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Eliza Noxon Apr 2018
It started with tea and amber eyes.

We watched as the rain fell, pattering against the window as the trees swayed under the direction of the wind.
Just relaxing together against the pillows and breathing in chai and petrichor in kind.

They didn’t speak my words, nor I theirs.  But for a while, we were happy.

When they left, I didn’t cry.


It started with a bus and eyes like whiskey.

We cuddled on the drive while watching the antics of our friends, laughing as they teased us.
Just enjoying each others presence and smiling together.

I thought I spoke their words, but they didn’t speak mine.
They found someone else's words to breathe.  They had their sky and engines.
I had my books and worlds.

I cried more when they were there, then when they left.


It­ started with music and eyes like the sea when it's clear.

We talked til we were hoarse and learned about our hopes and dreams, the things we love.
Just learned and learned until we couldn’t hold anymore in our heads.
So we stored what was left in our hearts

I spoke your words and you spoke mine.

You promised you’d stay.

I promised the same.

I think this time, we mean it.
Eliza Noxon Jan 2018
Platonic Love Song

The wind in our hair as our lungs work
Screaming out the lyrics to a teenage summer
As we drive free, racing, to the waves and mountains
Lights in our eyes and hands over hearts
Youthful yearning fills us, as we get caught chasing the sky

Her laughter fills my soul and she begins to dance
While she wraps her arms around me, safe
A fire blazes, but our smiles are what light up the night
We make the stars jealous, 
They beg for half of our shine

Embers and vapour fill the air, 
Hands trading drinks and smoke and care
Music floats and lyrics sink in
Lips trading stories and laughter and kisses
Engines start, stop, jump, and rumble

Her eyes gleam and shift, catching attention
Hypnotising and beautiful, 
They draw us in, keep us safe, and we ask to stay. 

Let yourself love your friends. Let yourself stay with them. 

She pumps music into our lives, her voice loud
We dance to the wild tempo of our heartbeats
Crass and catching, her voice settles in us

Let people in, even when it’s hard. Let yourself love them. 

She scrunches her face up and tosses in jokes,
Making us smile at any price, 
She helps us laugh the pain away. 

Let people love you back. 
I know it can be hard but...

She covers her smile with a hand, 
Else she’d blind us, but we’d be alright,
If that could be the last thing we see

If you aren’t in love with your friends, where is your absolution? 

She swings her hips and we get lost in her lips,
The gold on her skin, the brown in her eyes, 
Entrancing on a new level, and we exalt

If you aren’t in love with your friends, then something is wrong. 

She grabs our hands, reviving and vital, 
Her shoulders jump and so do we, she’s got us on our feet
Her energy is infections, makes us forget imperfection. 

If you aren’t in love with your friends, where are you spending your time? 

Existing in a different state, but in the same hearts, 
And we are all staring at the same jealous stars. 
She feels like a home you’ve never been too. 

If you aren’t in love with your friends, then you’re not doing it right. 

Because for me, they define ride or die, 
The first loves of my life, they mean open
Open arms, open homes, open hearts
They are coffee in the cold and make up in the night, 
Empowerment in the dark and hope in the now. 

Love isn’t just for spouses and partners, 
  Love is for those who you know with your heart, 
Who’s soul touched yours, and said, 
“Hey, it’s been a while. I missed you.” 
And if you haven’t felt that yet then I’m sorry, 

But don’t worry, you’ll find them. 
And when you do, it will be like coming home. 
And you’ll know. 

If you aren’t in love with your friends, then you haven’t met mine.
Eliza Noxon Oct 2017
Where I come from
We have intellectual discussions through bad grammar and crass diction
Tossing around speech patterns and vocal quirks like the football our team uses to beat yours

My friends and I refuse to be seperated while we walk
Because our jewish friend warned us to not
Sharing her heritage and culture like we share clothes and advice

I know how to express my love in multiple languages,
Bro, Cariña, Uo Mamae, Habibi,
Because thats how my friends refer to me
Terms of endearment but people assume we're shouting slurs

We know the motions to make
When you look down your noses at us
Because we take care of our own
And know better then to cow to weak chins and glassy eyes

We learn from each other and grow
Share language and culture
Play games and eat food from countries we've never been too
But which we have come to care about and know

You roll your eyes when we compete
then claim we cheated when we win
You mistake your reflected past success as a glimpse into the future
While we keep our eyes to the sky, and continue moving forward

You paint us with knives and guns so often that maybe that's what we've become.
That's what you believe we've become.

Well I don't believe that
No, we don't believe that!
We believe that we are above your broken kaleidoscope view of us

Welcome to hidden genius and determination
Welcome to diversity and true community
Welcome to introspection and collective success

You may not like it
May not wanna look
But we are brave, strong, intelligent, determined, caring, proud
And we are above you
Eliza Noxon Sep 2017
Skipping is dumb
And I shouldn't do it
But I'm a senior and tired
So let's just go, ***** it

This teacher's a *******
I don't want to learn
How long in jail
If I let this place burn

Why am I awake
It's too ******* early
I'm ready to die
I can't even think clearly

My alarm's going off
And I really should listen
Nah, I ain't gonna move
I can sleep five more minutes

Caffeine is my savior
And all that I love
Because if I don't have it
I'm not getting up

My friends are the only
Reason I'm here
Well that and the promise
I'm gone at the end of the year.
Eliza Noxon Sep 2017
How could you hurt her like this
Who would do this
She is a gorgeous kind woman, who carries herself with grace
She is intelligent and deserves more than this ****** world offered her
People were so quick to assume that she was at fault
Manipulative ******* hiding behind blood and brains
She didn’t deserve this
She would never hurt someone
The world let her down
The world pushed her to the ground and through the cracks
Into the darkest places they could force her, and then used words to push her farther
She rose up
Despite the indignities of hereditary sellouts and banshees in denial
Here she stands before me
A healer
A soldier
A mother
She remains
**** you all who would keep her away.
You don’t know the angel you’re missing.
The woman you hurt
She doesn't need you
She has love and light in her life
She has Us.
And always will.
Eliza Noxon Sep 2017
I have four siblings
All younger, all boys
Caleb, Jason, Aaron, Landen

And they are so annoying.

Caleb loves his saxophone and video games and won't stop playing either for long enough to pay attention
Up, Down, Left, Right, A sharp, B flat, D
He never stops talking about chess moves
And if I have to listen to him play Careless Whisper
One More Time

Jason loves penguins and has so much energy
Always running screaming playing and suddenly I'm catching a penguin stuffed animal with my face as he plays his trombone as loudly as possible and I just want him,
To Calm Down

Aaron and Landen are twins
And some people have trouble telling them apart, so one wears blue and one green.
They love Minecraft and YouTube
So much so that I can't tear them from their screens
And it's Lizzie, Lizzie, look at our world, look at our world, look at our world.

And it makes me want to scream
Because I am so proud of my brothers

Caleb loves his saxophone and video games
And he learned how to play my favorite songs by ear
Just because he could. 
He's globally ranked at his favorite game and he's been kicking my *** at chess since he's was 10!
And I remember,
Hey Lizzie, does this sound right?
As he played Careless Whisper,
One More Time

Jason loves Penguins and has so much energy
He's always loud and excited and he knows how to make people smile
He picked up an instrument just like Lizzie and Caleb and I was so happy I almost cried.
And when I was running ragged, anxious, nearly manic,
I remember
Hey Lizzie, want my penguin tonight?
He might help you
Calm Down

Aaron's color is green and he's our tough guy
Green because that's what Aaron means in Gaelic
Landen's color is blue and he's our cuddler
Blue because so are his favorite berries
But I don't need colors to tell them apart
Because their freckles form different constellations
And they love YouTube and Minecraft
They always show me videos they hope will make me laugh and have built masterpieces out of cubes
Suddenly, I don't want to take them from their screens
And I remember
Hey Lizzie! Do you like what we built?
Look at our world!

I have four siblings
All younger, all boys
Caleb, Jason, Aaron, Landen

And they are so amazing.
Changed their names fit safety sake lol
Eliza Noxon Sep 2017
It, is so, unbelievably easy
To trick people into thinking you’re smart
I’m pretty sure the only person who says I’m not smart, is me

I am not intelligent.
But I know big words, and how to put them together
So I sound like I know what I’m saying
How to say things like;
The text was too overburdened by prose to present a coherent and reasonable defense, the author’s attempt at subtext failed to appropriately suggest their point and only lowered its overall value.
Which is just a fancy way of saying the book was bad and I didn’t like it.

I’m not an intellectual,
I’m a performer.
Stringing a series of simple statements with severe synonyms
Trading in tongue-twisters that turn the tide to treasure
Rapidly ranting, rejecting restraint, my reward is the right to a requiem when I repose
Vividly view me as verbose, vocal, vociferous, even villainous may be a verdict but never vulnerable, unvaried, or vanilla
So I speak fast, fabricating fame, faking face and faith
Alliteration is amazing, an adept affectation of an academic

I’m not intuitive.
I’m not clever.
I’m not astute.
I’m not

I just know the phrases and the dates
How to use diction and grammar reminiscent of the classics
I know how to mimic the people with stars in their eyes
And the flavor of their voice.

I can mold my voice to fit a scholarly cadence
Flipping words off my tongue, the way they do
Words like notes in an orchestral discussion,
Yet I’ve never really felt all that smart.
Just, faking it.

Isn’t that the point though?
Fake it till you make it?
I tell myself all the time,
I’m not, I’m not, I’m not
But why am I not

I walk, talk, and act like I’m intelligent
I understand theories and the classics,
I can hold my own in discussions and
Formulate my own opinions
Hell! I’ve won awards and helped tutor
So Who says I’m not smart?
I can be! I will be!
I am!
Who say’s I can’t?
Who say’s…..

It, is so, unbelievably easy
To trick yourself into thinking you’re smart
I’m pretty sure the only person who can tell me I’m not smart,

Is me
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