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GRAVE27 Oct 2020
Is all I see
Is what I'll be

Is she?

I am nothing
I love the sound of loneliness

Don't bring me gifts
I am not a Holmes
They're not my home
Every steps come
As i do

I am not blind
I can see
What's this dividends?
What am I?
The number below one
GRAVE27 Oct 2020
One by one
The leaves fall
People die
Nice and slow

Picture perfect
Friends of mine
Down by the lake
Next to the shrine

Hands are tied
Can't do nothing
We'll all die
Scary things

She's perfect
Why don't I?
Take it back
I'm not lying

Dying mind
Loving soul
Dream of mine
I was more

I don't mean to say that
I like you
GRAVE27 Oct 2020
While shakespeare closes his book
While Colombus sets his sail
Don't give me that look
I need to bail

Somehow i survive
The killing blow of Kraken
But I wouldn't know if I'll thrive
But I was still shaken
By her words

People cites their science
While Kenway sails away from his past
But I know something was wrong ever since
I saw everything turned to dust

I'm away, now
Sail away
Now you're awake
For my sake
Let me sail away
much more than just words
GRAVE27 Sep 2020
I have written my lines
I have leave my mark
I have lost what i found
Gets left in the dark

Time for the sun to rise
Let the moon sleep to rise another night
It's time to be wise
Live and leave the fight

For tomorrow
For I don't want to broke another glass
For less of my sorrow
It's me and my voice
GRAVE27 Sep 2020
I found one again
That's her different
She's unlike her
An angel
Yet to fly
GRAVE27 Sep 2020
If I could dream long enough
I would have seen what ends in us
If i could dream long enough
I could have seen the ghost dancing around us

But we were too young
Too dumb
To know what's last
And what's not

If I could dream long enough
I could have seen the end of the waterfall
If I could dream long enough
I could have seen the kingdom fall

But we were too busy
Too sick
To crack the hole and see
The brink
Of eternity
GRAVE27 Aug 2020
Puny little sword
Spare me little one
Sky can't get darker anymore
Hate me if you want

Scars around your neck tells stories
One of a thousand glories
Some of the  things we may regret

Spare me your littlest care
So that I'm not scared
All my mistakes, 'cause **** it's fun
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