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That awkward moment

You don't even




     Started cutting

Noon Otto Mar 17
3...  2... 1...
My blade pierces my skin like the shriek pierced the silence of existence on a midnight walk in which I never returned.

3...  2... 1...
My finger slides against the back of my throat in such a way as to release all of my guilt from my stomach from a day of carelessness and lack of willpower.

3...  2... 1...
I jump from the bridge similar to the way a fledgling dives from the sky for the first time, not graceful, but still coordinated enough to be considered  beautiful to those with a particular type of mind.

3...  2... 1...
My consciousness disappears in a single heartbeat, with a puff of smoke disbursing, like a drop of dew evaporating, a child's laugh ending, a life falling apart, I'm a candle being blown out.

3...  2... 1...
I am free.
I am not okay
Noon Otto Mar 17
You're worthless.
You can't even go a day without eating.
Even when you do you stuff your face just to puke it back up.

Why don't you just end it now?
You're **** and no-one will ever want you.
Much less want to be with you.

You think that we made you tired?
That we are what's making you sad?
No. You did this to yourself, you worthless, **** *******.

Why can't you be strong like the other girls?
Why don't you just quit eating and have discipline like they do?
We know it's because you're scared. You ******* coward.

Even we aren't the worst things that you deal with.
What about your little "habit?"
Be it drugs, self harm, ***, purging, or alcohol. Just take your pick.

You deserve every little thing that's happened to you.
You'll never be enough.
You aren't worth it.

You never were.

Ana & Mia
Oops I'm depressed
Noon Otto Mar 15
Short, short hair
Perfect for you.
You're also short,
But that doesn't matter.
Your body is petite,
Too skinny,
Every mark single shows your struggle.
You're too skinny,
But also curvy.
You have an eating disorder.
I don't mind.
I know the struggle.
A balance beam of emotion and energy.
You're so,
so sad,
But I make you smile in your darkest moments.
You always do the same,
but better,
for me.
Your laugh is perfectly flawed,
A cackle,
But still like a song bird.
I want your heart.
I yearn to make it mine.
Your heart is overwhelming with love and emotion.
Too much emotion,
I know you're depressed,
But perfectly wrapped up in the miles of skin you possess,
Like a present.
You and I,
We come to each other in the darkest moments,
But I'm still too scared.
Too scared to make the blind leap to try to fit in your arms.
Your perfect arms.
I love you far,
Far too much to express it with a stupid poem.
Written to strangers who don't care to know how I feel,
Who've been through this too many times to count.
I never stood a chance,
A chance to stay away from your beautiful,
Electric eyes.
Like my birthstone.
Your voice sings,
A sirens call,
And draws me in until
I drown.
You're a walking oxymoron,
Graceful and clumsy,
Petite and curvy,
Happy and sad,
Confident but self conscious.
And I

I'm so so sorry.

Love you,
I know that love poems are cliche and this isn't that good but I needed to vent my emotion somehow
Noon Otto Mar 11
but Beautiful

but Still Sleeping

but Starving

but Slowly

but Not Really

but Pretty
Noon Otto Mar 11


It was gonna be longer but I don't care enough anymore to even do that
Noon Otto Jan 18
Breathing out a cotton candy cloud,
Vaping to slowly **** myself.
It's subtle,
Plus I always smell good.
Sliding my thumb across my blade to bring a bit of sharpness back to this dull dull life.
Chewing my lips until they're bruised and bleeding.
Laying back in the tub as the water slowly slowly slowly covers my face.
Sitting up gasping for breath.
I'm a lesbian.
I know I said I'm bi.
My dad will **** me when he finds out his baby girls been with other girls.
Oh well.
Laying in the snow until my senses burn,
Staying up all night just to make myself feel alive.
Spiraling spiraling spiraling.
Out of control.
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