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George Ittyerah Nov 2020
My love, I’m not sure what value I add to your life? It scares me that I may not be good enough for you!!

“Oh graceful one, you bring your intellect, kindness, your very being and your life on the table.

I wish I could commit the moon and stars, but alas the world is too realistic and practical for me. There is much that holds me back cause of the baggage I have to carry of my past. But in this parallel universe, where you and I, reign we bring those aspects that is entirely different. A world that has dreams, fantasies, love, craziness and all those aspects that is supposed to be enjoyed but forbidden.. everything that provides freedom which in the world is chained by norms, morality and rules.

We break free in our world which is what makes this relationship memorable and exciting.

Your value therefore is much more than you can imagine, quantify or even list down, for this world is empty without you.
George Ittyerah Oct 2020
In the autumn of ninety six,
When the breeze blew with bliss,
I saw heaven in her eyes and the radians spread with such brilliance;
Captivating thousands in fact millions who wanted to be by her side.
But they did not dare cause of her tormented life.

The bells rang, the birds sang,
Autumn seemed so exotic.
Was I in love, or was it a passing vision -
One of lives  dramatic situations.

Every time our eyes met,
A sudden shiver ran down my neck;
I was so entranced by her
but dared not approach her.

Education got the better of me and I never took that step,
Love consumed me like a worm in a succulent apple;
And when it was too late, in just a blink,
the autumn coupled with the inducing sun,
Changed my life for what its worth.

We exchanged love, we endured love,
We made love and felt love;
through one solitary mode - "silence" being the golden conversation;
as we touched each other through this magical phenomenon.

The feelings we had were sacred, deeper than the blue ocean;
Yet it was drowned as time went by,  
and it withered slowly during the last autumn sunshine
A question I so often hate to ask,
A question that reminds me of lives unjust cruelty,

She had contracted AIDS,
A flower withered before its age;
Her beauty inseparable;
Soon to turn to ashes.
Oh Life! You are so unjust.

She was only nineteen when she died;
Her last few minutes were silent, as our eyes met for the last time.
It was only tears that I could afford,
Not even words could tell as to how I felt;

Our love was given its final bend
When with her dying breath,
She kissed me gently on my forehead;

Her lips were pale, were parched;
And soon grew cold.
How silence grew and how silence got bold!
In silence did it take my heart
and in silence did it strike me.

Its shallow pain hit me in vain
For my true love was silent again
Never to return back, never to kiss me,
But to be silent for ever again.
George Ittyerah Nov 2020
As night falls and I feel lonely
Wishing I could hear you speak,
of the day - the good and the bad
and as we get ready to retreat.

But I realise that I have no right,
Nor the license to complain -
Of the distance or the silence,
Or the lack of me in your conscience
You have no idea how much I pine for you

Yet I know I have no right
No right, to need you
No right to miss you
No right to ask if you're okay
I have no right to love you
But I still do

Yes I do.

— The End —