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Gatwiri Karen Jun 30
And then I met you and I knew I had missed that bad reputation
  Jun 28 Gatwiri Karen
Jon York
She real,
          she's deep, she's
  mystical, and she believes
           in kindness and
     oneness  and  romance
              and magic.

            She's  a  warrior,
                 and a lover.

               She believes in
        road trips to the moon
                     and stars
           and  dancing  with
                the universe.

            She's  fearless and
                      gentle, and
               brave. She lives in
                  sunsets,  an­d

                    She's  the
                     the poet,
                 the poem, and
                    the dream.

                    She's LOVE
                                                            ­               Jon York   2019
Gatwiri Karen Jun 28
Still wondering why you were wrong when you felt so right
If it were real,  it'd never be over
Gatwiri Karen Jun 18
I hoped that your soul was also vintage..and I still do
  Jun 17 Gatwiri Karen
I'm sorry, but I have to leave you.
There's gonna be a day when we gonna drift away from each other either way.
There's gonna be a day when I have to move on.
There's gonna be a day when it's gonna be too late for you to confess your true feelings.
There's gonna be a day when you will become another distant memory like my buried past.
There's gonna be that day when you didn't realize what you had, until it was gone.
I'm sorry for lying to you, deceiving you, telling you I moved on and got over you when all I really did was bury my feelings for you deep inside.
I love you.
So much, not the point it hurts like it used to.
To the point I have to let you go.
I want you to be happy.
But at the same time, I need you, and I don't know why.
Overthinking to the point melancholy becomes you.
Living in sorrow and burying everything you feel deep inside.
Tears roll down from my eyes.
I'm sorry for loving you.
I'm sorry for lying to you.
I'm sorry for feeling guilty.
And I'm sorry for always being the apologetic one.
To my best friend ...
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