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6.0k · Mar 2015
Nate Mar 2015
Rain. A flood. Rain a flood that will carry me away. That it will drown my emotion that floods my soul. Drown me so that when I breathe it floods me. Hold me under. Submerge me. Engulf me. Gently. Like a shower. Feel it slowly glide down my body almost as if a tickle. A sensation. A seduction. A caress upon my skin. Then...when I am at ease...strike me. Strangle me. Like hands around my neck, take me in one full ****. Take me under. Purge my soul. Then spill out of me. Violently. Forcefully. Cleanse me. Expel from my body. Let me breathe.

1.5k · Mar 2015
Without Air
Nate Mar 2015
The cool breeze touches my soft skin. Gently enticing it. Like your fingers running across my arm. Like your breath on my cheek. Like the feeling of your body pressed against mine. As if we're one under the night's sky. Making love for the stars.

The air is intoxicating. Intoxicating like you. Maybe I should just stop breathing. Or maybe I should take a giant gulp and allow myself to become intoxicated to death. Die full of your breath. My mouth full of your taste.

Let me choke to death on you. So that the last thing I may have is a heart full of you.

How am I supposed to breathe with no air?
1.0k · Mar 2015
Blue Rose
Nate Mar 2015
I fear there is nothing left of my wit, and in place of my heart a rose doth sit.
A red rose now blue with sorrow.

It's peddles fall from time to time, like angel's tears, gracing us with a glimmer of that once red rose.

If there are no peddles in the morn will I be a man without sorrow, or a man without love?

Is a rose without peddles still a rose, or simply a thorn?

What will thaw my frosted rose and bloom red love once again?
959 · Mar 2015
The Beauty of Beast
Nate Mar 2015
I am the creature that creeps in the night.

I am beastly.

I am a foul and vile creature.
Cast into the darkness
Out of hate by those who catch a glimpse of me.

Dark and jaded from being beaten I refuse to be seen.

You are the light that shines through the darkness.

You are beautiful.

You are a kind and loving person.
A beacon of hope to those with none.
Cherished by all those around you.

Selflessly you hold others up at their worst.

I fight evil more feared than I.
I protect those that beat me and cast me into the shadows.
For the guardians of heaven live closest to the gates of hell and I, the sheepdog, am often mistaken for the wolf.

You see the truth. The creatures more evil than I. Those that stalk from the shadows and attack the weak.
You see the need for my beastly.
You see the need for the fear of me.

I have saved them and the ones they love many a thankless times. Despite my actions their perceptions become reality. They see only the beast they hate. They see only the creature they ****.

You see a hero. You see past the beast and into the person. You see good where there is little. You give grace where none is deserved. You shed tears where they are mocked.

For I am beastly.
But to you...I am beauty.

You love me so; without fear.
637 · Mar 2015
My Gift
Nate Mar 2015
I have no gifts worthy to be given.

I am but a simple man, only able to offer my God given skills.

They are not brilliant. They are not grand. But they are rare. And they are valuable.

They are my life and my livelihood.
They know know no limits nor bounds.
They are always ready.
And they are never ending.

My gift to you is my life. For it is the product of these skills.

My promise to willingly give it in place of yours so that you may live on and not suffer such pain.

I will be your light in the darkest of places. So that you can live without fear. Fear of the evil that lurks in the shadows.

I will never abandon you. I will never rest. I will always stand by your side ready to fight.

These skills are who I am.
They are all that I am.
They are meticulously refinded to the finest quality.
And I give them freely without hesitation or regret.

I am your Guardian. Sleep safe in my arms and know, harm will never come to you.

Rest your head on my chest and close your eyes. Feel my heart beat, for you are the reason it beats. Know that it will never stop beating until my dying breath.

And that too, will be in service to you.

You are my love. You are my life. And it is an honor to be your Guardian. Your knight.

Your Hero.
600 · Mar 2015
The Things They Carry
Nate Mar 2015
I carry many things. All of them serve a specific purpose and are equally important.

I carry some things to take life...
A rifle, a pistol, grenades, and a knife.

I carry some things to save life...
A bullet resistant vest, a 9 line, and a medical kit.

And I carry some things to guide me when I'm lost...
A glow star and a heart shapped rock.

The glow star for when my path is dark and I've lost all light. It will always illuminate my path and guide me back.

The heart shapped rock etched with "Joy." To remind me I'm loved and when I'm scared, to remember you are my rock.

These things are my tools. But most importantly, these things are my way to fulfill my promise to you.

To always come home to you and hold you in my arms.
Inspired by a book a good friend made me read a long time ago. These are actually things I carry every day in uniform.

— The End —