Ike 10m
I hate my life and we
Are one
So do you hate my life or
Hate your own because you are me
We are they and there is not
"one or the other"
in the universe we are also
One with
Ike 4d
I'm in a different universe with you
A place without unspeakable truth
Not so afraid. Not so paranoid. 
bathed in an aura of confidence that seems to comes from nowhere.
The one constant good thing in life
That has always been there even when you were gone
Standing right beside me
A spectre that sees the good in you
no matter what
and never judges
While holding a painting of a silhouette
Hidden by a reflection of the moon on a peaceful lake
Surrounded by a lush of never before seen flora
Reminding you...
You can hear the stars burning
When the moon and the sun live in the same skies
One last time
Light and shadow etched deep into your mind
As the stars fell from the heavens
And landed upon the sacred earth
To dance once again
In the fields of dead grass
While the wind whispers happy memories
In a long lost tongue.
playing as children on distant shores
Near an unbroken sea of clear glass
There were two stars burning with unquestionable resolve
Nothing can stand in this celestial wake,
gleaming in the eyes of tomorrow
Gazing into the past
in an immolation turning regret to ash
Until rescinded back to the void from which they came
And all you did was exist.
Thank you for all you have done
And more so for all things you didn't.
You are always here
Even when you are gone.
Ike 4d
My mind is a shimmering blade singing with starlight
Forged in a white cloud passing through the sky,
in the light of the moon
Constant and ever changing
Yet lays at rest in a small Shinto shrine deep in the woods
waiting to cut.
My heart is the shadow dancing around in silence during a deep contemplation
With butterflies and rare flowers blowing in the chill wind under the moonlit night
Near an ancient waterfall that whispers your name.
We are not alone in this
Everyone who has a hole in something they cared for has left
holy writs branded and disfiguring the face of tomorrow
Lost in a room full of shattered mirrors
Desperately swimming in a bladed sea for the picture
Only to see a reflection in the pool of blood you made for yourself,
out of yourself,
and your life
...and everyone else's.
Heaven became what you made it.

A white cloud...lost in the wind...
Forever at peace
Flowing waters under the most beautiful sunrise
in a place that lives deep inside
the love you just happen to hold
most dear.
The angels singing when you look at someone's face
A smiling nothingness
That has always been
And will never be.
both human
And divine
Ike 4d
And when I put the pieces together the picture was
I saw the beloved and the tales said
Behind broken doors with forked tongue.
My logic could not bare justice.
And when the broken love stood high on its deus.
It's pedestal was wrought of expectations

The ministry our heart
The belonging our sight
The story we told
Was choking on light
When we sat in silence
The world became here
I saw you afar
the reality was near
Ike 4d
I will always miss you
The you I thought you were
Normally I could just let go
Instead I have no choice but to watch you
The you that is a ghost running around my head
And turned my unfortunate heart, yet again, into a tombstone with your name etched in silence
You will always be a picture of a poisonous flower
Just the suggestion of the beauty
Coupled with a harsh omission of reality
everyone will say  "its only a feeling it will go away"
How do they not understand
That is the
Ike 4d
Sometimes in life all we need is the proof
A faceless name we all know as truth
Releasing the pain that we hold deep inside
A comforting shoulder when you don't want to hide
Reckless and wanton the feelings we bare
Trusting in something you can't help but share
Our loved ones see beauty when we make it all rhyme
But few understand this thin paper dime
Holding the wishes and scars from the past
In hopes they transform into love that will last
We cannot we will not succumb to these screams
One day they will die like so many dreams
Ike 4d
Its funny to me because
I tried to write
A poem about how much it hurt
And then there was nothing
I literally stared at a wall in silence while
You became the static between channels
A blank alien whistle coming from
the void
A picture of white flowers with white words on white paper
I hadn't realized how long it had been since it actually hurt
But I couldn't avoid the fact that you changed me
And how I have managed to be happy a few times without you
And that I just wrote a poem about how funny it is
that you killed me inside
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