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Gem Palomar Dec 2019
They say "It takes two to tango"
But I can dance alone
Like a graceful ballerina
With aching ankles
And broken bones
I'll gracefully show you
How beautifully broken I am
Gem Palomar Sep 2019
You can build up a palace in me with your touch and your tongue.

But no, not the big and massive kind of palace with many different alleyways.

No, you did not create a palace in me that is made up of silver and gold,

nor a palace with glistening windows and tulip-filled gardens.

You have created in me a palace with empty halls and blank walls, so empty, not even a voice would echo. No glistening windows, but instead it is cracked and has shards of broken glasses on the floor to show how broken I am. No tulip-filled gardens to soothe and satisfy your soul. Only thorns, vines, and I, still tangled in the idea that you would come back.

Only hate, regret, and pain is in here within the abandoned palace where you once stayed

...and left.
Gem Palomar Sep 2019
I am made of cranky noises and broken shards of glass

I am a cigarrette left burning on the sidewalk

I am made of all things unpleasant and unbearable

...and that's okay,
...because everyone is.

And it takes a pair of sad, unpleasant and unbearable eyes to love you fully.
Gem Palomar Sep 2019
You can make the sun burn bright and bold,
leaving my skin thirsty for your touch.

You can make the hurricanes and storms bow down at your feet.

And I, a disaster you have created,
you continuously create havoc within me.

Go on.
I wouldn't stop you.
For I would never not want to break and fall apart, over and over again for you.
Gem Palomar Jul 2019
I, a sweet innocent rosin, has been tainted, by your coarse hands, and your magnificent violin

You stroke me forcefully on your quivering bow
as I give life to music with marvelous delight

But an innocent man you are not, for you take me harder, on to the marvelous bow, a scrupulous innuendos act

At last you end your rubbing to a stop, with me well spent on your magnificent bow, I take my leave into the dark abyss

You play wondrous music from my sweet belongings, a rosin to a bow, a bow to the viloin, and a violin to his player
Gem Palomar Jul 2019
Rainbows and cupcakes
Summers and daydreams
It's like first love all over again
You never ceased to surprise me

Every sway, every awkward move
You showed them to me
To make me laugh and giggle
You became my ray of sunshine

But suddenly good morning texts
Aren't a thing for us anymore
And sweet good night messages
Disappeared, already forgotten

Are we really fine?
Are our hearts not breaking?
Or we'll just keep denying
That we're slowly falling apart

We're like seeing a movie
Or a show coming to an end
Without any intention
Of watching it again

We are slowly falling apart
And it's hard to keep saving "us"

— The End —