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spinning round and round, i
cry into the eternity,
that i've chosen to hide myself in,
i can't go back now.

this dark pain in me,
stains the grey clouds, till it
seeps into my skin, continuing,
i'm just tired of numbness,
i don't know if i can ever
survive the empty night.

if you pushed me one more step,
if i told you how i felt,
we might not return from here,
we could never turn back.
if i took just one more step,
if i closed my eyes, made a choice,
maybe it won't matter then,
because all will fade to black.

maybe this is all a dream,
maybe nothing else is real,
you and everyone around,
blurring faded figurines.
maybe my heart stopped existing,
the moment i breathed the night,
paralyzed in uncertainty, i
fall into a deep nightmare.

will time start turning again?
will i find myself again?
in this icy world where i have paused,
but the world keeps on flowing.
maybe someday i won't mind,
maybe one day it won't matter,
because i will use these hands and
make it all fade to black.
I've seen you in a thousand lives,
but only your soul ever survives,
I've floated in a million tears,
by your side through all these years,
seen it all unfold and felt all your pain,
heard you whisper in the pouring rain,
I've walked on a million lonely paths,
shared all your smiles and heard your laughs,
ran to your side as the darkness fell,
caught your eyes in a mariners bell,
so will you come and take my hand,
and we'll set sail for a distant land.
Through space and time.
The souls strings beginning to intertwine.
Like a brush on a fresh canvas,
Painting the sliver of pale moonlight.
The silhouette ,
Of the halls of time.
Standing before our eyes.
Each incarnation,
We stand eternally embracing
For all of eternity
The brushing on a canvas
Brought together in mutual understanding.
He is her full moon,
he casts a shadow of protection
over her night-after-night,

He is her daylight,
outshining the sun,
unlike the sun he is there
he is her handsome knight.

He is more
than amazing,
more spectacular
than any perfect night sky,
much brighter
than any constellation,

Her beautiful man,
she gazes at him
with total adoration.

her handsome man,
the love of her life,

his proud loving wife.

By Lady R.F. (C)2017
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