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Gheeft May 2019
Boom!!!! Was the sound I heard
Then came the building, crashing down on my head
Sinking deep into the earth with speed
There i sat thinking of where I'll spend eternity
My last thoughts, were they as I breathed away slowly.
The world is coming to an end, are we ready for the Lord's coming?
Gheeft May 2019
Making new friends, sometimes can be painful
Starting to love again, so stressful
Like the sting of a bee, much more hurtful
Not sure whether, this relationship could be fruitful
So quietly, I sit and lay looking thoughtful.
Gheeft May 2019
Poem as my life
I breath it and survive
Without it, helplessly I'll thrive
With it, high up I'll reach the sky
Because my poem and I, united we fly.
Gheeft Apr 2019
Many faults they make
Young lovers, trying a place to Stake
Night fades,the moon is out
Shinning blue colour, shinning up there.

The door is locked behind him
He places his lips on mine with intensity
What I call sheer hypocrisy
Loving without, wicked at heart

Your smiles and laughter I miss
In my head, your voice ringing
The scourging pain I feel
This heart break, really HEART BREAKING.
Poem about a lady who loves a guy with all she has, but does not get that amount of love back in return,due to the fact that the guy cheats on her, so she breaks up with him and hate him and herself for that decision.
Gheeft Apr 2019
Many faults, they make
Young lovers,trying a place to stake
Masculine mistake, feminine silence
Feminine silence, masculine mind resilience
If the feminine silence talks within
Masculine ignorance— no idea can link in
Yeah, Link in the mind of this masculine teen

"speak out loud feminines" I say
"Talk no more within" I lay a plea
Masculine not God, feminine need love
Masculine does know it all NOT
Feminine speak and loosen tight bolts and nuts
And living happily, let's live in love
And TALKING WITHIN feminine do no more
Time to tell all feminines to voice out in every relationship and not be over submissive to their disadvantage.
Gheeft Apr 2019
There I sit at a corner, weeping in pain
The water from the shower, flowing with my tears
This heart break, really heart breaking.
When I think about how she left, leaving my heart thin
Gheeft Apr 2019
Hello, my dear old friend
Been a long time we talked
Don't feel lonely cause am still here
To lend you an helping hand.

Years have passed
And we can't recall when we had a nice chat
A surprise visit, I'll do one day
To see and make you happy dear.

Your smiles and laughter I miss
In my head, your voice ringing
Hoping to see you, is my everyday desire
To hug you and feel your breath again.

So dear friend please hold on
You're still my best black female friend
If I say my heart does not need you I lie
So dear friend hold on till we see again.
Dedicated to Kenny my best black female friend who thought I left her.

Written by GIFT O.O
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