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Gorgon Narcissus Oct 2020
This is just one more revolution in the history of my idea of us.
Gorgon Narcissus Aug 2020
i want to make you shiver from something other than the cold
Gorgon Narcissus Aug 2020
here's this buddhist i know down in hollywood
she bleaches her hair every third of the month
and has to have her bras hand stitched
she makes paper dolls all day long
and hangs them in her window in lieu of a red light
the men she sees are all strangely handsome
and come back time and again
they say she shakes her hips just right
and sends them home fed
written when i was 17
Gorgon Narcissus Aug 2020
he was but one of many
emanating at city angles
selective gravity bound them
to the horizon-defying unlevels
or ignored their weight
each caught in their own
projection reaching out
to touch its companion stars
imbricating all
in the animate constellation of their collective
light an arrangement of interacting perspectives
they are the city lights
Gorgon Narcissus Aug 2020
again i reach to realize your character place was lacking
and only a reflection of my attributes was there
the image collapses every time you are seen in reliability
i've mistaken you for the beauty of my need
but i still know you
Gorgon Narcissus Aug 2020
i was cripplingly naked in that swimming pool
showing him how my *** worked
give and take
off the diving board
chlorine treading between my calves

we filled the blue and yellow raft with water
instead of the oxygen from our lungs
and in almost drowning
i asked him not to come play marco polo again
it wasn't my kind of game
written when i was 17
Gorgon Narcissus Jul 2020
stride made completely of hips
pleased with my grip
plausibly looked back and up casually
at the lights strung in hope of inspiring
belief in something righteously named

and i didn't drink enough gin last night
to remember that charity where you were inching up my leg
and touching every rib with index and light-finger

but i am not some commoner
i don't need to grant whim and rhyme
or build to appropriate some love
written when i was 17
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