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Jan 2019 · 101
Heart Shock
Kerri Jan 2019
Do you feel that electric jolt
Between your heart & mine
Dec 2018 · 1.1k
The Smile I Gave You
Kerri Dec 2018
Sometimes I wonder
if the smile I gave you
is long gone
or do you keep it in your pocket and put it on from time to time
in the darkness of the night
Oct 2018 · 341
An Autumn Affair
Kerri Oct 2018
It’s as if the bare branches
stroke my hair
with the comfort of Autumn
Each time
the soft, shushing wind
whispers through the trees.
Beneath a milky moon
I find peace
Knowing that
The heat between
me and Summer
Has fizzled out.
Aug 2018 · 168
Kerri Aug 2018
I want you to be
My E V E R Y T H I N G
But if I can’t have that,
Will you at least
Be my escape
Every now and then?
Jun 2018 · 280
Kerri Jun 2018
I bury my heaving *****
Beneath a carnival of flowers
Until the hope
The fear
Oct 2017 · 606
Kerri Oct 2017
I'll Stand
on my tiptoes  
Of a mountain
To steal the moon
Make the world go dark
To light up your eyes

I'll clutch the
cold, soft
In my fist
And sprinkle it
Your bare feet
For you
To walk on

I'll pluck the wind
And lock it up
In a mason jar
And pour you
A glass
For the moments
That take your breath away

And if any of these shall ever
Run out,
I will LOVE you back to life
And truth.
Jul 2017 · 383
Kerri Jul 2017
Engulfed in fear
She stood before me
Shedding off
The ragged gown
Of her childhood
That weighed her down
For 20 years

Embracing the thrill
She flew into me
Her naked scars
and brave truths
That somehow
Made her shine
More beautifully.

Reaching the
Deepest place
That we had ever been,
Our tiptoes grazing
The blazing fire
That simultaneously
Sparked our
Bodies and our minds.

A universal understanding
That we've finally
Made it here together,
Hearts dripping
hot metal,
Synchronized souls
No longer lost in between
The swings of
The pendulum.
Apr 2017 · 921
Kerri Apr 2017
Slither into the sea
The top of a mountain
To swallow,
Sorrowful dusk
Butterfly floats
Heaven is shiny deep
I'd fly if I drown
Mar 2017 · 494
An Assaulter's Return
Kerri Mar 2017
Broken Mirror
in my mind.
Always to remind.
in the dark,
with nothing
but the sound
of the clinking of the shards.
Your animalistic ways,
running fast until
you've caught
your prey.
But I fought,
and still do everyday.
I never asked for this
and I never asked for you,
Just because you're a man
and I'm a woman,
don't be so quick
to assume.
I've kept you
locked in my mind
trying to forget that day,
what gives you the right
to feel it's alright
to suddenly message me
and say "HEY"
Mar 2017 · 844
Tell Me I'm Not Crazy
Kerri Mar 2017
I'd give anything
For you
To tell me I'm not crazy.
For you
place your hand
On my thigh,
While looking me in the eye,
And sweetly utter the words
"I NEED you too"
To feel the passionate confirmation
Passing from your lips to mine,
As that last color of my soul
Is shaded in by your
Bravery and truth.
Together we can shine.
Together we can conquer.
Together we belong.
Mar 2017 · 649
My words.
Kerri Mar 2017
Do you ever wonder...

Are my words even heard?
Do they shoot silently in the night like a star...
Do they blast with multitudinous force into the festival sky like fireworks,
Crackling through your ear...

Do they matter?
Do they float past your mind,
as easily as a speck of sand swirls
Around the desert...
Do they land steady in your heart fibers,
Impacting your world as heavily as the breath that fills your lung?

Will you remember them tomorrow?
Do they disappear the way that a soft murmur melts into your shadow?
Do they tarry, like a chill running down your spine,
leaving behind imprints of my lips to remember them by?

I wonder...
Jan 2017 · 549
I Love You Too
Kerri Jan 2017
I look into your eyes  
And I see so much love.
The love that you hide,
That you hope the world
Will not notice.
But I notice.
The love you possess
Rises from your perfect skin
Like a morning mist,
That few get to actually enjoy.
You might have told
Yourself you don't want me to,
I feel your love all around me
In everything that I do.
I feel it
When my eyes first open
each beautiful morning,
I feel it
With each necessary breath
That I take,
I feel it
With each choice
I blindly make,
And I feel it
When the
Blackness of life
Starts to invade my soul
And it rescues me...
It's always there
Like a quiet shadow
Following me on an empty street,
When the world
Makes me feel so lost and alone,
It saves me everyday....
Whether you know it or not,
Dec 2016 · 791
Embers in the Sea
Kerri Dec 2016
Like embers
Falling silently
Into the sea,
So are you and me.
They don't
Belong together,
But despite
The tragic end,
They collide
So beautifully.
Nov 2016 · 1.1k
Hear Me in the Silence
Kerri Nov 2016
I wanted
To cry out
To you...
I can't be
That girl
That cries out
Only for
A morsel
Of your
I want to be
So much more
Than that.
I want to be
The girl
You hear
In the
and already
She's there.
Nov 2016 · 2.1k
Uncharted Wave
Kerri Nov 2016
Just as
The worth
of an
Undiscovered gem
Still exists,
She's a hidden beauty.
the inside
of a wave
that curls
Wrapping itself
in it's
Turquoise walls;
It's strong
before it crashes,
then tumbles
into it's desires.
Not many see or appreciate it,
But those who
Dare to brave
Wild swirl
of wonder,
Are left with Fascination
And Dreamy eyes.
Oct 2016 · 542
Kerri Oct 2016
Some people
Love you
For the way
You make
Them feel
About themselves.

I just simply love you.
There's a difference in these types of LOVE.
Oct 2016 · 591
Kerri Oct 2016
The time
I felt
Most like a woman,
I was wearing
A push-up bra
With your head
my thighs...
Aug 2016 · 1.5k
Unfinished Masterpiece
Kerri Aug 2016
She's a messy lover.
She's most beautiful
in wrinkled sheets
and unmade beds.
With tangled hair,
chapped lips,
and confidence,
she draws you close.
She's a slow kisser.
She savors
every breath
you draw from each other,
until you're
living inside of her
and her inside of you.
She's the painting
that was never finished,
but is somehow
a ******* masterpiece.
She's a puzzle
that you'll never figure out,
and for that
you'll only desire her more.
She will
tame you with her charm,
frighten you with her truth,
make you fall in love with her,
you will never find a woman
simply complex
as her...
Aug 2016 · 905
Loving You From Below
Kerri Aug 2016
Millions of stars.
Granting wishes
All around me,
But only one
Lit up
My sky.

I chased it
Dancing on
The moon,
Swinging on
Saturn's rings,
And searching
Through endless
But I never
Could quite
Hold it
In my palm
To glow
Brightly in
My hand.

I think now
That maybe
You were
That one star
That my arms just
Weren't meant
To reach.

Close enough
To be warmed
By your light,
To be changed
By your beauty,
But only to admire
From a distance,
Millions of
Light years away.
Jun 2016 · 1.1k
Kerri Jun 2016
Standing near you
Leaves me breathless.
You lean in
And I'm
By your energy,
A fiery aura
That draws back
Its bow and
Pierces my soul
With its
Jun 2016 · 3.0k
A Poet's Cocaine
Kerri Jun 2016
Her lips.
A poet's *******.
I crave them
In the most
Euphoric way.
I tremble from
The pink electricity
That passes
Them and my own.
A high that dizzies
My head follows,
As I crash into
Her tongue.
An art so addictive
That I must immediately
Write it down.
Romance fills my pen
As the ink remembers
Every stain
That her lips
Left on mine.
I don't do *******, nor have I ever, but I can imagine the intense cravings and high it brings as I imagine her lips.
May 2016 · 968
Survivor of the Night
Kerri May 2016
As Dawn approaches
with certainty and confidence,
the worries that
inhabited my mind
through the night
disappear with the
lingering smoke
left circling above
an ashen wick.
A yellow beam
dares to peek
through the
Royal tapestried sky,
sending a joyous jolt
into the fibers of
my soul.
I am awake, I am alive.
The darkness is gone
and a glimpse of hope
seeps inside,
lathered in faith
and the promise
of renewal.
I am a
Survivor of the Night.
Apr 2016 · 1.3k
Where Broken Hearts Go
Kerri Apr 2016
The cold locket
She gave you
Slipped from your neck
Falling between
Your bare breast
And down past
Your broken heart

You hugged
Your knees
That they might
Save you
And hold you
For just a
Little while

Staring at your
In the
Lukewarm water
That stagnated
At your thighs,
A white
Porcelain refuge
Surrounded by
Moldy tiles
Was your solace

The salty leakage
From your
Forest eyes
Fell faster
Than the
Squeaky faucet
That never stopped

The cool
Air grazed
Your spine
And sent
A peppered
Patch of
Chill bumps
Down your arms,
But you
Didn't seem
To mind

All you
Could feel
Was the
Broken pieces
Of your heart,
S c a t t e r e d
In the water
Slicing your body
Like tiny
Razor blades
By their
Jagged, Uneven

With one
Flip of
Your toe
You whispered
As the necklace
That she
Gave you
And the
Pieces of
Your heart
That she
Took from you
Slid down
The drain,
Into the
Place Where
Broken Hearts Go.
A story of the place where most girls go to deal with their broken hearts: A good cry in the bath tub.
Apr 2016 · 365
Kerri Apr 2016
You roped me into
Your world,
Filled with wondrous skies
And warmth,
Then tied me to a post,
To lull and wait for
Your return.
Mar 2016 · 5.8k
Wild Dandelion
Kerri Mar 2016
A lump of eminence
Swells in her throat,
But she swallows it down
Flashing a shiny, humble smile.
This wild dandelion grows in the sun
and dances to the beat of the wind,
Scattering seeds of peace
And songs of love
In every corner of the world.
She floats among the stars
Crashing perfectly into
Every illustrious constellation.
As she shakes the stardust from her hair
And dusts her glitter-speckled shoulders,
She reaps the benefit
Of her selfless, meaningful offerings.
Written for someone special that deserves everything that the Universe is handing her.
Feb 2016 · 995
Sweet Remedy
Kerri Feb 2016
You're my sacred distraction,
you shake me hard
and shoot me high
into a web of stars,
I hover weightlessly
inside your charming Universe,
until I'm dancing on air
and breathing in your
sweet remedy,
until you've saved me
once more.
Feb 2016 · 1.1k
Kerri Feb 2016
Her heart is pure as
Angels dancing in the rain;
filled with wild love
and bottomless dreams.
Her beauty like 1000 Sunsets
enchants my soul,
until I'm tangled up
in her lacy love.
Written for a special girl :)
Jan 2016 · 751
Our Love
Kerri Jan 2016
Gentle as a drop of morning dew
Silent as ghosts passing in the night
Strong as Earth's gravitational pull
A treasure hidden in plain sight

Exciting as a stirring storm
Passionate as a dancer's spin
Magical as heat lightning's stroke
Abstract as a Weeping Willow's grin

The world may not know
About the love you give to me
It can be our garden of secrets
That we've sowed romantically
Jan 2016 · 974
Kerri Jan 2016
The feathery touch
Of your skin
Is so sincere and warm
My blood starts throbbing beneath.
The bond between
Our hearts
Is strongly entwined
Obtaining a new truth.
Your breath,
Your touch,
Your gaze,
All drive me sanely mad
I no longer choke
On my own loneliness
Because you are my new clarity,
Igniting a flame in my soul,
Jumbling the insides
Of my stomach
In some chaste way.
I'm naive to your potency,
The fool...
Letting your love
Stain my heart
With no regrets.
A poem I wrote when I was 17
Dec 2015 · 292
Kerri Dec 2015
Glass puddle ripples
Innocence is lost again
Shiny shards on wrists
Dec 2015 · 949
She Fell Into The Wind
Kerri Dec 2015
She fell into the wind,
Dreaming with her eyes wide open,
Dancing on the honey suckle  breeze,
Inhaling  freedom,
Tasting pure laughter,
As happiness tumbled from  her lips.
Nov 2015 · 1.1k
Heavenly Hell
Kerri Nov 2015
You win.
You draw me in.
I'm trapped again
inside this Heavenly Hell.
A lovely, torturous place
where visions of what was
and what might be
dangle like hooks
that pierce my heart,
A solitary utopia,
where stained glass dreams
slosh throughout
my whimsical mind.
I enjoy
the ******* burning
of the sensual fire
that destroys me
in the most magical way
until I
once again
fall from your grace.
Nov 2015 · 770
Her Icy Blood
Kerri Nov 2015
The wiry thorns around
Your heart
Keep everyone out.
But I risk the pain
And reach inside
Tearing my flesh,
Because the prize is
Worth far more
Than the suffering
I endure without
Your love.
I'd do
Anything you ask
To hear your heart beating
Once more with affection.
The closed-off
Little girl hiding
Can be free.
I want to hold her
Until she feels
Whole again,
And softly kiss
The woman that resides,
As her icy blood
Begins to pump again;
To the beat of  TRUE LOVE.
Nov 2015 · 1.7k
In My Skin.
Kerri Nov 2015
It's too late.
You're already in.
In my skin,
Crawling around,
Throwing in my face
The very truth
Of the deterioration
Of my existence without you.
Nov 2015 · 903
Kerri Nov 2015
I tremble
In your presence
And am consumed
By every line on your body.
I trace them with my eyes
And long to feel them
With my fingertips.
An aching erupts from
Inside of my body
And a fire blazes
That I never want to
My heart is cradled in
Your infinite eyes
And I want you to
Hold it for eternity.
Nov 2015 · 420
Kerri Nov 2015
A sea of rain
And a dark
Black mass
Covers the world;
A drunken eye
Sees it all;
But the heart
As the cold
Gray pellets
Destroy it all
And we don't
Until we're
Swept away.
Watching it rain from inside of my car, I ponder the world and its current conditions.
Nov 2015 · 1.3k
Haven of Tears
Kerri Nov 2015
When I'm tumbling through
my DARKEST of dreams,
a vast blackness
of unwavering fear,
Your evanescent glow
flashes in
my hazy iris,
until I'm gently pulled
into the safety of
my haven of tears.
Nov 2015 · 650
Leftover Love
Kerri Nov 2015
So tired
of being
everyone's second best.
Second rate,  side plate
leftover trash.
Second friend, Second lover
Second daughter, Second mother.
Never first.
My naïve heart
is filled
with ample LOVE,
always ready to give
to the surpluses,
but never on the receiving end.
I get their  leftover love
from a feeding tube,
but not enough to viably LIVE.
I want to be wanted.
I want to be cherished
I want to be LOVED.
In somebody's heart,
I want to be FIRST.
second, love, trash, naïve, heart
Nov 2015 · 14.4k
Kerri Nov 2015
I know I'm
just a flower
in your garden
of admirers.

But I hope
you see
the difference
a Wildflower and a Rose.
Although there are  more wildflowers than there are roses, everyone wants the beautiful, elegant rose. Whereas different types of wildflowers have their own unique characteristics...and most importantly GROW FREELY.
Nov 2015 · 322
Kerri Nov 2015
Let me live in the sky,
among the marshmallow clouds,     Departing from
this nocturnal nightmare
where my innocence
is disgraced.
Nov 2015 · 1.3k
Kerri Nov 2015
If given the chance,
we could make fireworks,
I'd ignite
the fire beating in your chest,
and create
a beautiful E X P L O S I O N.
I'd taste the sizzle on your tongue,
a searing blaze glowing in my mouth.
Wrapped up in our own fervid inferno,
we would
        melt together,
into a galaxy on fire.
Nov 2015 · 2.1k
Kerri Nov 2015
Somewhere in the somber,
Your breath fills my lungs,
Shimmering me with unbridled
Nov 2015 · 1.4k
Kerri Nov 2015
Uninhibited by her
Brilliant pain,
She swims through
Her tears,
A sparkling River
Of life and madness.
Nov 2015 · 209
Kerri Nov 2015
Your eyes burn right
                         My heart.
Until the Ashes blow away.
Nov 2015 · 1.2k
Leave You Needing More
Kerri Nov 2015
When you're stripped down
to nothing but your raw soul,
is when I love you most.
When your eyes
delicately plead
for me to love you,
and your hips ache
for me to taste your horizon.
I want to drink from your lips
Like a casual sinner
on a Sunday morning,
and leave you needing more.
Kerri Oct 2015
The beat of my heart
drowns out the
s i l e n c e
while you invade my thoughts.
The waves crashing
of my body
spill out of each crevice
until I'm drowning in your love.
I'm taken to that rugged paradise
where it's just
me and you
feeding off of each other's desires
sinking into blissful oblivion,
Engaging in a passion of
the HIGHEST caliber.
I want to live in your arms,
and die in your eyes,
until the world fades
and it's just us
floating among the masses of stars.
That once in a lifetime type of love...
Oct 2015 · 1.1k
Secondhand Pain
Kerri Oct 2015
She wraps herself up in a blanket
and tucks herself in at night.
So alone in the world,
as the cold creeps around her,
and anxiety possesses her body.

She's watched her sister poison her body
with candy from the gutters.
She's watched her mother paint her own wrists
with a knife.
She feels helpless and at times hopeless,
aching for a positive change and a chance to be free.

She sees the world beautifully
and that light burns inside and flickers in her eyes,
yet the pain she sees around her takes her hostage,
and drags her around like a puppet on a string,
and like other weary souls she slips through the cracks
of secondhand pain.
Oct 2015 · 1.9k
Kindred Soul
Kerri Oct 2015
Strong in her confidence,
and confident in her strength,
she graces the world with **** wisdom.
The glow in her eyes matches the
simple beauty of a sunrise.
The art from her mouth
and the wisdom from her fingertips
educates my body and satisfies my mind.
We are an ******, philosophical collision,
as the world spins around us, blurry yet clear;
and the sacredness of the unknown shatters.
We are left breathing in beautiful, familiar air,
and with the touch of a kindred soul.
Sep 2015 · 737
Journey of You & Me
Kerri Sep 2015
I want to bask in your presence,
and revel in your smile,
meditate in your peacefulness,
and sing with you a while.

I want to share with you your glories,
and weep with you your fails,
praise you in your Heaven,
and suffer with you in your Hell.

I want to observe you in your spotlight,
and draw the curtains when you're not,
Be your sidekick in your rebellion,
and lie for you when you're caught.

I'll greet you in the morning light,
with my blurred line of wants and needs,
If the Universe grants my wish,
so begins the journey of you and me.
<3 Love <3
Sep 2015 · 1.1k
Cornucopia of Lies
Kerri Sep 2015
A cornucopia of lies you freely fed to me,
and shoved the tainted, silver spoon down my throat,
You walked away,
and left me to choke on the ***** of your untruth.

You said you only wanted to protect me,
as you cowardly hovered your shield over yourself,
and your ******* covered bullets penetrated my heart,
driving me insane by own sanity.

I suffocated in the shallow grave you tossed me in,
leaving me to bathe in the dirt,
and inevitably for my heart to decay and my soul to rot,
while you danced merrily atop of my tomb with your love.

I clawed my way out of the hell
that you imprisoned me in,
and stitched my mouth to keep out your lies,
becoming immortal against your torment.

Your poison tasting lips graze my own,
as you regret the treachery you bestowed on me,
but I hold a glimmering spoon in one hand,
and am whistling as I dig your grave.
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