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7.0k · Jun 2015
Behind Closed Doors
Gemineyed Gypsy Jun 2015
Standing here, between two walls
Doors, unnumbered, crowd the hall
Behind each door a secret kept
Of fears, of lies, of tears been wept
Portals each to different worlds
Lessons learned from little girls
Listen as the truth unfolds
Tales untold of a *wounded soul
© 2015 Ashley Jean.
All rights reserved.
Intellectual property of the author.
5.4k · Mar 2015
Gus The Brave
Gemineyed Gypsy Mar 2015
My life was saved the other day
A golden retriever, both dumb and brave.

Country winds howling in their greatest defense
As I waltzed 'tween electric and barbed-wire fence.

He let out a bark, “It's time to turn back!”
Soon followed a powerful THUD and a CRA-A-A-CK.

If not for that old dog running after me,
I would have been stuck under a fallen oak tree.
Gus The Brave deserved lots of treats that day,

© 2015 Ashley Jean.
All rights reserved.
Intellectual property of the author.
Gemineyed Gypsy Mar 2016
Gemini's are known to dabble in arts of all kind; Well-cultured, well-versed and rehearsed in both rhythm and rhyme.

From music to magic and everything in between; Learning lessons as they unfold with the change of each scene.

We cannot be contained within wires nor hidden behind screens. Energy is everywhere; We choose our frequencies.

Disconnect from electricity and experience the ever-natural waves. Break harmful traditions of doubt and unobtainable change.

We are not alone.
This life has no range.
© 2016 Gemineyed Gypsy
All rights reserved.
Intellectual property of the author.
1.5k · Dec 2015
Dancing with Death
Gemineyed Gypsy Dec 2015
I found myself down at the bottom of a cliff;
Waves crashing upon the rocky shore as my body floats adrift

There I was lost in wonder,
“Had I not left this very world I now find myself stagnant in?”

Has life's infinite wonders, once again, grasped hold of my lonely lost Soul and pulled me out of the darkness right on to the other side?

A continuous cycle spiraling round and round from infinite to beyond;
Endlessly evolving and revolving as yin moves through yang;
As light warps with sound

From matter to energy,
Forevermore infinitely greater than mere dust in the ground

What happens next, as I awaken to this new journey;
Moving forward; starting fresh?

I find myself gliding on wind as oxygen to new souls;
Growing through love with life's ultimate pure bliss

One request for those I've loved and left behind;
May only memories of my love be your everlasting guide
© 2015 Ashley Jean.
All rights reserved.
Intellectual property of the author.

*Thinking of all the loved one's who've moved on from this life.
Thank you for being my muse and my guide.
1.4k · Dec 2014
What Do You Desire?
Gemineyed Gypsy Dec 2014
We all have the power to change our own lives;
Whatever we desire we can have.
There will always be decisions, paths to take;
Journeys ahead with forks in the road.
Obstacles and lessons, some good and some bad;
We all have the power to choose.
Believe in yourself and follow your heart;
Chase your wildest dreams.
Remember your roots while looking ahead,
Have faith, love & hope; seek peace.
© 2014 Ashley Jean.
All rights reserved.
Intellectual property of the author.
1.4k · Dec 2015
The Moon and the Stars
Gemineyed Gypsy Dec 2015
The Moon and the Stars*

It all started one night under the stars.

Lying in the field on the clearest yet brisk last nights of summer's warm-held grasp. Telescope, blankets, friends and stars. We watched and waited as satellites and planes flew overhead; deciphering shooting star from orbital waste, relearning and recalling constellations recognized throughout man's lifelong past. Gazing into the wide open of the unknown with thoughts of extra-terrestrial, black holes, and the possibility of life after death.

The darker the night the more magic seemed to exist. After wrapping up our outdoor viewing of the universe, we headed indoors for peaceful sessions of passing the pipe while listening to shamanic throat singing and overtones, as our friends sat *gravely
entranced, zoning out to the wonders of the world covered by media through National Geographic and the world-wide-web.

It was somewhere a midst all this where I find myself; body calm and mind relaxed, propped up on the couch pondering the innermost immortal thoughts of the interconnectedness of life and death and sound and energy, spirit and soul as visions of spirals infinitely intertwining as one appear before my eyes. The sensations of what I imagine the reference of “getting the gears rolling” in the center of my brain as my pineal gland begins its first steps of decalcification brought about by the intentions of man.

Up until this point my life was on a one track path. A steady straight line towards the unknown, unawakened, and ignorantly naive, believing everything I had been taught up until that moment was a true solid fact. With this new sensation of the potential for higher vibrations within my own soul, my heart began to rapidly race but without pain and suffering, rather with the excitement of this new realized grace.

Awakening to this new idea, to this new age, to this *new way of life.
© 2015 Ashley Jean.
All rights reserved.
Intellectual property of the author.
1.3k · Jun 2015
Life By The Tides
Gemineyed Gypsy Jun 2015
When I was a child, Pan was my friend,
With others I refused to play,
Except for those reminding me,
Of that long, lost, youthful boy.
Playing along and following the pond-
To the stream that led out to the bay,
Just a ahead in the woods was where I called home,
A land of adventure and joy.

As time went along,
I was forced to grow strong,
Veering from my childish ways,
My life steered off course, by that Pirate, of course,
Swabbing decks, cleaning bilges,
Slaving through days.

Nine years hence,
Spending many a *****,
Its back in the woods I reside.
Be it a curse, that might sound right in verse,
My heart yearns to be back, living life by the tides.
© 2015 Ashley Jean.
All rights reserved.
Intellectual property of the author.
1.1k · Mar 2015
Venture Together
Gemineyed Gypsy Mar 2015
Walk with me My Love,
We'll see the world anew.
Hold your breath, take my hand
Another dimension, a sacred view.
© 2015 Ashley Jean.
All rights reserved.
Intellectual property of the author.
1.0k · Apr 2015
The Battle Within
Gemineyed Gypsy Apr 2015
Help me to see:
That I may see through your eyes

Help me be free:
From past fears, their haunting lies

Keep me at peace:
In a world ruled by chaos

Grant me serenity:
Calming moments most anxious

Help me stay silent:
Where harmful words once were spoken

Fill me with love:
*Restore hearts, hurt and broken
© 2015 Ashley Jean.
All rights reserved.
Intellectual property of the author.
1.0k · Jun 2015
Simple Pleasures
Gemineyed Gypsy Jun 2015
Back to the beginning.
The way things were before the fall of man.
Before we knew religion.
No separation.
No nonsense of
Man vs man.

Without rulers of great fortune.
Without wars and despair.
Without greed without hunger.
Worry no longer.
Without a doubt.
Having faith in simply, “I can.

Back at the beginning.
All is man's peaceful nature.
Unknowing of hate, staying true to love.
When everything and everyone is ALL I AM.
Darkness & Light.
Together, hand-in-hand.
Beautifully weaving and believing.

One Two-Fold Force
Of Love and Light.
Providing and Supplying.
Nurturing through Nature.

Simply sounding enough.
Let it Be.
© 2015 Ashley Jean.
All rights reserved.
Intellectual property of the author.
Gemineyed Gypsy Jan 2016
One Thousand Miles To Simply Be

As I look out into the bay; brisk ocean breeze stinging my cheeks and nostrils slightly dripping; I close my tear-glazed eyes and imagine life as it was a year ago. Slowly, my mind begins to tune out the busy sounds of traffic and fast-paced life; where the world never stops and everyone has some place to get to, some place they need to be.

As I listen to the jingles of collars while the dogs play, I imagine standing in the middle of a field, with nothing but trees and farm-life surrounding me. I focus in on the sounds of the wind and the chirping from cold-weather birds making their winter homes among the brush along the trunks of our hibernating, colorless trees.

As I shuffle my feet back and forth in the soft, cold sand, I allow my mind the nostalgia for red dirt, forever staining my hand-me-down boots, leaving a pleasant shade of rusty orange, similar to the weeds traveling up the shore from in-coming tides of the sea.

All is still and quiet as I let my day-dreams simply be.
A thousand miles have come and gone, 12 months of wisdom instilled in me.
Returning now to the present moment, filled with peace from this tranquil memory.
© 2016 Gemineyed Gypsy
All rights reserved.
Intellectual property of the author.
943 · Dec 2014
Gemineyed Gypsy Dec 2014
Always with her, our seasons change;
Love emerging while stars rearrange.

Gentle rainfall from sun-filled skies
As tears of joy well in her eyes.

As smiles form from tears of love,
Peace-filled rainbows form above.

When bereaved, her world turns gray;
Her happiness, warming clouds away.

With the wind, she follows suit,
Across the skies as bright stars shoot.

A gift to earth from the heavens above,
Our warm sun sent to show her love.

She views the world as her own,
Safely orbiting her guardian, our moon.
© 2014 Ashley Jean.
All rights reserved.
Intellectual property of the author.
924 · Mar 2015
Let it Be
Gemineyed Gypsy Mar 2015
Sometimes you need to go into the woods,
Fall back from civilization and walk amongst trees.

Climb over rocks and trudge through rivers
Simply to let the mind be at peace.

True inspiration comes once you've let go of what you've had.
Without life's clutter and chaos overwhelming the soul,
You begin to see the world in a different light.
What once was gray, dark and sullen becomes beautiful once again.

The heart, now beating for what once was lost,
The mind, only focusing on what now can be.

Both believing in the powers of love and loss,
Together learning how to Let it Be.
© 2015 Ashley Jean.
All rights reserved.
Intellectual property of the author.
Gemineyed Gypsy Aug 2016
In the Old World, those of our kind had to keep ourselves hidden and work our magic behind closed doors. We were to be secret sorcerers. A mysterious kind of folk. We were accused of darkness and exiled to despair if our covers were blown. Thankfully these times are changing.

With this New World Order, our fate is changing for the better of us all. And more importantly, the fate of the earth and the cosmos beyond. While dark magic is something we are all capable of portraying whether intentional or not, there is so much more good that can come when aligned with the magic and mystique, connected with the powers of our earthly just as our heavenly realms.

As above, so below is a saying we all know.
As it is in the heavens it shall be on earth.
Peace and Protection are granted for all who believe.
Gifts from nature given as tools and symbols so we may live a life of leisure and ease.

For now, we are teachers shown through storybook tales. To prepare you for your future in magic that comes with being born into these great times of change; for we will one day pass our torch to you; just as you will to every indigo, rainbow, soul-healing, spirit-weaving, wondrous light-working child.
897 · Dec 2014
Beauty From Above
Gemineyed Gypsy Dec 2014
It would take an entire lifetime of an explanation
to tell you what it is that I believe.

There aren't enough words to describe the magic,
the beauty, the love and the joy...
And to see the difference once you've seen the dark side.

Life has taught me lessons, there have been trials and despair,
yet I have been lifted up, journeyed on.
I've learned to breathe in the glorious healing air.

To sum it all up, for there's no better way than simply put...
I believe in the Universe, in God and in Love.
I believe all good things truly come from above.

Look up and you'll see the sun, moon and stars.
Close  your eyes and remember, this world is ours.

We were put here to be one with nature, to fellowship in love.
To feel the warmth of the sun and the beauty of the skies.
To feel the wind at our back and in green pastures lie.

This is our earth, let's treat it as such.
Let's live in peace with each other,
Let us connect with the powers of Love.

Whether you seek Buddha, Parvati, Brahma, or God,
Reach out and delight in the beauty  from above.
© 2014 Ashley Jean.
All rights reserved.
Intellectual property of the author.
866 · Dec 2014
The Voice
Gemineyed Gypsy Dec 2014
I'm that small voice inside your head telling you what to do.
Sometimes you're quiet enough to listen to me.
Sometimes you're aware enough to be still and feel me.
Sometimes you can't stop the howling winds within your mind.
You get wrapped up inside the tornado of thought, swirling through every nerve of your whole body, getting increasingly worse as new thoughts continue to overtake your mind, thoughts as abundant as raindrops falling upon a vast, dark and stormy ocean, your body the small helpless vessel being consumed by the unknown with your poor, lost soul trapped deep inside.
Luckily that's only sometimes.

I am the voice that has been with you since before you were born.
I am your imagination, your spirit, supplier of mystique and magic of all the right kind.
I am the words you cannot speak.
I am the music you cannot voice.
I am the very image you cannot express, awaiting to be released from the intricacy of your mind.

It's time to let go.
Let me escape the safety of inside.
I am ready for the world to see the work you have kept cooped up after all this time.

Inhale deeply, exhale slowly.
Stop selfishly holding me for yourself, be rid of your pride.
You are ready for the beauty hidden within to paint the world, show your love to the outside.
Let them see how you see, feel as you feel, let your inner light shine brightly upon the darkest of times.
Be refreshed, be renewed, be still and know my voice will always be your inspirational guide.
© 2014 Ashley Jean.
All rights reserved.
Intellectual property of the author.
Gemineyed Gypsy Mar 2015
Free me unto nature
Make me one with land and sea

Release my spirit upon the mountains of the North
On wings of song soaring high and free

Send me South on route with floral valleys, their flowing streams
Spread my love among lands on pursuit through the darkest depth of seas.

Share my soul with the Oceans of the East
Forever gliding on the warm Westward winds of eternity.

For Ash once I was and continue to be
In life as in death I am boundless and free
© 2015 Ashley Jean.
All rights reserved.
Intellectual property of the author.
759 · Jul 2016
Gemineyed Gypsy Jul 2016

Don't turn off your minds to them.
They are the answer.
They are the key.
Born time and again into innocence.
Reminders that we all start off with the chance to be free.

Look at the world through their bright wide eyes.
See the magic, the imaginary and fun.
Numb your ears to the mindless matters of adulthood worries.
Fill your soul with excitement and laughter.
Live to enjoy the now.
© 2016 Gemineyed Gypsy
All rights reserved.
Intellectual property of the author.
722 · Aug 2015
Before You Go
Gemineyed Gypsy Aug 2015
So much time is wasted.
How often are you lost in thought?
Trapped within a whirlwind of emotions, You can't stay grounded.
You're lost inside yourself.
Numb to the world around you, to what's standing right before your own eyes.
A blank slate.
In a vegetative state.
A water balloon about to pop.
So much pressure building up from the inside out, these words won't stop.
Soon you will burst.
Stop your mind before your heart stops beating.


Thump thump. Thump thump.
It starts off slow, so slow you begin to wonder if you still have a heart at all.
Perhaps your mind has just taken over and soon your lungs will give out.
Perhaps this is the end after all.
Is this how I go?
In a motionless state, just waiting for the next ***** to shut down...
You try to breathe.
It only hurts.
THUMP thump thump THUMP thump thump.
Now it won't stop.
THUMP thump thump THUMP thump thump.
The beat gets faster, the breathing harder. Tears begin to stream down from the eyes.
You feel as though your body is going to let go.
Fear is taking over.
You're giving up, ready to jump, just throw it all away...
You can't do this alone anymore. You have no desire to try.
You believe this is the only way out.
This tsunami, this hurricane, this eruption of emotions are consuming you.
Eating you alive.
Before you go, remember one thing. The most important words you will ever know...
You are loved, and
Love conquers all.
Writings through a battle with anxiety.

© 2015 Ashley Jean.
All rights reserved.
Intellectual property of the author.
611 · Dec 2014
Back To The Beginning
Gemineyed Gypsy Dec 2014
In an age where digital world takes over, smart phones, tablets, gotta-have-the newest gadgets; I find myself like most I know, uneasily able to break the mesmerizing soul ******* habit. “Knowledge is power,” they say. Well, we all know that power comes at a price. What happens when this digital world we've created for ourselves reaches its tragic end? Our physical earth has proved it can survive and thrive even the worst catastrophic calamities. Where life ends, somewhere elsewhere new life begins.

The earth is ever-changing, always evolving, its been this way since day one. In the beginning, it was called into existence, filled with life, made for love, a gift to everyone. We were given the world, all of us put here with a purpose in mind. We were created to love, cursed by ourselves to hate; the Tree of Knowledge, our first mistake. The powers of the universe, held sacred inside its fruit, were powers unintended for men to gain access to.

Before the fall of mankind we knew only of love and joy. We were at peace with each other and with the beautiful blue earth where we reside. We had control of our tempers, knew how to be gentle and kind. We were good to all creatures, with faith in the universe and in all humankind.

Once we cracked open that fruit the knowledge came pouring out. Emotions and fears unexplained to men, overwhelming our small minds, the start of the end. From here we felt shame, learned of greed and of power. While we have the ability to choose between good and evil, this knowledge is addicting and is now our nature to scour.

Back to the future, we have the world at our fingertips. Basing our life decisions off a solitary “click.” How ignorant our generation has become, how lazy, how selfish. How mesmerized and tranced by the virtualization of our unintended intelligence.

In the 21st century, humanity is controlled by the world-wide-web; by cellular reception; by media; this was not how we were bred. What happens when someone finally pulls the plug? An electro-magnetic catastrophe, perhaps, sent from the universe above. Prepare yourself now, for maybe an apocalyptic end isn't for the land we live on, yet for the very world created BY men.

Suppose this revelation has nothing to do with the fall of the physical man. Our weapons would be useless whether nuclear warfare or smart-phone in hand. What would happen if our most intricate machine crashed; the end of the cyber world, of life as we know it? How reliant we have become on the technology of our time; farmers have become less, replaced by the suited business man.  

Our lives rely on this invention, our brains they control, our hearts become weakened with too much bad news, we've numbed our souls.
Could you catch your own meat or grow your own crops? Could you care for your own body or survive without this knowledge at hands grasp, freely there? Could you survive this virtual apocalypse? Will you be prepared?

Take caution now, spend time away from the screen. Learn how to catch a fish and grow a plant from a seed. Laugh often, love hard, be healthy and kind. Make relaxation a priority, read a book to exercise your left-sided mind. Take a minute to breathe deep.  Pick up an instrument or paintbrush and spill your dreams. Spend time with the ones you love, learn from each other, lend a hand. One day we'll be forced to go back to the basics, back to the beginning, before the rule of man.
© 2014 Ashley Jean.
All rights reserved.
Intellectual property of the author.
563 · Jan 2016
The Generation of You
Gemineyed Gypsy Jan 2016
The Generation of You

A high tolerance for pain. Victim of self-inflicted injury and self-convinced lies. Self-judgement, self-disappointment, all aspects of self-disrespect; self-caused anxiety and self-caused stress.

Every man will have his turn-around, each woman her next chance to live. Darkness isn't necessarily a bad thing. Blackness in your heart doesn't make you a lost soul.

Nature isn't perfect, her ways at times are cruel. But as often as the sun is eclipsed by the moon, so must we all get a glimpse of our shadows monsoon.
© 2016 Gemineyed Gypsy.
All rights reserved.
Intellectual property of the author.
Gemineyed Gypsy Jan 2016
To My Love:


An Ode to Us

As we celebrate our anniversary of sacred marriage, we reflect on all we have learned and grown over our past years together. How we've managed to pull ourselves out of the darkness of our unhappy, broken lives by working together and being together; supporting and pushing each other on. From anger and depression to slowly working towards love and now light.

We've learned to embrace the simplicity of life. To slow down, step back and enjoy the ride. To appreciate being wrong about decisions, seeking answers in our mistakes. Going down that road again with awareness to find where we went off course then of course, leading each other back to the center of love and consciousness sought by those seeking to do right. The sacred path of the Gods before us, through inner guidance of their energies, uniting us with the Spirit, the Creator of the Cosmos through a powerful enlightenment we can only reach through Love and Dedication, leading us to the utmost center of eternal inner peace.

As we reflect on all that we physically possess as one, we realize, while we have many treasures, they are of sentimental value. Our belongings tell a story. About us. About our adventures together. About our pasts and past-times, our struggles and our victories. Pictures on the wall. Artwork. Books. Sticky notes lying around the house with words of wisdom, beliefs and healing, ancient proverbs and vedic quotes. Herbs and crystals for magic, cards and seashells for fun. Drawings and doodles and scribbles and paintings, flowers from first dates and memories and thoughts etched within the caves and wires of this computer, as if they were etched in stone.

We smile with delight as we recognize wishes, desires and dreams come true. Learning to enjoy the quiet times, surrounded by nature as we lie in the sand, listening to the waves or simply looking out our window, gazing into the beauties of this world that are right within our view. Our hearts beating in rhythm, holding hands and breathing slow, embracing each other with gratitude for all we have become, all we intend to be, and all we manifest together within the nature of our realm. The world we create together, growing stronger and more vibrant with each day, the presence of joy when you sit back in reverence, having faith in each other and in tomorrow as a brand new day.

Always and forever yours,
© 2016 Ashley Jean.
All rights reserved.
Intellectual property of the author.
Gemineyed Gypsy Jan 2015
Stars above glisten bright.
With each star, a child born,
As it was on my sacred night.

I am a child of the Supreme Being Above.
Representing royalty, as each of us do.

We all start off this way;
Pure, innocent, & true.

My story, I share with others alike.
Every fairy-tale, every word, every truth
Each representing a time of life,
Lessons learned of different virtues.

I live, dream & imagine other worlds of my own,
Learn lessons along the way
Finding alternative paths back home.

We search high and low to find ourselves
Yet the answer always lies within.

If we'd only follow our hearts all along,
We'd always start right back where we begin.

Life's about recognizing the adventure in our own lives.
Following our hearts.
Living our own dreams.
Creating our own magic.

It's things like that, we need to remember.
Things like that, we need to pass on.

Teach our children, remind our elders.
Spread the love, bring peace to man.

Magic is real. It starts with you.
Find yourself however you may.

Allow your whole being to come together as one.
Let yourself show through in words.

Simple writing.
An ancient dialect.
Wise words from my Muse

© 2015 Ashley Jean.
All rights reserved.
Intellectual property of the author.
497 · Jul 2016
Do You Remember?
Gemineyed Gypsy Jul 2016
Can you remember before we tripped and fell out of stride? Over-paced, the human race, our twelve-hour clock wound up tight with our world moving two days too fast.

Can you imagine a world with dirt roads and infrequent cars? Silence from the propellers of planes with air so pure, crisp and free from the fumes of exhaust and burning fuel that continues to fill our atmosphere at an extraordinarily fast-paced race to the end before we can even enjoy the beginning?

I dream of going back to such a place, building these dreams and grand illusions in my mind from the stories of my elders and great ancestors of old times.

When working was nothing about sitting at an office desk or making the most salaried income in this hectic life of no rest.

When mornings were spent gratefully tending to the fields and afternoons to the flocks. When in between, you let your eyes rest as you lay on fresh hay bales using only the sun's shadows as your clock.

When nights were filled with belly laughter and passionate kisses creating harmony with nature's own chirps of crickets and coyotes making sweet symphony to the skies; to Mother Moon herself and to the Great One hidden from our eyes.

A time of ease and inner peace amongst our day's hard work. Where the silence of zen in utmost meditation's only disturbance is of nature herself... A dragonfly zipping across your line of view... a horsefly buzzing around your ear... The bark of a pup or the sly movements of the cat as he makes his way into your garden to mess with your plants...

A world where your surroundings are as vastly colored as the most glorious sunset sky of orange, fuchsia, peach and yellow rainbow-dipped flowers, sending their love in sweet floral aroma as you breathe in; lifting your head, heart and chest in joyful adoration as your eyes glance in reverence to the heavens up high.
© 2016 Gemineyed Gypsy
All rights reserved.
Intellectual property of the author.
466 · Jul 2016
A Pocket Full of Words
Gemineyed Gypsy Jul 2016
I collect these words in my pocket;
Papers folded neatly and shoved deep inside with the rest of my stash.

Thoughts that run so freely;
With minds awoken these words come spoken as I grip my pencil and write so fast.

"Catch me if you can," the muse sarcastically banters in my head;
"Don't leave these stories unattended for if you do, they will surely feel dead."

I collect these words in my pocket
And transfer them onto this screen;
So I may have some peace of mind and alas my laundry will come out clean.
© 2016 Gemineyed Gypsy
All rights reserved.
Intellectual property of the author.
455 · Jun 2015
Gemineyed Gypsy Jun 2015
Wide windows of love where light pours in
Leaving no room for darkness nor the nature of sin

Still, silent of night when shadows overtake
Moonbeams peer through, reflecting love as our fate

Close curtains abrupt yet radiance remains
Whether inside or out, *our souls seek the same
© 2015 Ashley Jean.
All rights reserved.
Intellectual property of the author.
433 · Aug 2015
Dreams for Change
Gemineyed Gypsy Aug 2015
I found an injured blue jay. I held him in my arms. I thought he would try to fly away yet when I let go, he fell to the ground.

As I looked more closely, I saw within his wing, numerous hooks of various sizes woven through feathers, piercing his skin.

With care I held him closely, slowly freeing one hook at a time. Each minute he knew was closer to healing, his gratitude was matched with mine.

His pain finally subsiding, I carried him toward the brush. I thought he would join the other blue birds but instead he held on and nuzzled me close.

"You're free!" I told him he was healed now. He thanked me one last time. As I watched him fly off into the wood you'll never believe what I saw with my eyes.

His wings, fluttering now faster, he made his way up through the trees. Sunbeams transforming his feathers from grays and blues to vibrant purples and pink.

My new friend, now resembled a butterfly, in every possible way. Flying into the sunset with poise and grace, he reminded me to never give up on hope of brighter days.

For once he was an injured blue jay, flightless and weighted to the ground. He dreamt of becoming a butterfly, fleetly floating through trees, bringing beauty all around.
A scene from a vivid dream I had while undergoing a series of changes in my life.

© 2015 Ashley Jean.
All rights reserved.
Intellectual property of the author.
386 · May 2015
Best of Both Worlds
Gemineyed Gypsy May 2015
“There's trouble in magic, she shan't be trusted;
Yet faith in the Creator shall always set you free”
Such words forever flowing within her conscious mind
As her subconscious yields dreams of catastrophic calamity

“Why is this battle of good versus evil
Forever encompassing all that is within?”
She stands in the gray, honoring the Creator of the cosmos
While still acknowledging the existence of dark and dangers of sin

Following the Light, centering her life
Loving all she has been given in nature
Aware of the dangers lurking on the dark side
Finding balance within, her spirit seeks pleasure

When she was young, her parents once said
"Man cannot have the best of both worlds"
They told her to choose between darkness and light
Yet under their roof she would abide by their rules

Raised as a Christian, learning of love
Turning from all evil ways
Little did they know, as she grew old
She would live to see a darker of days

Dabbling in magic, once innocent and pure
Fighting demons, anger, black spirits and rage
A little girl raised in good and in light
Now learning of fears; her shadows dark haze

Where once there was light, the shadow overcame
A paranormal understanding of mysterious ways
Remembering the words that once were spoken
She began to fight through her darkest of days

Rather than choosing good versus evil
She would settle for an alternate approach
Accepting the shadow's urge to learn from herself
She would find balance between the two realms

Here she stands now, full of yin and of yang,
Infinitely balancing the heart with the mind
With spirit and soul hand-in-hand, all-in-one
Where the two worlds now meet
*Yields Infinite Divine
The most accurate depiction of my own soul's journey

© 2015 Ashley Jean.
All rights reserved.
Intellectual property of the author.
384 · Nov 2015
Two To One
Gemineyed Gypsy Nov 2015
We opted out of our honey moon,
Quit our jobs, donated our car
Gave up everything we had to start fresh and anew
To begin our life as ONE with a brand new adventure
Leaving behind all we knew as familiar, all we knew as home.

Packed our belongings, our pets and our plants.
Moved 500 miles southwest;
From city and sea to vast plains and rolling hills
Learning how to love, how to farm,
And how to simply 'let it be'

A year already, since love letters and vows
So many memories already, especially of cows
To grow and nurture, as nature nurtured us,
Sowing seeds in our garden with
Love, hope and trust
© 2015 Ashley Jean.
All rights reserved.
Intellectual property of the author.
383 · Jan 2015
The Year of One
Gemineyed Gypsy Jan 2015
Numerology shines meaning on this special New Year.
January 1, 2015

This is the year of 1.
Of One
We are one.
© 2015 Ashley Jean.
All rights reserved.
Intellectual property of the author.
351 · Jun 2016
Gemineyed Gypsy Jun 2016
Life is simpler without expectations.
He should, she should, you should, they should.
When did this world start turning so fast?

An inevitable pace for the human race,
With eyes closed, moving forward;
An unending circle of life spinning round and round.

Open your mind's eye to the inoperable pattern of resistance tearing our world apart.
Open your soul to the beauty that already surrounds you, to the peace already within you.
Open your heart to a love that's greater than the winds of rage.

End the war upon yourself.
Set your spirit free.
Focus on the tides of change.
© 2016 Gemineyed Gypsy
All rights reserved.
Intellectual property of the author.
334 · Jul 2016
Fall from the Past
Gemineyed Gypsy Jul 2016
I came from an ancient people, an anxious time; put through trials of destruction and disease, living a life of fear, for the Lord we must please.

We had it all wrong yet were not at fault. These times of troubles have finally come to an end; the despair falling out of reach, no doubt.

Through life we learned lessons; gaining experienced recognition of good from bad. And now we are here, ready to be free. Free from a life filled with hatred and government monopoly.

The time is now for change.
© 2016 Gemineyed Gypsy
All rights reserved.
Intellectual property of the author.
244 · Jan 2015
Let Me Speak
Gemineyed Gypsy Jan 2015
This is my voice and these are my words,
gently flowing from my mouth,
through your finger tips in verse.
Keep open, your mind and your head held high.
Keep your heart with me, for there true peace does lie.
© 2015 Ashley Jean.
All rights reserved.
Intellectual property of the author.

— The End —