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G Rose Nov 2019
I was belittled into a box
riddled with self-doubt and
pieces of who I was lost, dismembered,
in the very hands I laid myself in
so what then was the purpose of this game?
If I never really had a chance to win

I had felt so unclean;
in the midst of a deviant's touch,
a pervert's lust
of whom stole my innocence with little defense
at my own expense, but that was past tense
and now I want my innocence back, and you better pacify me
You think I'm bluffing? Just try me.
I will never forget
the words you used to ensnare me...

see, I was spoken to only harshly
and in lieu of your contrary views
you poisoned me,
made my very cells
rebel against their own
like a cancer wrought within the bones
and though I've grown, I still should have known
when you made me swallow stones
for trespasses unknown,
weighed me with an undeserved guilt,
after you tilted me ****** and alone with this soul you killed
I have worn out my hands and my knees,
after being given too much to hold and
left me cold and
trembling with effort as I endure contact severed
with never any consolation
in the confines of this isolation
you bound me in

you who bound my soul
when you should have bandaged.

And I,
I have taken my toll;
I made my body prison walls,
marked for each and every rise and fall
of the sun overhead,
an orb by which you measured success
one I could never progress enough to possess without dropping dead

And Honestly, I think you just like the bloodshed.

So with my departure, I leave you my last words:

"Don't write back"

Because If you do, I'll have to tell you    
that's been on my mind    
and you might find it hard to swallow    
There'll be the mush    
and other such measured lines    
of treasured times    
and heartbeats jumping 'n thumping    
there'll be lines of hope    
tied by thin tethered  rope, to the leg of a baby grand piano    
that's edging slow towards an open window    
And baby there'll be no words of caution    
of how I'll peruse you, then prize your heart      
'til I tear it asunder,    
sustained, systematic assault    
'til there's nothing left of you to plunder,
as your heartbeat races, thunders
and you're left wondering what's occurred as your vision blurs and wanders
to the young girl that sits and ponders;
trying to drown out the grotesque
blunders of a man at war
with the fact that he could be
her father twice over and she,
a lady of sound mind and body,
was not meant for fools as he.
G Rose Nov 2019
My lips were just a faint flush of what was and what could have been.

The curious spark of youth in my eyes was getting old & cynical.

And even though my hair may be a statement of Summer, my heart had always been the daughter of it’s polar season.

But now, there is a fire to my cheeks I’ve never felt before; a blush so radiant that a rose pales in comparison.
G Rose Jun 2019
Draining light from the Ivory Moon,
I bathe in her starlit rays through my window
but instead of lifting my spirit like that of the Sun,
I find myself melting into her melancholy
and spending my nights pensive and wistful -
wistful that maybe I could just keep my head up
instead of laying in my damp pillow...
because unlike the moon,
I have no stars to talk to.
G Rose Jun 2019
When the moonlight filters through,
when even your shadow sleeps,
I pray your dream's script not go awry,
that your sleep is without frightful terror,
for I will lay waste all your demons,
load your burdens on my back,
and face all that you fear,
until you wake from your slumber,
and I softly whisper in your ear,
"Good Morning."
G Rose May 2019
Let me write?
For a flake of admiration?
I am quotes of Poe and Twain all intertwined into a mumble;
A greedy plagiarist
of derangement and jumble.
G Rose May 2019
I taste honey on your lips
the sweet, saccharine of your joy
and I melt into them like caramel -
biting down onto your candy-coated kiss.

my eyes gaze into your gilded orbs,
dripping with confectionery...
but you look past me like cellophane
and onto the girl who
drinks her tea with
and honey.
G Rose May 2019
Last night I danced with a lady in white.
Her eyes a chalky blue sight with lips bleeding red as coral.
She waltzed away my morals and we turned in quarrels,
but she still took the lead so skillfully.
Her smirk was arrogant, apparent, and I loved every inch of it.
My feet began to fumble, my body began to stumble and my eyelids grew heavy
my voice was but a mumble as she tuned me in so sweetly
She catches me and I hold her, but her body falls through my fingers like sand,
yet I am swimming in her, sinking in her and I don't want anyone to save me from her.
Save Me From Her!
For she is a Devil in disguise,
a Siren on the rise,
the lows and my God, the Highs
the highs...
of my Lady in White
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