As I sit
Skimming through everything I've done wrong
Every Sin
Every mistake
Every mean word
Those words line the pages of my life.

As she sits
Skimming through every awful event
Every lost friend
Every argument
Every time she wanted to give in and die
Those words lining the pages of her life.

One day, as I sat
in a coffee shop, awaiting my order
She, who sits alone and reads, much like I
Spills my ordered coffee onto my shoulder.

I turn to face her, at first enraged.
But when I see her eyes
and her saddened expression
Peering down into a book
Ready to write more mistakes
I notice something.
Her eyes, sullen like mine
Her face, as scared of each day as mine
Her book, the same brand.

My anger slips away in a heartbeat
and is swiftly replaced with an urge
An urge to help, and an urge to do good.
I shrug off the burn, in truth It's agony
But I can't let her know that.
I lean down and pick up the pieces of the mug
Her face almost bewildered by my kindness.
I place the pieces on a counter, before confronting her with a smile.
"You really should read a different book."
For once, she smiles
"As should you."
Your happiness isn't defined by your sorrow
Your life is not defined by your mistakes.
Everything can change
But your smile can remain.
I Suppose Sep 29
She thinks she's so special
Like it's her, I can't live without
Her only language is pain
Why can't she shut her mouth?

Her name is Guilt
And She never leaves me be
She lives in my garden
And sleeps beside me
Her flesh is frozen cold
Her eyes have no soul
She is my killer
She is my life
She is the cause of
All my mortal strife
And she will never leave

She finds me vomiting
Into a tear-filled sink
She controls all my actions
And everything I think

Her name is Guilt
And she'll never let me be
It's all because of her
I'm scared to be me
Her lips taste like coal
Her heart has a hole
She is my start
She is my end
She is my confession
That never even got sent
The fire in my house
The trap for my mouse
And she will never
Did you miss me? I didn't
I Suppose Sep 10
Each night, you revive
But never come back to me
I just relive your memories
And walk through what you believed
What you felt
And what you dreamed

Every single night i see you lay there
And even though i know its just a dream
I still run up to your body
And pray you wake up to my screams

Tell me what its like to be a phantom
Whats it like to be a dream?
Is it nice to haunt me every day
Are you resting in my brain comfortably?

Every night i see you lay there
I push my fingers to your neck
Your skin is cold and your pulse is dead
And i pray every night that i am next

Every night since you left me
I've sat alone and i have wept
Ever since you're gone i think there's nothing left
To prove i lived before my death

Then one night you came back
Your clothes have changed noticeably
I run into your arms and hold you tight
You stayed around the world, but please just stay with me.
Man desperately tries to prove hes not a one hit wonder
I Suppose Sep 3
Moving is a chore
And I’m not the kind for housework
If you cast your light on me
In the shadows, I will lurk

But I am always with you
With you till the end
Stuck in your lungs and
The reason your friends are dead
The vile colour of your teeth
The reason you are weak
I am your poison

Moving is a chore
And I’m trapped in the ground
No light ever comes down here
So I spread all around

I’m still here with you
Even in the end
Even when you decay
I’ll go and meet my next friend
Someone who’s sparkling and sweet
On their flesh I will eat
Because I am a poison
I don't know why i still do anything
I Suppose Sep 1
*** gave me this life
To do with as i please
*** gave me a heart
To love, and become diseased
*** gave me my arms
To hug, and to let go
*** gave me my hands
To hold, and to throw
*** gave me my ears
To listen to nature
And listen to death
*** gave me my lungs
For my first
And last breath
*** gave me my mouth
To speak and to bite
*** gave me my eyes
For me to judge, and have sight

And i do judge
I judge ***
As any human would
I ask "Can we really call the man
who made us suffer, good?"
"Can we really know that the man, who in suffering, does revel
Is indeed our ***, and not indeed our devil?"
"Can we know that free will is ours, and nothing controls us?
Or will we have no answer, until the end of days and we all turn to dust?"

As i ask my questions, i turn back on where our *** came from
A place of torment
And a place of pain
I turn back, and i die immediately
A pillar of salt is all that remains
I Suppose Aug 1
I remember so well
last winter's sleigh bells
The cold was roaring
and left me weak at the knees
You lay me down and climbed up softly
Your lips and the wine were so sweet.

What was the reason?
What was it for?
For you to turn away and leave me
My heart screaming for more
The song I can't sing
The bird with no wings
Emotions waiting to fly

I remember so well
Last summer's sweet smells
You sat down beside me
And smiled with vigor and beauty
You told me I'm sweet,
and I make you complete
but darling I think you don't know me

The cold feel of your grip
and the dry IV drips
You said I don't want you to see me like this
Your fair hair long since gone
Your bones brittle, not strong
The song's fading out
The bird's starved in the drought
Neither can hope to see the winter.

Now you'll never hear
That I'd loved you all year
But I think, deep down, you knew that
That my heart never turned away
On your final few days
But all I remember
Remember so well
Is the painting of your beauty
And the day that it fell
I Suppose Jul 15
I bet that my livers more damaged than yours
Take 5 more shots and see who's first on the floor
Laying on your bed
Sleeping isn't really an option for me
Stealing food and hearts
For the best things in life are free
"Do you feel me?" she says
Through cloth and all our lies
For a servant of the devil
Her eyes are bluer than the skies

She says her favourite person is
The only one who ever mattered
I ask her for a name
And her response has left me flattered
But the handcuffs that bind us
Are our favourite little play things
And we hate our concrete boots
That dont let us use our wings

Do we go to parties
To forget events of our pasts
Or do we go to fall in love
And just hope this time it lasts
We go to be ourselves
And we go to feel alive
But every ******* night
Feels like a new attempt to die

She says her favourite person is
The only one who ever mattered
And she'll go visit his grave
If it didn't make her shatter
So she sits and cries alone
In the safety of her home
Taking shots of whiskey
They're helping her because
Each burning gulp
Gets her closer to who she loves
A tale of two young stars, determined to burn as violently as they can
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