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Ghost Sep 24
She was the best thing that could happen to me i wanted her all to myself but instead of listening to myself i listened to the wrong people and lost her i wanted to have her back but she didn't love me anymore. I still miss her i always miss her
Ghost Sep 24
In life people always seem to judge you for everything but they never know what you could be going through they may never know your standing in the line of fire. They never know the heart break you go through. For me it was losing the only girl i ever loved. Lost her because i listened to others
Ghost Jul 7
People will get upset over the smallest things, not being the perfect friend,not caring enough,not being perfect at everything. Sometimes i wish i could just go ghost but then thats when people get hurt. Going ghost is never the best option but sometimes its the only option
Ghost Jul 1
In every story there is a tale of a forgotten love. The love that got a way. The love that should have worked but then something happens between the two lovers and they drift apart. I've had my forgotten love
Ghost May 28
There are just some people you can't replace. Such as two good friends of mine. They are sweet and one of them was once closer then her and i would like to admit but i care about them both
Ghost May 26
Some people always criticize others for trying to make the world a better place for trying to make sacrifices the people who look like the judge don't know what it's like to lose you don't know what it's like to have something you love ripped away from you they don't know what it's like to make the ultimate sacrifice
Ghost May 23
Life can some times be difficult and hard. It starts to just become day to day we forget how to live. So just remember when life gets you down there is always a light shining in darkness
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