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Ike Nov 2019
It's like... yeah! I'm ok! Obviously!
As if they expected you to say anything else?
Have you tried saying anything else?
Good luck with that.

Yes darling.  I am ok.
Everything is fine.
No I don't want to talk about my deranged nightmares
No it had nothing to do with you
Don't be sorry
No you can't do anything to help
It's not your fault

I'm sorry my dreams are too insane for everyone
Bloodbath bloodborne star struck endless pits of eternity?
Every time your heart stopped in sheer terror?
On repeat until you sweat yourself awake?
Or wake up in the livingroom?
The best part was this very thing happening all night after writing it lol.
  Nov 2019 Ike
Following a whetted sigh
leisurely indolent green beams.
Sloth-lidded in sleep so sweetly hummed
as life drenched the waxen leaves.
He awakens from lethargy.
A banquet waits at his nodding feet
hidden beneath widespread arms.

Virescent shivers part
sculpting clouds of broken images.
Florid fauna soaks in her sunny grin.
Awash with luscious shadows
her freckled light becomes a stroking pen.
She writes her story on the mind
of sprites and staring wooden eyes.

Darker viridescent fingers beckon
nestled in the crooks of rooted limbs
coaxing a sullen fawn to rest
below all lofty promises.
Dampened lips faded, curve gently
surrounding the slumbering form
a secret gift for her pleasure.
The texture of a full-bodied swill
inviting a hooded gaze.

The sun knows her covert suitor..
She'll be the first to tell you--
he is--some kind of green.
Think of the layers of the forest, one easily accessible--the other a hidden gem. Who does she long for the most? The one embracing her openly or the one waiting in silent adoration? You choose. The forest floor layer is rarely reached by sunlight. About 2 percent of sunlight reaches the floor layer. The emergent layer receives the most sunlight.  Rather than being inspired by green leaves singularly, I kind of became involved with the play of greenery in summer as a whole.
  Nov 2019 Ike
Angled just so
the light delicately seethes.
Amurica, Amurica
a silhouette of what "may" have been.

Bleeding stripes,
amid a plywood frame.
Gold and silver dull from
aspartame spit shine.

What does a serpent, a cool hand,
and a warden have in common?
They coexist in the same shadowbox.
Strange fruit isn't really all that appetizing.

And I find Eve sadly remiss in her foresight.
There is no such thing as top tier anything.
In fact we all are rather (in) common.
Ike Nov 2019
Something inside of me is dying
And I don't know what.
There are SO many people in this world
Still sticky lifeless corpse eyes
Rife with the scent of death
Left of the side of the road
Forgotten in the sun to bake.

There are even more lonely people.
Something inside me screams
I simply can't admit it
I don't think I have a choice anymore
It. Is.
Killing me.
It's never as bad as it sounds <3
Ike Nov 2019
Oh my god
I said too much again
I took off my emotional armor
Under the guise I provided myself
Drowning in apathy and beer

This is why this is SUPPOSEDLY a bad idea
Stop now
Everything is at stake (haha)
Or you made that **** up for yourself just now.
You won't know until tomorrow
Or ten times tomorrow
People remember how you
Make them feel
While we obliviously accept the love we feel we deserve
And those who take from this well, drown sadly.

I became my own undoing
In a matter of seconds
A picture, a word and a heartfelt explanation.
Sure as **** left unsaid
God I hope I haven't sent this.
Ike Nov 2019
Love is a feeling
It can go away you know
This is the worst part
Ike Nov 2019
When you find out you really would do anything for someone
The question of whether or not never even comes to mind because it
does not exist.
Not just die or ****...

when you hold them and you feel it deep inside you have become part of each other
and you feel like you're sinking into their very being
you don't even have to look to know if they are happy or sad
you just know, no matter the distance.

When you become a ball of feelings that haunt your very existence
the most complicated thing you've ever felt
Hack slash burn trick addle and bleed anything that would get in the way?
Watch the sky, make some cookies, smile.
Look them right in their beautiful eyes and live life I say.
It's always the little things that matter the most
the ability and privilege to do so and
keeping it safe.
Knowing it will always exist and evolve
truly sacred.
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