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A Dec 2015
Set to the impossible task
Of being yourself
When you have been taught
To have a heart full of mirrors
A Dec 2015
The only time you wanted me
Was when you had tipped back so many bottles
You couldn't tell the difference between their lips and mine
  Nov 2015 A
Ashley Nicole
I poured salt at the doorways of my mind
In attempts to keep the demons out
Trying to be a lot more optimistic lately. So far my mood has definitely improved.
  Nov 2015 A
Ashley Nicole
It is so much easier to love you
Than myself
I don't exactly believe in that saying that you have to love yourself before you can love someone else. You can love someone with every ounce of your soul and still look in the mirror and loathe yourself.
A Nov 2015
I still have that bottle of Jack you never finished
(Don't worry, I finished it for you)
And that empty bottle of beer you left by my bedside the night you took one of the last firsts that I had
And now that you've left
I'm starting to see similarities between myself and the bottles
Maybe I keep them around for like minded company

Or maybe I keep them around to remind me of your heart
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