remained unknown

the police arrived to break up the fray
took the two meringued men away

many hours later in the quiet cell
with pie for ink and tempers quelled

the two stood looking at the wall
upon which lay their equation scrawled

said Burke, with both their faces long
“Well, what do you know. We both were wrong.”
In honor of Pi Day. With gratitude to Mr. Laurel and Mr. Hardy.
1.6k · Dec 2018
Crow Dec 2018
How do I go
When my absence melts you
How do I turn away
When I am immersed in you

What else can I see
If you are all my vision
What can draw my mind
If you are each thought

Are you truly alone
While you are surrounded by fears
Are you left without voice
While you scream in silence

Is there a limit to my rekindlings
As I extinguish with each last look
Is it possible to breathe
As lungs fill with endless calls to you

At what point could there be too much us
Though there is never enough
At what point is pain exhausted
Though the void of apart is limitless

Where is the end of empty
Can it be found when we are cleft
Where do we cease to touch
Can we be disjoined at any point

Why do we bleed with stilled hearts
Must away be bottomless
Will actuality ever come right
Do we survive, or die trying
Catechism - A set of questions put as a test

Though most often thought of as religious in nature, it need not be
1.6k · Aug 2018
Separated By Birth
Crow Aug 2018
My first memory is of you
I move with halting steps
Of feet new to walking
Towards a window of a little house

Looking out on an approaching storm
The air is still and heavy
Pressing everything down to the earth
Like a photograph
In which only I have motion

Heat takes away all relief
Even from the shade
Skin always damp with sweat
Silence smothers all thought of sound

No voices, no music, no birds
The endless shurring of the insects
Has been suppressed in anticipation
With a promise of the storm’s cool kiss

Blue and gray mix in the sky
Prophecy of your eyes
Still so far away
I am looking past the storm
Even then I am looking for you

Waiting for you
I have known you
Before that feverish, soundless day
Before all my days began

I knew you
I loved you
Now I wait
To be with you again
1.3k · Aug 2018
Love Unexpurgated
Crow Aug 2018
Come to me with all that you are
Leaving nothing behind
Make no attempt to conceal a scar
Nor wound of body or mind

Bring all your lifelong memories
Whether fragments or complete
Your daydreams and your reveries
Your tales, your songs, your grief

Let old dwellings be deserted
Pack each and every thought
Allow no baggage to be diverted
Every aspect to be brought

Load up your darkness and your light
Make parcels of all you know
Wrap strength and weakness, wrong and right
Prepare them all to go

Make ready your heart for travel
Include chips and pieces scattered
Edges beginning to unravel
Even dust, from when it shattered

Be sure no detail is forsaken
Have no token to give in lieu
Delivery will be signed and taken
With all the love I bear for you
1.3k · Mar 2019
Crow Mar 2019
nothing hurts me
like your pain
1.2k · Nov 2018
Self Medicating
Crow Nov 2018
miss you terribly
eating too much chocolate
not good for me ugh
My first try at Haiku. Despite stereotypes, men do this too.
1.2k · Sep 2018
Crow Sep 2018
How shall I tell with tinseled word
The beauty that is thine
Can tongue so rough or phrase absurd
Express creation divine

If thy hand by chance would brush
Then clouds, course as gravel fly
Lest they be touched and with jagged husk
Disgrace the vaulted sky

A glance be cast from thine eye alone
The sapphire brought to shame
Must steal away no more than stone
Its blazing fire tame

Remove thy veil, thy countenance revealed
Glorious Sol his face must hide
Averting his gaze, his luster concealed
Giving place of pride

Should thy lips favoring, a kiss bestow
Rubies abased, on bended knee
Acknowledging a hue beyond that they know
Become versed in humility

If poor verse could induce thee to concede
One exquisite facet of form or face
Then thine eyes and mine should be agreed
Upon thy incomparable grace
1.2k · Nov 2018
In a Nutshell
Crow Nov 2018
Leaving work I realized I had forgotten something
I turned back for it and headed up the stairs
I met a coworker coming down as I went up
He smiled and said “Hey, you’re going the wrong way”
As we passed on the stairs I said
“You have condensed my life into one sentence”
True story
1.2k · Feb 2019
Crow Feb 2019
I hinge upon you
you are the fulcrum
of all my motion
Not all three line poetry is Haiku
1.2k · Feb 2019
Hands in the Dark
Crow Feb 2019
take my hand and don’t let go
hold God’s hand with your other
give no attention to what you hear
it is only murmurs of lies
words which are of no substance
the sounds of phantoms
they want to destroy you
to cause unbearable pain
to everyone you love
do not listen

do not let go with either hand
so that you cannot take
the hand of Death
when it is offered
For my friend, Tim. Who, two Saturdays ago, let go of a hand.
1.2k · Oct 2018
Crow Oct 2018
Even when I tried to deny it, you were always there
You are my hidden sunrise on a day filled with clouds
1.2k · Jan 2019
Crow Jan 2019
I have a desperate need
to be away from here
but if I cannot be with you
there is nowhere to go
1.1k · Sep 2018
Crow Sep 2018
“you leave me breathless” she sighed, as their lips parted
“then take mine” he offered “all I have is yours”
Wanted to try something different
980 · Jul 2018
The Offer
Crow Jul 2018
If you will take anything
Take only my heart
For poor as it is
I have nothing else of worth

If you speak
Speak to it gently
For it is ignorant of all things
Save love for you

If you journey
Carry it carefully
For it overflows
With need for you

If you wish to keep it
Forever it is yours
For it can never
Fit the hands of another

If you go
Do not return it
For I will have no need
Of an empty heart
879 · Aug 2018
Crow Aug 2018
Place all my memories in a row
From old to fresh and new
There is one certain thing I know
From first to last they’ll be of you

From newborn cry to fading light
Each reflection which breaks through
Burns in mind's eye with image bright
And remembrance of you

To search the halls of Mnemosyne
To seek what there is true
From moonlit night to sun washed day
Each thought I find will be of you

Should I on life’s love reminisce
And choose each echo to pursue
All of my muse would come to this
My one pure dream has been of you
717 · Dec 2018
Beyond the Ballroom
Crow Dec 2018
Tango on a tightrope
Argentine Cross vibrating the line
like the strings of a Latin guitar
playing our song
only a spider’s web for a net
if we fall

Waltz on a wall top thirty stories high
our story tops them all
traffic below doesn’t even see
top hat and tails, silk gown
cocktails in our hands
Fred and Ginger sit it out to watch

Rumba on a rope bridge
hips sway in time
with the windblown span
gliding past missing boards
waterfall below shouts up to us
can’t make out what it says

Paso Doble on a plane
faux bullfight on a wing
Matador and his scarlet cape
pose and sweep
turbulence tilts the dance floor
ten thousand feet to the ground

Quickstep in the quicksand
feet so light in rapid step
no time to sink
flow across the surface
to syncopated beats
shoes left stuck to the floor

steps we mastered long ago

now we glissade and sweep
only to the rhythm of us
most challenging of all dances
and most natural of movements
always in step
dancing on the edge of our hearts
702 · Aug 2018
Comes The Dawn
Crow Aug 2018
words hanging out together
down at the corner

doing nothing
saying nothing

getting in the way
begging for attention

some spend so much time together
they start to rhyme

some just lay there
bad poetry is everywhere

glad I don’t write bad poetry
uh oh ….
I read that tomorrow August 18 is bad poetry day This is not intended to reference anyone here. Or anywhere else for that matter. Just for fun.
676 · Apr 2019
Crow Apr 2019
the vivisectionist comes to call
when I am separated from you
his palsied incautious hands
removing the hours from my body





dragging his dull rusted scalpel
across my psyche
in his leaden deliberate pace
in my ear
he will have no truck
with anesthetic

I am bathed
in the sanguine gore
of his butchery
which others mistake
for sadness
abscission - the act of cutting off
673 · Feb 2019
With Bated Life
Crow Feb 2019
your tenebrous image enraptures me
future’s heat brands me with you
your silhouette fills my vision
but all your features are hidden

calling to me in a voice I know
but have not yet heard
a shout made a whisper
you are so many years away

always I have known you
sensed you by your absence

I chafe and fret, anxious and
expectant of your arrival
believing it imminent

eagerly I shut my eyes to
what little I know of you
trusting as only callow
youth allows that no
more is needed
than my open arms

I see you everywhere
impetuously I give my heart
only to find no synchrony
even the lineation was wrong
each time it is not you
you are still
far from me

yet I am wrenched forward
I lurch undiscerning, heedless
pressed forever into rashness
by all consuming urgency for you

endless, fruitless searching
confusion and despair
my constant companions
lost in a torrent of nothing

like one freezing
in lingering polar night
to stop is to die, helpless
I stumble towards providence
An account of my unfortunate teenage years. It is a follow on to Separated By Birth.
I have made some changes as I felt some things were in need of clarity.
638 · Sep 2018
Love? (Take Two)
Crow Sep 2018

                  Lovorsary                                               Lovotomy



       Please, someone, help me

                     I can’t stop
631 · Aug 2018
Phoenix and Cinderella
Crow Aug 2018
we are spontaneous
set me alight
your soul fuels my flame
boil, deep fry, and barbeque
char me bone deep
in flagrante corpus
we immolate together
don’t fear cremation
ashes will rise again
burn me to the ground
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