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Young darling, you've emerged.
Innocence has abandoned you like a old-time lover.

Sweet girl, the remodeling of your soul is finally in progress.
I know you see it. I could hear your heart banging on the doors to be set free.

Little doll, be afraid.
This world is not what you glimpsed on the magic box.  
Development is creeping in like a friendly bandit.

Gentle babe, it's time to add your revolution to history.
For your modification draweth closer.

Youngster, potential is your new spring of encouragement.
Refinement...your vision.

Isolated infant, don't move! Take off your chasity and give it to me now!
Blindly robbed, give me your virtue, open your hands and I'll fill it with the wonder of responsibility.

New time bloomer, welcome.
I honestly feel a great deal of sorrow for you.
You're not alone though. We're all chained to this thing called,  change.
Yes change, our old friend, better known as constant.

I know I'm forcing a remodel, but you have no choice in this...we have no choice in this.

Oh my unseasoned meat, I feel it for you. This, this evolutionary transformation.
Enhanced by growth I'll leave you unrecognizable.

Charming child, this inevitable happen is going to kidnap your once free spirit, and lock it in a cage. Never more to be set free.

My sweet joyous juvenile, your obsession with smiles is going to cease. As I slowly decease you urge to run.

The bus is passing, so go stand in the middle.
You'll survive, but only by my tools.

First, trade, then transition, followed by adaption, up next you'll adjust. Add some innovation in there. To conclude your finishing touches will be your revised version.

Good luck, you'll need it. I know I did.

                      ~Gabbriella with 2 b's~
The challenge of change, our only constant.
You call it coincidence.
I call it a blessing.
It's the gift of life.
It's the splendor of the universe.
The lillies of the valley.
The glory of the sun.

You call it opportunity .
I call it a blessing.
It's the education that is ever so free.
It's the freedom that was fought for the upcoming generation.

You call it chance.
I call it a blessing.
It's a mother's love, that I still have.
It's the wonder of friendship.
The people that hold you up.
The strengh of your bestfriend that sticks closer than a brother.

You call it a big break.
I call it a blessing.
It's the job that is perfect for me.
The material benefits that I enjoy.

You call it luck.
I call it a blessing.
It's a life partner that stands when you want to fall.
The love that is available to us all, if only we ask for it.
It's called a blessing, a blessing that we don't deserve.
Not coincidence, opportunity, chance, a big break or luck.

It's a higher power, bigger than anything of this world...
It's called a blessing.
                       ~Gabbriella with 2 b's~
Words... The end 
~Gabbriella with 2 b's~
It's after the magic happens.
It's our own personal time, when time stops,
When our eyes make four, and in that moment my heart drops.

We understand that no place is better than here.
Where love in our hearts is the only imperative thing,
Our fingers entwine, I'm your Queen and you're my king.

Everything about you seems different, yet somehow still the same.
Here you have my heart, you can be the  puppeteer,
I don't mind the submission, I'll gladly volunteer.

You have my undivided attention because the look we're giving each other cannot be divided.
Your body is warm like a summer's day,
I can't for the life of me explain this feeling in my chest, not even in the most simplest way.

I'm speaking but your eyes are focused on my lips.
Forgetting what I said, I'd rather not bother,
It's probably two minutes, maybe ten, but it feels like forever.

The emersion of the sun breaks our gaze.
Now it's that time again to cut our ties,
It's unfortunately time to say our goodbyes.

I yearn for our time once again.
With an aching heart I give you the final kiss,
You leave and the sweet smell of your perfume is stuck on my body, that I'll truly miss.

I look through the window.
You open the cardoor.
"Wait", I silently say, but you could hear me no more,
As you go to put one foot in, an abrupt pause I saw.

It's like your heart heard mine.
A sharp turn and there you run,
The sound of the door open proves that both our hearts beats to the same drum.

I stood there, and multiple the emotions hit me all at once.
You were like a cagged animal being set free,
Fright, happiness, excitment...all rapidly came over me.

In your arms you held me, as we manage to make it up the stairs.
The atmosphere is silent, cool and absolutely beautiful,
Your skin seems to glow more, I could see into your soul, it's wonderful.

Back to the bedroom we walked.
For after we made magic, we would pillowtalk.
                     ~Gabbriella with 2 b's~
Make me understand.
Go to school learn and leave.
Leave with a complete understanding of what exactly?
State, define, discuss, examine, list the ways to get ahead.
Fight for success, it's a doggy dog world out here...he says.
If you don't take them down they'll take you down, he says.
I don't get it.

Make me understand.
Analyse, evaluate,
Keep those answers to yourself one less mark on their test means one more on your's.
The working world is like a jungle.
Only the strong would survive.
What if I'm weak.
Weak with the mentality that I should help my fellowmen.

Make me understand.
Shouldn't we work together to accomplish success for each person?
Every mouth fed, every table with bread no child dreading the dreadful fears of empty cupboard and dry draws.

Make me understand.
Theories, definitions, calculations, formulate your rise and their downfall.
Accounts  doesn't account for you begging for change on the street.
Change your views and renew your review for when they enter the interview with you will trampled them like the enemies you'll chew.
One more time...

Make me understand.
Write in first person, because you should be the first person on your list.
Neglect the feeling of comraderie or friendship.
The only way to be on top is to start trampling from the bottom.
Remember, no friends in business.
Be a friend for food, then leave them face down and flat on the ground.
Feed those fools with fake smiles and phony promise rings.
Then stand tall and claim your rightful place as king.
Trust me, follow my guidelines and you'll be left standing in triumph.
Okay young Trump?

Now I understand.
Now I'm powerful, now I stand tall
Built a wall to make sure the others fall. So they call me a monster.
Because I needed someone to guide my hand
But unfortunately, I asked the wrong person to...
Make me understand.
                     ~Gabbriella with 2 b's~
They warned me about you.

"But he's a gentleman", I argued,
So he's the one I pursued.

Opened doors, brought flowers,
It was like he had the magic touch of love powers.

Went on long walks on the beach,
When I needed him he was always in reach.

They say the first years of marriage is joyful,
But mine quickly turned into something quite horrible.

They warned me about you.

You see love is blind,
That might be the reason why I pushed the pain aside.

Closed my eyes to the aching hurt and pain,
Opened them to the love I thought would remain.

Followed him around like a lost puppy,
How could I've been so stupid... now I'm left unhappy.

They warned me about you.

But now it's too late to leave,
The love that was once there, to that I'll forever cleave.

Because I rather feel hurt from you than nothing at all,
You ripped my fragile heart out of my chest and made it fall.

But if loving you is wrong
Then I prefer to be wrong forever,
Because on our wedding you vowed to leave me never.

They warned me about you.

So with this ring I take us both to the fiery grave,  I don't want us to be detached,
You're asleep, I locked the doors and strike the match.

I've realised that you will never learn,
So together we'll be, until death do our souls burn.

They warned me about you.
                   ~Gabbriella with 2 b's~
Same place, different directions,
But for now I'll take your road and follow your instructions.

I'll follow your lead,
Just don't break my heart I plead.

The walk to our destination is powerful,
Dancing in the rain and running through meadows are wonderful.

But things start to take a turn for the worst,
Taking each other's path might be a curse.

There's alot of bumps and rocky roads ahead
"Should I turn around and start my road again?"

"No, if you love me you'll follow me to the ends of the earth",
But that choice will leave me sad, heartbroken...hurt.

So take your own path,
Do this and you'll safeguard your heart.
Trust me I've been there before,
Taking that road will leave you quitting and walking out the door.

Relax, your time will come very soon,
In this game of love, you'll get everything you want, including the moon.

Everyone's trying to get there, so enjoy each other's company with elation Understand that you both are going the same place called love... just different directions.
                 ~Gabbriella with 2 b's~
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