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Untold secrets and untold lies,
They thrive and live and die.
Withered and forgotten,
Waiting to get rotten.
With thousands underneath,
Truth is just as incomplete.

Layers of dust and dirt,
Simply to cover up the hurt.
Is there anything we know,
Other than the ones we're told?
How do we truly breathe,
When this world is full of deceit?
The restless souls
Dark and cold

Deep below ground
Secrets are found

Where memories sleep
The past shall reap
A prophecy for a story I am working on.
Life is a journey,
An adventure into the future,
A dive into the unknown,
Flying a plane with no route.

Life is a journey,
With you leading it,
Being your own guide,
Or sitting in a cockpit being the pilot.

Life is a journey,
Meeting people on busy roads,
Asking for directions no one knows.
Or alone in the harsh wilderness,
With no help ever less.

Life is a journey,
A trip you must make,
Though not one that you can take
like a slice of cake.

But the end must come,
For another to start
Father time
Father time
please don’t run and leave
Can you stay
for just a bit longer?

I can’t wait
I don’t wait
Goodbye Goodbye
I’ve gotta run
I’ve gotta leave

Mother Fate
Mother Fate
Please spare me my life
Give me a year more
I’ve got things left to do

I’m sorry
I’m sorry
Terribly sorry
This is my job
What I’ve got to do
Silence is what we need
And words
are simply
the sound of the universe
You can't save me
from the road I took
I've chosen mine
You've chosen yours
Our paths will never cross
like they used to before

I am me
You are you
We are nothing alike
nought day and night

Don't try to
fix what is broken
For that you are
but simply another

is the absence of light
but yet
Light did not
chase away the darkness
It engulfs it
And it returns
to silence

is harsh
I do not
carve its embrace
Shadows are
my home
the only
who accepted me

Don't try to reach
For I
am too far gone
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