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Alice 7d
flowers are a bit fragile
just a few pokes, and bam! we're much more tough and agile

it can reflect a person's feelings
the flavors of cheating

feeling torn,
being so sad, like that deceased flower that had mourn
Alice 7d
appreciate beds,
they give comfort to our sleeping heads,
when we are drowsy,
they give us the feeling of cozy.

appreciate beds.
Alice Apr 2
the sun out, like usual
the construction loud, like usual
the schools, like usual
the family and house, like usual
the routine, like usual
the outside, like usual
my homework, like usual.

my mind, like usual.

when will something change?

it's so strange.
Alice Mar 26
they comfort me
and don't flee

they care
unlike the ones who swear

they see through me
like a key

they really were
so great, yet it became such a blur

it really is unfortunate that
you had become forgotten
because I was a brat
like a spoiled fruit, rotten.
Alice Mar 25
"sharing is caring"
i shared.
i was betrayed.
nothing was given back.
i felt nothing 'caring'
Alice Mar 19
perfectly knowing how
not why

knowing why
but not how

it's when math asks you
to "show your work"

or a relationship ending
knowing how but not

there's differences in
"how" and "why"

Use it correctly with me.
Alice Mar 14
you know how clouds move around the sky?
I feel like they're running away from us
or trying to find a a certain place
just like us.
what if skies can't fit the clouds
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