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 Feb 2016 Grace Pickard
We're living in a society where eyes are used to think
Instead of brains.
We're living in a society where heart supposed to reddened by love
but darkened by hate.
We're living in a society where people are willing to down people
just for the sake of fame.
We're living in a society where everyone's dying to take the credit
but afraid to take the blame.
I just ******* hate this society.
Why do I dream of blood
Of red, crimson so
Pooling on the floor
Leaking from my phone
Words that are being spoken
Written out in text
It is as though my fingers
In the blood ink well have met
I have some very vivid dreams. This one haunted me all day. Had to get it out.

#blood #words #inkwell
 Feb 2016 Grace Pickard
Poet kiri
A letter to my dear,
Sons and daughters
In a foreign language
Not known in my time,
But with hope in yours.
Where they may have fixed the
Imbalance of life.

I wish not to depress you,
But repress your mind
As my first impression is to point
A finger to time
The one whom answers
Questions in installments.

For this man once put me on stage
And my agenda was to impress
Twice to the infinite I could count
But I couldn’t find that one in my life.
Where are you?

Thus the nature I was born in,
Is to interest the world
And not bore it with normality
Not knowing that peace comes in many ways

For this foreign language
Seems to be a new era
Of blank pages that could be
Filled with one word

For yesterday I did things of shame
That are great for a story
That would become fame
Just the perfect ice breaker in my time.
Tip for if you ever find\have TIMEtoTRAVEL

Thus my vote belonged to extinction,

Justice is a commodity
Of the rich
As poverty is beautiful
Beautiful without the eye’s of the lens.

Though I don’t have doesn’t mean
Am not/I can’t
As My sight is set to the sky
Chasing a flower in the clouds as
I am still on the ground investing an idea.

Thus the gap of the market to success
Is the economics of humanities fate
As the scarcity of fear rises
Demand and supply seem to be losing
In a relation of ships
At  bay lacking goods.
On this graphic coordinates

Just may you understand
Humanity has no time to
Find you in the dark
For smoke signals will be put out
Neither translate your existence
If it’s not the curiosity that killed the cat.
Like “Chuck Norris whom speaks French in Russian”.

For they live on a constant
Quote status of
“I am available, but busy
At school watching a movie,
While at work
With a battery about to die
So I can’t talk, Whats App only
In a meeting at the gym
Sleeping on urgent calls only.”

As I myself live knowing
What is your translation of my existence???
For it seems your mistaken and troubled.
For generations to come.

Yours sincerely;
Poet Kiri

PS: Life has gone digital
       Thus its STATUS RATED ®.
                                     Yours truly;
                                       Is to be the ONE.

©Hansmind, 2016
Hello again to all.
Thanks a lot for your support each and every day.
Thank you so much again.
( The ending poem of collection STATUS RATED R.)
A painted image
False happiness as people tell me I'm amazing
And a pre-written set of lines to keep me going

I wish I had their humility
That I didn't rethink myself daily
That my mind didn't relapse into hate

I don't look in the mirror because I'm afraid of what I'll see
I don't stare closely at my body or I'll point out my flaws
And I force my mind to call me beautiful until I believe it again

"I wish I had your confidence"
Do you wish you had such hard relapses of hate
And to doubt your own thoughts until you wish you were so much different
This queen didn't emerge without a crumbling castle and a dominating kingdom
Get that MSc
Get it before you get married
Have  children and own an expensive TV

Get that Job,
That steady income
Before you pass thirty
And can become no one’s employee

There’s a massive gap in your work history
The work you did doesn’t matter if you can’t verify it
Anyone can lie, and no one will believe.

Well, my unwanted adviser,
I refuse,
If you can’t hire me past the age of thirty,
The fact is more telling of you.

If a paper certificate is that important than my word
Then maybe we shouldn’t be talking anymore

Yes, there is a gap in my work history,
But during my full time tenor with you
There was a gap in my sanity.

I do mean to be rude,
Your advice is flawed and is not relevant to my experiences
So I’ll make my own decisions,
And you can take that condescending tone out of your voice
A drizzly Tuesday
Sun shall rise...soon
Be yours
i learned to love
i learned to die
i never learned to say goodbye
i learned to walk
i learn to run
i seem to have found a gun
i have no practice
i know im not sane
but im aiming for my brain
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