I Suppose Aug 1
I remember so well
last winter's sleigh bells
The cold was roaring
and left me weak at the knees
You lay me down and climbed up softly
Your lips and the wine were so sweet.

What was the reason?
What was it for?
For you to turn away and leave me
My heart screaming for more
The song I can't sing
The bird with no wings
Emotions waiting to fly

I remember so well
Last summer's sweet smells
You sat down beside me
And smiled with vigor and beauty
You told me I'm sweet,
and I make you complete
but darling I think you don't know me

The cold feel of your grip
and the dry IV drips
You said I don't want you to see me like this
Your fair hair long since gone
Your bones brittle, not strong
The song's fading out
The bird's starved in the drought
Neither can hope to see the winter.

Now you'll never hear
That I'd loved you all year
But I think, deep down, you knew that
That my heart never turned away
On your final few days
But all I remember
Remember so well
Is the painting of your beauty
And the day that it fell
I Suppose Jul 15
I bet that my livers more damaged than yours
Take 5 more shots and see who's first on the floor
Laying on your bed
Sleeping isn't really an option for me
Stealing food and hearts
For the best things in life are free
"Do you feel me?" she says
Through cloth and all our lies
For a servant of the devil
Her eyes are bluer than the skies

She says her favourite person is
The only one who ever mattered
I ask her for a name
And her response has left me flattered
But the handcuffs that bind us
Are our favourite little play things
And we hate our concrete boots
That dont let us use our wings

Do we go to parties
To forget events of our pasts
Or do we go to fall in love
And just hope this time it lasts
We go to be ourselves
And we go to feel alive
But every fucking night
Feels like a new attempt to die

She says her favourite person is
The only one who ever mattered
And she'll go visit his grave
If it didn't make her shatter
So she sits and cries alone
In the safety of her home
Taking shots of whiskey
They're helping her because
Each burning gulp
Gets her closer to who she loves
A tale of two young stars, determined to burn as violently as they can
I Suppose Jul 5
"Its been a while"
Its all i can think to say
Since your sweet and humble presence
Fought all the scary things away.
Since you're sparkling oceanic eyes
In my eyes, all dried up
Since you asked me if its love
And i said it never was.

You sit down next to me
With a smile built from stone.
If you lived inside my house
It could be called my home.
As the record plays
my mind begins to spin
Did i make the right choice?
Did i really win?
I tried to send you letters
But they all are drenched with sin.
And i tried to write you poems
But the paper was too thin.

As the song reaches the crescendo
I turn to you.
With your beaming smile
And your eyes of crystal blue.
And suddenly
there's a tightness in my chest
I try to explain it to you
And you know im trying my best.
I lied to you
Im not cool
Im not unique
Im not unlike the rest.
But somewhere inside you knew that
And you said you didn't care.
Even though i am a sinner
You treat me beautifully and fair.

The song ends
and we're stuck with nervous hearts.
We cant tell if we're reliving the end
Or if we're right back at the start.
Your eyes are enchanting
Your lips look as soft as pillows
Are we really not friends?
Or is there meaning in our constant "hello"s.
So i hold you tightly
And whisper in your ear
"I dont know if this is what you want
But its what i want you to hear."

"In this moment in time
I regret it all.
The constant lies and struggles
The rises met with constant falls.
When i see you, i see divinity
I see beauty, and i see grace
I see everything i ever needed
And didnt know it until it hit my face.
I'm sorry for being scummy
For being a backstabbing cheat
But the day i lost you
Is one of the only days i have weeped.
So, because our time is short
And i may never again see this chance
I wanted to thank you for everything
And being my first romance."
I don't know if you'll ever read this and i don't know if I'm ready to say goodbye
I Suppose Jun 28
He runs through the street
Armed to his teeth.
Ready and raring to fight
But everything in his body
Screams for time to flight.
He turns corners and tries desperately
To find a place to rest.
But the world will always find him
Doesn't matter if he tries his best.
And when they do, they'll spare no time
Before they spit acid at him, only taking the time to make sure the words they chastise him with will rhyme.
And then he'll claw his way home
Trying desperately to find the warmth amongst his own.
But instead he finds his parents
And he still feels all alone.
They tell him how much they hate his clothes
What he wears.
And his current girlfriend
And how she dyes her hair.
And how he's hopelessly jobless
And how he'll never know the meaning in life
Until he's settled down
With four kids and a wife.
And how he needs to quit the booze
Yet they'll always insist that its him, not them with the right to choose.
He is Ronan
The Roaming Ronin
And now he has left his home
In order to make his life his own
I Suppose Jun 27
In my room i sit and wonder
Of past mistakes and blunders
Of dreams since torn asunder
And of girls i should have asked for numbers.
And whilst i sit and dream new dreams
Write new words, and sew new seams
I know my work will burst
My heart will be exposed
And its blood will quench their thirst.
The agony of being dismissed
Just for my age
Like im aiming for targets
A lifetime down the range.
I know the words i write
Arent words you'd expect
But like it or not
Its the only words you'll get.
In the vast space of poets
I am no star or sun
What i am is a comet
A piece of fleeting fun
Between two lovers who see me and wish
To one day be as wonderful as i
But the sun and stars are forever
Comets are only passersby.
Playing with rhyme, not really sure how it turned out
I Suppose Jun 26
I trudge solemnly down the street
And try to stay as out of the way as possible
I can hear snow being crushed against my boots
and stop to think about the beautiful sound
Of crinkling snow

As I walk, I notice a crowd
A large crowd of people swarming like maggots
Onto this one rather handsome fellow
He's tall, good-looking, and seems to radiate energy
Whilst staring at him, something primal awakens within me.
Something never felt before within my weak frame
Every time my eyes laid their sight upon him
I had a sharp pain strike my heart

Without thinking
I look at the streets and find a bottle
A green, broken, discarded bottle
I pick it up and lunge forward into the man
As I do this, I screw the bottle as tightly into his chest as possible
He lets out no scream, no sigh, no outward breath at all
Its as if he was dead before I had even touched him
I stab again
And again
And again
Until the pains in my body were satiated

There's a mixed reaction in the crowd
Some cry
Some cheer
Some run
Some applaud
Me personally?
I just stood over him in silence
Until my vision disappears completely.

I wake up in my bed
The room seems destroyed
As if some nuclear bomb went off nearby
I stand up and scan the destruction
Vases shattered
Windows shattered
Hopes shattered
As I begin to panic, my phone rings
It's my friend
He wants me to meet him at a park near the edge of town
I accept his offer.

I leave the house and enter the world
I call it the world, because calling it earth wouldn't fit
The sky was red
There was no sun
The concrete had cracks
Flowing through the earth like veins  
The air was akin to that of a saunas
Even the tiniest breaths scorch my lungs

I walk down the street, and see something not designed for humans to see
In its purest, most evil form
I saw death
Lining the streets
Their corpses lining the path forward
Or the path back to where we once came.

As i walk further, i see a woman
A pack of men surround her
Like wolves cornering prey
Like Vultures circling the doomed
They toy with her mind
Before toying with her body
I avert my eyes from this ungodly sight
And just keep moving forward.

I stop at the road before the park
And notice a small child in a red dress
On closer inspection, the dress was white
But stained red from two bullet holes
Placed lovingly in each of her shoulders
In her hands, she clutches a small dog
The dog is cut in several places
It quakes softly in the girls fragile arms
Suddenly, and inexplicably
A bus drives through both of them
And leaves nothing but a mess of bones and blood
The dog is impossible to differentiate from the girl

I arrive at the park
And see two beautiful young women
They lock eyes with me, and run to my side.
They introduce themselves as Chaos and Malice
Before clicking their fingers and dragging me off to a large white room

In the room, theres a massive ball of fire
On closer inspection, this isnt the sun, nor another star.
Its my home
Its what i loved
And its never coming back.
"What happened"
"You killed an angel, so god is seeking his vengance"
"Who are you both?"
"People who admire your efforts"
"Where am i?"
"Where you deserve to be"
If this reads like a nightmare, its because it was
I Suppose Jun 13
Who'll get the final hit?
I don't know
When my weapon is a bottle
And yours is blow
Baby i love you
So let me pull you closer
Just to punch you in the jaw
And then put you in a choker
Looks like im winning the war

If i came home right now
Who's shoes would i find now?
You told me to meet you
But never said where or how

You had me
talking about the weather
45 seconds later
you shoved pins into my nethers
Kept me in a cage
Eating food out of a bowl
Little did i know
You were toying with my soul.

For our twisted game
I think we're both to blame
We're in love with causing each other pain
You tell me i can change
And im asking you to do the same
When i come home tonight
Which friend will be there
Holding you tight
If time is money, i just made my ceiling a millionaire
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