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Stella F Apr 7
I had to let it go..
I tried to hold on but i had to let it go..

And give it back to the universe.
(a part of me a part of you)
This is my burden to bare.. alone with this pain
And It is your burden to bare to see me trying to overcome it, knowing you can't do anything to stop it.

I had to let it go..
I tried to hold on but i had to let it go
Stella F Apr 7
I ran away,
You pursued

You caught up
Then you started paving yourself a road to my heart,
You hit a concrete wall and couldn't pave your road any further,
And instead of finding another way, you decided to break your road apart,

Leaving me with dug up ground, ready to become a pool of mud after the late afternoon storm has passed
I wrote this so long ago.....
Stella F Apr 7
And as i lay my head down on your lap, i looked at you and knew,
oh god i knew...
i had without a doubt fallen in love with you..

I wanted to tell you but in that moment the only words i could say was that i wish this day would never end..
Our own created cube where only you and i exist is where i wanted to stay,

Where i can make you happy with a simple smile and you make me laugh by trying to perfect your model pose on the imaginary catwalk

The time came where i had to leave, and yes it is true at the beginning of our journey i wanted you to be a mere experience...uncharted deep blue waters waiting for me to dive in and explore...and leaving without my presence being known..

But instead you took my hand and showed me the strength of your waves and how to surf them..
That crashing on your shoreline wasn't a set back but a pathway to the purest part of you..
Your heart...
You took me to the most darkest water pool and made me look into it.. Do you see now what i see, you said.. Do you realize now that even in my most darkest parts there is still beauty and light to be found...

I ended up driving away that afternoon, with you holding my heart firmly in your hands.. And i knew, oh god i knew, that i had without a doubt fallen in love with you
When you can remember your dreams..
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