I am always losing friends,
my love never meets their ends,
i never amount to what they wish,
i never serve them the right dish,
of care and love,
now i am just a dead dove,
i am suffocated in dying peace,
drowning in it as if it were grease,
please don't leave me in this despair,
i will lose my mind but they won't care,
the always leave,
i never receive,
the love i know i deserve,
to think they have enough nerve,
to take my everything,
and not one gift of love they bring,
i am done with friends for life,
they are nothing but sickness and strife.
I am now bathing in sweet sorrow,
if only your happiness i could borrow,
to get out of this for just a day,
for that any amount i would pay,
drowning in my own pain,
got nothing to lose but nothing to gain,
slowly losing my mind,
i feel my senses begin to grind,
i let out one deep sigh,
as i prepare myself to die.
Alone again...
My heart burns for you,
there is nothing else i rather do,
than spend all my time with you,
cause you are the only thing on which i think,
your love is a well from which i drink,
my soul catches fire,
as i notice you have all the qualities i admire,
all i have i come to you to bring,
take my life my love my everything.
If only...
I would go anywhere to be with you,
to this i can hold because our love is true,
i live i love and i trust in you,
for you there is nothing i wouldn't do,
the only one who warms my heart,
there is nothing that can tear us apart,
we are so different but we are the same,
we are in love and we are both to blame,
if i had to die it would be in his arms,
out in the country on his sweet green farms,
looking into my love's sparkling eyes,
it is this kind of love money never buys,
i am never far from who you,
cause a picture of our love in my heart i drew.
Love Conquers All.
sometimes we cry,
others they die,
sometimes we feel small,
others sometimes feel tall,
but there are some days we don't know who we are,
and everyone else feels miles apart,
and in between is just broken hearts,
we wish we could say this didn't hold us down,
we wish we didn't want to give up now,
we feel like crying is all we can do,
so we cry from morning till noon,
the bad days we will have are to many to count,
nothing can parallel the sorrow's amount,
left behind by all we knew,
nothing left else left to do,
then move forward blind in the dark,
till we find the next light's spark.
We all have bad days.....
I may be shattered,
My skin so beaten and battered,
my tears burn as they roll down my face,
but still i run this cold race,
cause i am beautifully broken,
nothing more to be spoken,
no matter how cold,
even when i grow old,
none can quench my radiant light,
none can steal my courage and might,
one day i will spread my wings and fly,
and own the entire morning sky,
all will be my friend,
and to my joy there will be no end.
Inspired by one of my latest Likes....
Hello my name is Snow,
we have met as you already know,
i cover your skin and are as soft as a blanket,
when i melt i turn to water and you drink it,
but i have another side,
another set of rules by which i abide,
to be dark and cold,
to **** u faster as you grow old,
my ice like glass split your skin,
let loose all that is within,
my purpose is to spill your blood,
not to cover up all this mud,
i am dark snow,
i reject all that you know,
i cover all i want to ****,
i want to shred your flesh like a drill,
we were never nice,
me and my friend ice.
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