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Ghouls Oct 5
the redness in your eyes
narrates all your sleepless nights
and my heart understands you,
my heart wants to be the moonlights
that carries you off into your dreams

catching your despair,
it freezes into my hands,
but I will never let it go
until your happiness blooms like
the roses in your smile
Ghouls Sep 4
Last breath, washed over me
Daylight shines through my hollow soul
Perished with only the sound of my breath,
The last sound I'll ever know

My heart is beaten, trails of bruises
Like sweet blush
I'm one with the beating,
Pumping cold, sour blood

A promise escapes my lips like doves from a cage
Silently, I pledge to love you forever more
In the shade of the afterlife
And in the light of the living, my shell
Left ashore

I was never a puzzle completed
You hold the last piece, and each step made-
Clumsily falling, but you were always
The strength in my legs
Ghouls Aug 21
As the white moon dilutes into the night sky
A blue hue spreads,
Like a new beginning
A new day
New start
Ghouls Aug 14
my little flower
soft pink,
slumped with animosity
the light can't satisfy you
but the darkness will **** the
life right out of you

bunched with unfamiliar others
of all different colors
a fine looking field away
in aspiration, that direction
you sway

don't feel blue
as you will meet bees to
get by
and you will learn to accept
the light
  May 26 Ghouls
you were toffee to my teeth
initially tasted so sweet
soon sickly, twisted and knotted
to my soul you
stuck and rotted
Ghouls May 26
My mind is racing faster than my
Much so-
That if it had its own beat,
My heart would never
Ghouls May 25
Scars can speak
With the smartest tongues
And silence can reep
When lungs turn numb
My heart can crumble
With your slightest touch
And i can die
When the kiss is too much
I can imagine
The damage your love can do
But it will never get in the way
Of my love for you
Title says it all
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