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Owen Hayes May 4
I used to breathe in darkness
But then I learnt I'm useful
I learnt I can write
And my troubles float away
I learnt that I don't need people
To make me feel better

I learnt that it's okay to be sad
But I can still get better
I learnt that talking to people
Helped me with my problems
I learnt that I am me
Someone no one else can be

I learnt that I could get better
And anyone can get better too

You are you
Nobody else will be
I wanted to write something with a good message and if you are feeling depressed please seek help because there are people who care about you and people who love you
Owen Hayes Apr 18
Mankind has mastered arts
Yet still want to draw and write
Mankind placed it's foot on the moon
Yet a little voice said further

Mankind had wielded nature
Yet is still eager to learn
Mankind has found  secrets of earth
Yet still we go deeper

We break our limitations
We push off our training wheels
We shatter exceptions
We push ourselves
And as such we're great
Owen Hayes Apr 16
People underestimate the power of words
They can raise armies
Bring peace to conflict
Even change the outcome of war

They can be simple yet effective
Complex but meaningless
A basic “thank you” can lift a soul
A mere “hello” can make a day

The power of words is great
It can bring  joy to a broken heart
Forgive the darkest souls
It can change mind and spirt alike

Words around the world:
So different yet so similar
Words are our greatest resource
Use them wisely
Don't say something  ******!
Owen Hayes Apr 15
As time drifts
There are fewer rainclouds
But it's still raining
I still feel heavy
But some weight has been lifted
I am quiet
But no longer silent
Every breath is less bitter
But is not savoured
The scars haven't healed
But they have faded
I still feel the pain
But it's now healing
Owen Hayes Apr 15
You must walk perfectly in line
You must all look the same
What do they want?
Students or tin soldiers?

One uniformed colour only
No uniqueness allowed
What do they want?
Students or tin soldiers?

They must monitor
They must control
What do they want?
Students or tin soldiers?

Free will is wrong
Free speech is wrong
What do they want?
Students or tin soldiers?

They won't allow this
It speaks the truth
What do they want?
Students or tin soldiers?
Owen Hayes Apr 14
A smile is just a mask we wear
No true sentiment of what lurks inside
Just a Veil to hide the true emotions

A smile is just a mask we wear
A laugh blocks out somber cries
A grin hides the self hatred
A smile is just a mask we wear

I wear my mask because I am scared
Scared  people mock my vulnerability
Scared I will be burden to my friends
A smile is just mask we wear
Owen Hayes Apr 14
What makes a good man?
Is a good man Born kind
Or does he look at the world decided?
What is a good man?

A man can call himself a "good man"
Does that make him a good?
Is what you see as right good?
Or does every idea have validity?

A pacifist could be a good man
Yet he shall stand by his morals
Amongst those he could've saved
Is a good man war-like?
Does he fight the good fight?

Does a good decided who is right?
Or does he keep balance and order?
Does a good stand by those he loves?
Or does fight for the "good guys"?

Does "good" exist?
Does "evil" exist?
Are they subjective?
Is anyone truelly "good" or "evil"?

I feel compassion for my fellow man?
Does that make me a good man?
I judge those who act without reason
Does that make me a bad man?

I feel hatred yet love
I judge yet also forgive
I am prideful and yet humble
Am I "good man" ?
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