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Godlink Aug 11
If only deleting myself from this world

Was as easy as deleting my poems.
Godlink May 24
The moon and I wane

helplessly hoping

for a brighter day to come.
Godlink May 9
A dial up connection,
that always rings,
but never picks up.
Old things.
Godlink Feb 13
A man and woman,
deep in love.
Glass full of red wine,
the man not drugged.
She threatened goodbye,
if he would not drink.
So he started to sip,
that glass full of pink.
After a while,
that glass half full,
she threatened to leave,
his health took toll.
So once again,
glass to the sky,
his lips did part,
with love lust eyes.
Glass now empty,
she threatened his heart,
but no more drink,
she decided to part.
Broken drink,
and shards of glass,
his life now wasted,
the after math.
And on his death,
the girl once more,
poured some pink,
for the man next door.
Godlink Oct 2018
I've got growing pains in my chest,
for the thing I was destined to be.
I don't want an ordinary life,
because that life is not for me.
As I sit at 2 am,
working towards my goals,
this burning hunger for success,
is only filling holes.
I'd rather **** myself,
than live a life unsaid,
because if I lose sight of what I want,
I'd rather wake up dead.
Godlink Jun 2018
I tend to stay away from liquid ever since I had met you.
I'd hate to wash away the taste and impression
of your lips upon mine.
Godlink Jun 2018
You're my temptation,
the apple of my eye,
my heart fills with adrenaline,
when it's just you and I
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