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Sunflower-child Dec 2019
I swear if one more person tells me that me being who i an is just a phase
I might lose it
Me liking girls and boys is not a phase
Me cutting my hair short is not me trying to be a guy
Me wearing the color black does not make me a satan worshiper
it doesn't mean I'm depressed girl who's lost her way
no it just makes me who I am
everything about me is not a phase
its me expressing how I feel through the way I look
and it's me being true to myself
So if that makes you uncomfortable then walk away
because i'll keep my head up high
and look at the sky
Sunflower-child Dec 2019
I know that my clothing might seem dark
And that my face my say *******
But don't be scared
There's a wacky ****** deep down in here
Despite my cold arura and the way I dress
I promise I'm actually nice

I see you looking at me
As I walk away
So happy i didn't stay
But that's okay
I'll try again another day
For me making friends is really hard. I can't tell if i creep others out if i just scare the ******* out of them do to my hieght
Sunflower-child Dec 2019
I reach for the stars
But they seem so far
Sunflower-child Dec 2019
For Four years I knew I was totally into girls
For three year my mom read the bible to me
For two years I wasn't allowed to have sleepovers
For one year it was like nothing happened

That was four years of depression
Three years of hiding
Two years of heartbreak
One year of not feeling any thing

It was four years of depression
Three years of self hatred
Two years of anxiety
And One year of mental abuse from my cousin

Now I hate the girl in the mirror
I hate her thighs with battle scars
I hate her long hair that's always in the way
I hate her hands for it makes people think she got burned a little but is just a birthmark

But oh how i love her eyes
The beautiful brown orbs
That sometimes seems red
Sunflower-child Dec 2019
There is a box i keep hidden under my bed
A box full of letters to the people I miss when I shouldn't
Every time I'm angry or sad I write a new one
It always makes me feel better
But the ones at the bottom of the box aren't from me
There to me
There the ones I couldn't burn for some reason
So shove them in a box to help me forget
Forget about why I'm so broken
And who Broke me
Sunflower-child Dec 2019
Please go the **** away
I'm not ready to listen to the yelling and fighting this year
I don't want to go and pretend to like my ******* ******* cusion
I'm not ready to hear about all the ******* that happens at her school
So please go by quick

- The girl whose family you ruined
Sunflower-child Dec 2019
Someone help please take my hands off of around my neck
And help me breath
Because my vision is blurry
And it seems I've lost my way
The girl in the mirror might look like me
But she isn't so don't believe her when she says "I'm fine"
Her goofy smile is gone
And she doesn't eat cookies sitting upside down
The flame in her eyes are gone and has been replaced with an ocean
No she doesn't slit her wrist
but sometimes she wonders why she stopped
and then she remembers it's because she got caught
she doesn't talk much so people don't hear her scream S.O.S
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