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Gavin Barnard Jun 2019

True Freedom.

There's no such thing.

Even if we had no laws,
We'd still be under the dogma of society,
And without society
We'd still be limited by our core needs.

Being human,
Being physical,
Is limiting.

Such limits don't exist in our imaginations,
Yet people wonder why I often drift off into space.

Time doesn't exist there,
There's no rules to break,
No condescending eyes to judge,
Or narcissistic mouths to boast.

What's not to love?
Gavin Barnard May 2019
Lazy, huh?
Is that what you call everyone
Who doesn’t care for motorsports
Smalltalk, alcohol or bonfires?

When was the last time
You’ve read a book?
Is it right for me to call you stupid
Based on the disrespect you’ve shown me?

Honestly, all you do after work
Is watch tv and get high,
Yet I’m the lazy one?
Gavin Barnard May 2019
Be sure to bury your dead.
Wouldn't want any more mistakes,
Regrets, or bad memories,
Now would you?
Throw those toxic people out of your lives like the trash they are. Maybe I was toxic in the past, I don't know, its not for me to decide, but I'm trying my best to be a better person. Not for me, but for everybody else I'll meet.
Gavin Barnard May 2019
They say the calm of the morning is healthy
As though the dead of the night doesnt exist.

The thing about the dead is that they’re asleep,
And they won’t wake up, either.

It makes me wonder if the dead have dreams,
Or if being dead would be better for me.
My life had only just begun
And I’m not excited for any of it.
So what do I do with my imagination? Nobody pays for nonsense, so how am I supposed to live the life I dream of?

4:45 AM is going to **** me, and if it doesnt then hunger will.
Gavin Barnard May 2019
Learn to breath at the bottom of the ocean
And nobody will ever find the true you.
They like when their feet touch the sea floor,
They like when they feel safe.

Most people who try end up drowning,
The wise ones turn around.
Maybe I should try reading Moby **** again. Last time I got bored and lost interest : /

Maybe I should have sat on this a little longer than five minutes at three AM.
Gavin Barnard Apr 2019
I will never pry but I will always listen.
My interest is not in change or drama,
But in comfort.
Your secrets are safe with me.
Perhaps a career in therapy would be best suited to me.
Gavin Barnard Apr 2019
Whats the point of going to bed
If I’m just gonna lay here for four hours,
Thinking of things I wish I never thought?

My alarm goes off in three hours.

Do I keep trying, or do something else
And power nap before my first day?
Maybe there’s something at the dollar store that’ll help me sleep.
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