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Lost Lilith Jan 29
You don't own me and no one ever will
Not even my ****** heart
But don't act jealous like you have the right too
We're just friends and nothing more or less
So let me do as I please without much care
Because your intentions are lesser than mine
Lost Lilith Jan 29
Ice in my veins
And blood on my teeth
I'll keep sneering
And tearing your flesh apart
Tranquilizing me won't help at all
Lost Lilith Jan 27
Keep smiling and laughing
But I can see the darkness
Clouding your eyes
Don't say you're fine
When you you're really not
You can't even say her name
Even after all those months
You're still lost
Only hoping to be found
Lost Lilith Jan 25
We were just friends
But how did your lust become love?
You even said you wouldn't fall
Now I'm staring at your corpse
I'm sorry for leading you on
I don't trust myself
Especially with you
But it's too late
How did this happen?..
Lost Lilith Jan 22
All I ever find is mundane happiness
But it's never enough
When I'm sinking beneath the floor

They'll die or fly like butterflies
Once I set them free
But they're not worth holding on to anyways

It hurts trying to find
The thing you're looking for
When it's right in front of you

I'll forget I'll forget I'll forget
Greed and desperation won't let me rest
But I don't want to go on for something I can't have

I'm hoping to find the light
Or rather hoping it finds me first
Just how long...will that be?
Lost Lilith Jan 21
Blurry eyed from the stains
My tears leave behind
I'm trying to run
But I'm tripping from the truth
I know what I want

It's the only thing I could live for
But I need to find it first
To start living again
Or else my heart will stay dry
As a stone
Lost Lilith Jan 21
He's in love with the other me
He doesn't know a thing
Of who or what I really am
But I'll never tell him anything
It's not like he's guilt free
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