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Harri May 8
The best part of my day is going to sleep
I like the feeling of slipping away
No more hateful thoughts
No more choking pain
Just peace
I close my eyes, bathing in the solace of darkness

I'm going back to bed
Harri Apr 25
The air becomes dense
Now I feel it coming
I lay aware
Eyes wide with impending horror
Ears seeking the source of it
A strong wind blows
The leaves tremble
Insects take cover to their holes
Small animals retreat beneath
The moon once bright and milky
slowly falls from glossy to bleak
And asks the passing clouds
to take her under their wing
Suddenly we are alone
And it's time I hid, too
Harri Mar 2018
She kissed me
between the paintings

The pattern of her lips
left an imprinting

more fascinating
than the etchings in the sculptures surrounding us

Her touch more absorbing
than the DalĂ­ hanging on the wall
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