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I'm sorry to announce from myself onto others
Tonight my soul will weep once more
I'm sorry to the ones that tried to pull me out of the gutters
And to those who tried to show me through the different doors
But tonight my soul weeps once more
Fears that crush me like an ant underfoot
And a void that consumes me like no other
For these reasons my soul will keep once more
Offten at night I will find myself crying weather it's physical or mental. I cry.
Shadows from a dark room with no windows or light will whisper to me and call for me
I can't help but to be drawn into a state of numbness and weakness as they chant and almost screaming my name
I want to resist and pull away yet I'll still make my steps twords the room as I'm drawn by envy
I know when if I make a few more steps the people behind will say I've brought shame
But as the darkness consumes me and my voice gets quite the shadows will always chant my name.
If you go down to the store and buy a soda pop
You'll notice that bottle is nice shiny and filled to the top
You walk out of the store smiling with glee
Ready for the sweet taste of the pop yippee!
But when you ***** open the cap the bottle sprays
you never could've seen it would act such a way
Now you're left with a sticky mess
On your shoes and sleaves all the rest
And you think to yourself "wow what a day"
Then you think "Who would behave such a way!"
I would rather have someone yell and scream at me than for them to lie to me about how they feel.
Give me a chance and I will morph like clay
Remember my past I'll be gone in a day
Point my imperfections and I will love you
Pretend to lift me up and I will see through
Speak to me in the dark I'll stay by your side
Wave to me in light and you will be denied
Sometimes people think they're so slik I find it comical.
A string will have imperfections and little threads that poke out and look ****
Some threads even hurt the structure of how strong the string is
And that's ok they all do if you want you can try to fix the thread and put it back
And a lot of the time it will work and the string will be stronger than ever
The important thing to do when an impefection occurs in a string and refuses to be fixed is to
Now this part is important
Cut. It. Off.
Cutting a thread of is hard almost all the time
But if you tried to wound it back in with the others as best you can and it is just to stubborn
Cut. It. Off.
I wish I learned to cut off threads earlier. Not saying it's a good thing but it'll be better for everyone in the long run.
I once had this mp3 player on the top of my dresser
I'd wake up in the morning rewind it and listen to it all the day through
I know all the lyrics to all the songs and the order of the songs
It never got boring or exiting to listen to the same songs
And because there was nothing else to do
I'd just rewind it and listen through it tommorow
"Maybe I'll find new songs maybe I won't. But at least I know these songs are good ones and that won't change" I would find myself saying
If I tried to find a new song I might be disappointed in the lyrics
Or maybe the beat won't be fun to listen to
What if the sound is scratched and itchy
For a couple years I just stayed with my songs that I knew I liked
But one day when I was listening to my songs I met a girl
She asked me "would you like to hear what music I like listen to?"
At first I was hesitant and scared and was tempted to decline
But she convinced me
And what I realized when she put the headphones on my ears is that...
I have a terrible taste in music
Now all we do is find new music with each other and I couldn't be happier
Everyday I strive to find a new song
Though I am constrained by the shackles of language and measurable time
I still strive to force my feelings, my consciousness, my perception through a string of words on a screen
Though I am held back by the lengths of waves that when seen by the ears of others translate to words of meaning and interpretation
I will try my best to contend to others that their perceptive of the waves or strings of text may very well be wrong
Though many people fail or fall short not to their fault or because it was their intention
I will still seek for more people that get it right
Then we will heal others around us
It's hard at first, but once you find one it get easier from there.
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